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    Head Coach Mike Martz
    Tuesday, December 28, 2004

    (Opening comments)
    “That was our best effort, last night, by far, of the season, as a football team. With our coverage team and our kickoff (team), obviously, we created ourselves some issues that we need to clear up. It’s just one guy being a little over-anxious to collapse in towards the ball. It really isn’t anything more difficult than that. (Kevin) Stemke has done a great job for us, so far, punting. (He has) eliminated any kind of return with his hang time. So far, he’s been everything that we’ve wanted at that position, and he’s done very, very well for us. Our defensive player of the week is Bryce Fisher. He played only 17 plays, but he’s also the NFC’s Defensive Player of the Week for his performance. Out of 17 plays he had two tackles, five assists, so that’s a total of seven, a sack, a caused fumble, two hits on the quarterback, and two quarterback pressures. That’s pretty remarkable. Offensively, Steven Jackson, the rookie back, (had) 24 carries, 148 yards. Just a terrific performance by Steven, even though he had to leave with a knee injury there early. And our special teams player of the week, with four tackles on special teams, was Trev Faulk. I’m very pleased with the effort. I’m very pleased with how sharp we were. Marc (Bulger) came back, offensively, and I though he was terrific. (He had) lots of zip on the ball, probably, as much zip as he has had all year. I was very pleased with the offense, in particular, Orlando Pace, who I thought played his best game of the season. (He was) very physical, he finished things, drove back the ball. By far his best game, maybe in two years here. He just did a terrific job. Again, our tight end Brandon (Manumaleuna), these balls in our running game that go outside, he’s basically blocking the defensive end by himself. We couldn’t have those types of runs without his effort and the job he did. He was outstanding, too, as a blocker. Defensively, Pisa (Tinoisamoa) had three tackles, a tackle for a loss, two assists, and a fumble recovery. Jerametrius Butler, again, two tackles, an assist, and three passes broken up. So, making progress. I felt like defensively, we played with the type of emotion and passion that we are used to seeing around here on defense. A lot of that has to knowledge. Knowledge of what you’re doing defensively, feeling confident with what your assignment is, and being able to adjust. Offensively, I really felt like the offensive line, that is probably the best we’ve played this year. We’ve got some young guys. Tommy (Nütten) came back and did a terrific job, too. He just really played well. Blaine (Saipaia) continues to get better. He’s really going to be a fine player. I’m very pleased with the effort of this football team, and the outcome of that game.”

    (On G Tom Nütten)
    “Having Tommy back, and having Tommy healthy, and he hasn’t been healthy all year, this is the best he’s felt all year long. He really was very physical, and when you look at tape, I didn’t realize it at the time he was playing as well as he did, but he was terrific in this game. He did an excellent job. It showed up in our runs. He finished very well and created some seams for our running game. To have him come back like this, a guy that has played so well for us for so long, and to come back for the first time this year be physically okay, and feeling good, it really contributes to our success.”

    (On the schedule for the week)
    “It’s our regular Monday night schedule. The doctors, the trainers, and I think it’s really worked well for (the coaches) that we take two days. We treat it like a regular week, we just don’t have that buffer day between the game and our last practice. We will use an adjusted Friday practice on Saturday morning. I think that it gives the players a chance to recover from the game completely. I think if you try to come back and practice after one day off, it’s hard on them. It gives us a better chance to prepare, too.”

    (On if meeting time has become more important than practice time)
    “There is no question about it. I think that anyway we can get together and look at (the opponent). We have such a good feel now for what we are doing offensively and defensively, particularly Marc (Bulger). The more tapes, and the more we can meet with him to go over these things. He is playing at such a high level right now, he really is. His confidence is sky high, it showed in that game yesterday. Again, he was remarkable on a couple of those plays.”

