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Power Rankings: No. 24 St. Louis Rams

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  • Power Rankings: No. 24 St. Louis Rams

    Power Rankings: No. 24 St. Louis Rams

    September, 2, 2014
    By Nick Wagoner |

    EARTH CITY, Mo. -- It's that time of year again where the ESPN Power Rankings become a weekly staple.

    Earlier Tuesday, the first edition of the 2014 season's rankings came out with even more panelists weighing in this year. The St. Louis Rams checked in at No. 24 on the initial list, well behind the rest of the NFC West.

    When the Power Rankings last appeared, it was after May's NFL draft and the Rams received more love from the voters. At the time, the Rams were No. 18 on the list. By all accounts, the Rams received rave reviews for their draft and were sitting close to being right in the middle of the pack.

    So what's changed since then? Obviously, there's little doubt the Rams dropped those six spots in large part because of the loss of quarterback Sam Bradford to a season-ending ACL injury. Dropping them to 24 seems a bit extreme from my view considering they still want to be a team that wins with a strong running game and defense.

    Elsewhere in the division, Seattle keeps its spot at No. 1 with San Francisco at No. 4 and Arizona at No. 14.

    The good news is that any sort of polls or rankings don't have any effect on what the postseason will eventually look like. Even better, the time for speculating will soon be a thing of the past. After this week, these rankings can take into account meaningful football games and that's the best news of all.

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    Re: Power Rankings: No. 24 St. Louis Rams

    Thanks Mike. Below, expanding into the rest of the teams...

    2014 Power Rankings: Week 1


    Rank / Team / Record / Trending

    1 Seahawks 13-3 --------- ===

    2 Broncos 13-3 ------------ ===

    3 Patriots 12-4 ------------ + 1

    4 Ninnies 12-4 ------------- -1

    5 Saints 11-5 --------------- ===

    6 Packers 8-7-1 ------------ ===

    7 Eagles 10-6 --------------- +2

    8 Colts 11-5 ----------------- -1

    9 Bengals 11-5 ------------ +1

    10 Bears 8-8 --------------- +2

    11 Chargers 9-7 ----------- +5

    12 Ravens 8-8 ------------- +1

    13 Steelers 8-8 ------------ +4

    14 Cardinals 10-6 ---------- -6

    15 Panthers 12-4 ----------- -4

    16 Chiefs 11-5 --------------- -1

    17 Falcons 4-12 ------------- -3

    18 Lions 7-9 ----------------- +2

    19 Buccaneers 4-12 -------- +4

    20 Giants 7-9 ---------------- -1

    21 Jets 8-8 ------------------ ===

    22 Dolphins 8-8 ------------- +2

    23 Cowboys 8-8 ------------- -1

    24 RAMS 7-9 ----------------- -6

    Before Sam Bradford's Week 7 injury last year, only Peyton Manning and Matthew Stafford had better TD-Int differentials than Bradford (plus-10). Now, it's Shaun Hill's show in St. Louis.

    25 Redskins 3-13 ------------- +3

    26 Vikings 5-10-1 ------------- +3

    27 Texans 2-14 --------------- -1

    28 Titans 7-9 ------------------ -3

    29 Bills 6-10 -------------------- -2

    30 Browns 4-12 --------------- +2

    31 Jaguars 4-12 --------------- -1

    32 Raiders (-1) 4-12 ---------- -1


    Biggest Jump: 5 = SD Chargers

    Biggest Drop: 6 = AZ Cardinals, STL Rams

    Source:; Sept. 2, 2014 p.m.

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      Re: Power Rankings: No. 24 St. Louis Rams

      BTW, notice the rankings for Rams and Vikings even though we dropped and they moved up. I hope we'll be able to maintain that 'advantage on paper' over Minnesota on game 1.

      We need to be healthier than it seems we are now or that advantage may be paper thin. However, as LARAM0 pointed out in another thread, right now every team is suffering its own similar weaknesses in health and roster. Post preseason pains.

