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Madden '15 glitch has players flying into orbit (Rams featured)

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  • Madden '15 glitch has players flying into orbit (Rams featured)

    Madden '15 glitch has players stepping on mines and going flying into orbit | FOX Sports

    There appears to be a pretty comical glitch in Madden 15. The only other explanation being that EA Sports designers implemented some XFL cutting-room-floor idea to plant ejection buttons around the playing field.

    "Why... why does the guy go flying in the air?" the confused Madden player asks. "What?"

    Click image for larger version

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    As if heightened enforcement on contact past 5 yards with offensive players wasn't going to make life hard enough on defenders.

    The bug will get fixed, or, perhaps this is the next great NFL innovation like the forward pass and the Red Zone Channel.

    Based on Madden 2015, it looks like our new offensive lineman may make a HUGE difference. Of course, the QB still got sacked.

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    Re: Madden '15 glitch has players flying into orbit (Rams featured)

    Oh boy this doesn't bode well for Joe Barksdale.


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