    (On if he could tell that Bulger was anxious to play last week)
    “He was anxious. He didn’t make the comment to me, but to one of the other coaches that asked him, ‘what happens if you get hit and the shoulder gets sore.’ His comment was that it didn’t make any difference at this point. You just kind of knew that whatever happened, he was going to be ready to play this week. But he didn’t have any issues with the shoulder, at all. You could see from the strength of the way the ball came out. You could see throughout the year when the shoulder is bothering him. He doesn’t have that kind of zip. There have been about five games this season, when you look at him, he just didn’t have the zip he had last night. He’s back, completely, with that arm.”

    (On Steven Jackson’s workload)
    “We felt like we knew a little bit about (Philadelphia), and the success that we’ve had against them is doing what we did. That’s what it was based on, and their structure of their blitzes, and how they adjust to some of the formations, we felt like we had a pretty good feel for them. It just kind of got going, and we didn’t intend on running the ball early, as much as we did, but when you get going you keep feeding it.”

    (On T Orlando Pace)
    “He was dominant. He is a dominant player anyway. He always plays good, but his normal play is exceptional for anyone else. But when he is really dominant, you just can’t stop him. He was finishing things, he was knocking guys down field, and he was just dominant.”

    (On Bulger)
    “I think we all take for granite how good Marc is. I think that was pretty well described last night. The other part of that is having the offensive line healthy. When that offensive line is playing like they played last night, you can do anything you want, really. But that quarterback takes so much pressure. He has such a command of what’s going on, on the field. It’s really remarkable. I’m just kind of in awe right now. He is playing at the highest level.”

    (On having some time off last week)
    “I think the rest that we had helped. I think the rest we had on Christmas, and having the Monday night game, and we didn’t practice last week until Thursday. I think that allowed them to recover, and we’ve been in shells. We haven’t been in shoulder pads for some time now. And that was about some of these guys in the offensive line getting some recover. We lost Chris Dishman last week to a knee injury that will probably keep him out a year. But the whole level is raising.”

    (On playing at home against the Jets)
    “I think it is important for us. I think we have the best record, in the last six year, in the National Football League, at home. I think we are way out there ahead of everybody else. A lot of that has to do with playing in the city, in front of our fans. There’s no question about it. Our guys are thrilled to play at home. It’s special to us. No matter what the situation is, no matter what’s said or printed, they all show up and they are hollering and screaming. It’s a great feeling to be in there on Sundays.”

    (On RB Aveion Cason)
    “It’s hard to get a specialist up like that. But he is such a terrific player on special teams. He isn’t just a kick returner. He’s a pretty good back. He started for the Dallas Cowboys and was outstanding. I think it takes a special kind of guy to (return kicks). It takes a good deal of courage, because when you hit that thing, you need to hit it full speed. You can’t be trying to find a crease. There’s really not a lot to read. You just have to see a crease and try to get through that thing as fast as you can. You have to have a great deal of courage to do that, and he’s a courageous guy. He has the speed to get through it before it shuts off, and that’s really the difference between the terrific ones and the guys that are okay. He has that sudden burst. He gives you that extra seven-to-ten yards. He’s a flyer, and he helps us on all phases of special teams. I think he’s a terrific back. He’s been very good for us and I think we’ll keep him around here for some time.”

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  • RamWraith
    Martz on the MIke
    by RamWraith
    Head Coach Mike Martz
    Tuesday, October 19, 2004