      Maybe we'll catch a break and get this first victory at home. What an incentive that would be.

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      • evil disco man
        Jake's Power Rankings: Week Two
        by evil disco man
        1. Patriots [2-0] - The rushing defense held up this time, but the offense faltered in the red zone. It wasn’t a dominant performance, but the Pats just keep on winning. (Last Week's Rank: 1)

        2. Eagles [2-0] - They look just as good on the field as they do on paper. The offensive-defensive balance is what puts this team ahead of anyone in the NFC. (2)

        3. Colts [1-1] - The word of the week for Peyton Manning and his Colts is resilience. Down 17-10 entering the final quarter, this team scored 21 points to blow away the Titans in Nashville. Opening up with two away games against New England and Tennessee will toughen this team up. (8)

        4. Seahawks [2-0] - A win is a win for Mike Holmgrem’s team, and two wins on the road mean even more, as they’ve already matched last year’s total road victories. Youngsters Marcus Trufant and Michael Boulware earned their stripes, each coming away with an interception. (5)

        5. Titans [1-1] - Once again, I say, Chris Brown will make fans forget about Eddie Three-Yard. One thing they’ll never forget is what Indianapolis did to them in the second half. They threw away opportunities to pull away in the game and were embarrassed in the fourth quarter. (4)

        6. Vikings [1-1] - Playing in Philly isn’t an easy thing to do, as they found out Monday Night. The long ball was shut down all game and they crumbled under pressure by making costly mistakes to lose the game, but it’s early in the season. If the game was in the Metrodome, there might have been different results. (3)

        7. Jets [2-0] - I, for one, am not surprised about the quick start for the Jets. The beautifully balanced offense, led by Chad Pennington and Curtis Martin, jumped out to a 17-0 lead and held on for the victory. (9)

        8. Ravens [1-1] - Baltimore woke up, responding after last week’s whooping at the hands of Cleveland. Kyle Boller didn’t commit a turnover, and even Deion made a couple plays before his hammy started hurting again. (17)

        9. Panthers [1-1] - The D-Line stiffened up against Priest Holmes, and DeShaun Foster cemented my opinion that he is better than Stephen Davis - I don’t care if it was against the Chiefs. They have some momentum going into the bye week. (14)

        10. Packers [1-1] - It took this team until the end of the third quarter to score a touchdown against da Bears. Ahman Green spoiled another great individual performance with his fumbling. (6)

        11. Broncos [1-1] - Quentin Griffin (who I benched this week in favor of D. Foster) sputtered against the tough Jacksonville defense. He’s a good running back, but please don’t ever compare him to Barry Sanders again. (7)

        12. Jaguars [2-0] - The offense is still going through some struggles, but they’ve now won two close games to get a head start on the season. Jack Del Rio’s defense is stellar. (18)

        13. Lions [2-0] - The Lions go...
        -09-21-2004, 01:37 PM
      • Guam rammer
        Nfl power rankings
        by Guam rammer
        Our Rams getting some love at #12. Keep it coming Rams, feels good.
        -10-09-2012, 10:54 PM
      • LA Rammer
        We are ranked #1 power rankings
        by LA Rammer
        okay, okay, what the heck are you talking about LA Rammer? let's use the biblical theory , last is first and first is last... We are number one! We are number 1!!!! I knew we can do it! ;)
        -10-08-2009, 11:04 AM
      • Bruce=GOAT
        NFL power rankings (Rams move up)
        by Bruce=GOAT
        Here are the updated power rankings:
        Rams at #17 this week

        Just add the t in http for link.
        -09-26-2006, 04:20 PM
      • Bruce=GOAT
        Rams get (a little) respect in power rankings...
        by Bruce=GOAT
        Here's what they say about the Rams (ranked 18th):
        Of all of the 7-8 NFC teams, the Rams are probably the one that would scare us the most. At least they have some offensive firepower.

        -12-26-2006, 07:28 PM