    (Opening comments)
    “Well, we knew going into this game it would be a slug fest for us. A typical Tampa-St. Louis game that goes right down to the finish. Offensively, as you watched (Tampa Bay quarterback) Brian Griese, I thought was terrific, and I think they are really coming together offensively. Jon (Gruden) has done a good job, and of course, defensively, they are the Buccaneers. What more do you have say. So to come out of there with a win like that is obviously terrific. And we haven’t beat Tampa in a long time, so we are very pleased. I can’t say enough about our defense. They had their backs against the wall throughout the game and responded. We got three turnovers inside the red zone, then coming out they created a turnover for us to set up the score. It just doesn’t get any better. It was a great job defensively. We had the one long pass, and a run for about 20 or 25 yards, but other than that, I think we held them to 2.2 yards per rush. I was very pleased with our defense, and the progress of our defense. We had the big sack at the end of the game, and then on the very next play was a throw into the end zone for an interception. Offensively, when we had to go down and get points at the end and we did. A nice drive, with a throw to Torry (Holt). Then we had to hold onto the ball and we were able to take it down to the 25, but we weren’t able to make the field goal. Special teams, we have some issues on kickoff coverage, and it needs to be addressed. Some of it is personnel. We will make the changes and adjustments that we need to make and get that fixed. I couldn’t be more happy with P Sean Landeta. He’s the NFC Special Teams Player of the Week. He averaged over 50 yards a punt, and two of them insid the 20 yard line. He kicked one out there about 61 yards that was called back, so what does he do? He follows it up with a 63 yarder. Sean was just terrific. I think this is the sixth time in his career he has won this honor. All in all, it was a good win, we’re excited about it. I was concerned about the focus of this football team, but again, they continue to get better and show the resolve a good team needs to have.”

    (On the turnovers)
    “We just keep working at (getting turnovers). It’s something we work at everyday at practice. I think you could see S Aeneas Williams on the last one just reach in and rip the ball out. We are not doing anything differently.”

    (On S Adam Archuleta and Cornerback Jerametrius Butler
    “This was the first time, this year, that I talked to him before the game, and he felt good. His back is much better, and he said it was the best it felt all year. And he played like it. He looked terrific in the game. Jerametrius was outstanding this game. Just superb. He had eight tackles, four assists, that’s 12 tackles. An interception, three passes broken up, and of course he had a fumble recovery,...
    -10-20-2004, 05:18 AM
  • RamWraith
    Linehan's conference
    by RamWraith
    Head Coach Scott Linehan

    September 10, 2007

    (Opening Remarks)

    “Orlando (Pace) is out for the year. He has a torn labrum and rotator cuff in his right shoulder. I feel real bad for Orlando. He worked very, very hard to get himself back from his triceps injury a year ago. He probably is in the best shape he’s been in a number of years. He really worked his butt off to get back to what I thought was his best condition, at least since I’ve been here. He had a real unfortunate injury. We’ll have to pick up the pieces for him as far as our personnel goes in our line. Next Sunday we’ll have our best five out there. Right now we’ll be working on a couple different scenarios. We feel very badly for Orlando, but the team will pick up the slack from that loss.

    “Pisa (Tinoisamoa) had a right ankle injury. He’ll be day-to-day this week. It’s not a high ankle sprain, but it is a sprain. We’ll know more as the week progresses.

    “Dante Hall came out with some cramps, but he’s alright. Richie Incognito is improving. We’ll probably know more with him by Thursday. Drew Bennett’s left quad is also improving. We’re hopeful for this week. There is no change in his condition until we start practicing full-speed on Wednesday, but we’re very hopeful for him.

    “Victor Adeyanju had a left knee sprain that got worse as the week went on last week. That’s why he was inactive – no other reason. He just was not able to go full-speed. On Friday it had actually gotten worse, so we opted to put him down for this last game. He feels much better today and with an extra day – tomorrow’s rest, he should be fine.

    “We had our opportunities and we did not take advantage of it. Carolina had theirs and they took advantage of them and executed what they had to do in the second half. The bottom line is you have to play your best football in tight games, in the second half, third and fourth quarters. As always you have to credit them for doing what we weren’t able to do. The biggest key is how we respond to a tough loss. It’s early in the year. We can’t do anything about it now other than learn from it, pick up the pieces, move on and correct the things that need to be corrected, as always. We need to be very, very positive, yet very, very critical of ourselves and what we need to do better and move on. It’s very, very simple.”

    (On if the tape showed LT Orlando Pace’s injury)

    “The tape didn’t show much. It showed the pass-set. He was helping on the inside man with his right arm. You really can’t see it, but it must have been a pretty dramatic blow to have that kind of damage in there. You see him turn out of that. He turns towards his man, but he was unable to do much. You can see his arm drop. I have not talked extensively to him about whether it was the punch or the...
    -09-10-2007, 05:52 PM
  • RamDez
    Head Coach Mike Martz
    by RamDez
    Head Coach Mike Martz
    Friday, October 22, 2004

    (Injury Update)
    “It looks like Travis Fisher will practice this week. We’ll get him into the mix. Jimmy Kennedy will practice to some extent. We’ll see how he is out there on the field. He has conditioned and ran real well over the past week or two. We’ll give him some individual drills to see where he is, and measure his progress by how sore he is tomorrow. Other than that, we are in pretty good shape. Jeff Wilkins is nursing a sore ankle from an ankle sprain. We won’t know for a few days what we will do. It’ll come down to the wire on Sunday to see how he is. Tyoka still remains questionable with that hamstring. He’s not quite there yet, so we have a couple of days to see (where he is). We are starting to get people back , which is always a good thing.”

    (On Miami)
    “This is a short week and we head to Miami. This defense, a week ago, was the number one rated defense in the National Football League, and now they are two or four. But whatever it is, they are very substantial on defense, like they always are. Offensively, they have struggled somewhat. They have a lot of injuries, but they have moved the ball well enough to score points and win.”

    (On the difficulties of finding a kicker at this point of the season)
    “I think it’s all relative to what he has been doing. When we worked (Jeff Chandler) out, he was fine. I’m just going to make the assumption that he is ready to go if we need him.”

    (On getting Jimmy Kennedy and Travis Fisher back)
    “We were starting to wear down on the defensive line, with Tyoka out, and particularly on the inside having Jimmy (Kennedy) back, I mean that is a big man. If he can pick up where he left off, so to speak, which will be hard to do. I don’t know when he will be back, completely, but I’m really excited about his attitude and his approach to getting back here as fast as he can. In terms of (Travis) Fisher, he was playing so well when he broke his arm, that we feel he is a top-flight corner. And it looks like he should be ready to go, which will help us tremendously in the secondary.”

    (On Travis Fisher’s play before he was injured)
    “When he broke his arm in that preseason game against Kansas City, he was playing as well as he’s ever played. To have three corners like we have healthy, that’s quite an advantage. Most teams have two really outstanding corners, and with him, we feel like we have three substantial starters and we’re excited about that.”

    (On the Dolphins)
    “A few years ago we were sitting in here at 0-5. The Oakland Raiders came in here, and they were the best team in the National Football League at the time. They led the league in both offense and defense, they led the league in both categories. We played them and we beat them handily. You just don’t know. There are no breathers in this league. It just doesn’t exist. This will be...
    -10-23-2004, 01:53 AM
  • RamWraith
    Head Coach Scott Linehan Monday, December 18, 2006
    by RamWraith
    Mon Dec-18-06 05:49 PM

    Head Coach Scott Linehan

    Monday, December 18, 2006

    (Opening statement)

    “Just quick again on the injury report. I think (Victor) Adeyanju will be closer this week. Felt much more comfortable on Friday last week with the cast and the padding and all that pain. We’re very hopeful he’ll be ready to go and finish this last stretch we have here. Jerome Carter had a cortisone injection in that ankle. That’s kind of a wait and see. We’ll know more after Wednesday’s practice. Stephen Davis had his right hand x-rayed during the game, was really inconclusive. We’re having a CT scan on it to see if he might have a re-fracture of some sort. He’d broken it before, not here, but just making sure it’s not an old break that they see in there or whatever. It’s something the doctors feel he can play with padding or a small cast if it does indeed show a break. Paul Smith, again, will be questionable with his neck. He has a disc bulge in his neck that’s causing him a lot of discomfort in both arms, which is basically pinched nerve-type symptoms. It hasn’t really improved much. He’s questionable at best. Adam Timmerman, we’ll list him as questionable again. Hopefully he’s a lot better. I would really hope that he would be available for this Sunday’s contest. We’ll have to wait and see. He could have been available. He’s been injecting that for pain to play with it the last games that he’s played prior to this game sitting out, but we’d like him to be 100 percent healthy if he’s not starting the game. Matt Turk got a neck strain on the first one that he ran. He actually got his neck twisted, but I think he’ll be alright. Other than that, that’s really it to report on the injury report. Not as bad as it’s been. Maybe it has something to do with winning the game, I don’t know. We just came out a lot healthier this game.”

    (On the location of Carter’s sprain)

    “Where the pain is, is more around a nerve. There’s not a whole lot of swelling, but it’s very painful. He’s a very tough individual; has played through a lot of pain all year, but this is really just a lot of discomfort there. He really just can’t push off. It’s been checked. It’s not anything that shows anything as far as a break or anything. It’s really pain tolerance.”

    (On when Davis injured his hand)

    “Until I talk to him…I really can’t talk. I thought it was on the screen pass because he got hit right on the hand area on the screen pass down. That’s what I think it was. He was only in for five plays, so it was one of those five. That’s the play I saw it.”

    (On why Davis didn’t see more playing time)

    “I think it was just Steven (Jackson) was feeling it. I think he was just running strong and felt very good, and he didn’t get winded too much and wanted to stay in there. That had more...
    -12-18-2006, 04:41 PM
  • RamWraith
    Linehan, November 14, 2007
    by RamWraith
    Head Coach Scott Linehan

    November 14, 2007

    (Opening Remarks)

    “This week’s coach of the week is Doug Newton and his staff at Pattonville High School. They scored 34 points off of turnovers against Lafayette High School. The final score was 51-21. Congratulations to Pattonville High School and Coach Newton, his staff and team.

    “(Eric) Bassey and (Todd) Johnson checked out ok on their test, based on the game. They are cleared to go.

    “Isaac (Bruce) was full practice today. Dante Hall was full practice. The limited practice players were: Torry (Holt), which we will continue to do that for the remainder of the year during Wednesday practices, Andy McCollum and Brett Romberg. Richie Incognito was listed, he will officially go on injured reserve today and we’ll move Eric Moore up from the practice squad.”

    (On why C Andy McCollum was limited in practice)

    “He’s been playing a lot more. It’s general wear and tear.”

    (On if this is the healthiest practice the team has had this year)

    “We didn’t have an O-lineman schedule for surgery today. That was an improvement. We really didn’t come out of the game with a whole lot of significant issues going into the week. With Isaac’s (Bruce) hamstring and some of these, whether or not (Brett) Romberg’s going to be up. We came out of that ballgame much healthier and went into the ballgame gaining some momentum as far as the health of the team.”

    (On if C Brett Romberg is available for Sunday’s game if it will be difficult to insert him in the starting lineup in order to keep continuity among the offensive line)

    “That’s a decision we are going to have to make. We want to encourage Brett to get back out there. He’s the starting center for us. Based on the turmoil we’ve had keeping the line healthy and a group together, it’s certainly tempting to keep things the way they were.”

    (On S Todd Johnson and CB Eric Bassey’s performance on special teams)

    “Todd, it is pretty well documented, that one of the big reasons he was coming here was to be a big-time special teams contributor. He’s been an excellent player, one of our most consistent players throughout the whole season on special teams. He can fill in and do a very nice job as a safety. He’s played a lot and is a great leader for that spot. We’re very happy with the evaluation of him and bringing him in.

    “Eric Bassey’s been a great story because he was an acquired player to the practice squad from another team. They saw an evaluation of other players that we do during the preseason. He came in here and earned his way up the ladder on practice squad. He went out and made an impression on special teams and the show-team. He was given an opportunity...
    -11-14-2007, 05:04 PM