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This is why I'm a Rams Fan!!!

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  • This is why I'm a Rams Fan!!!


    I love these games...........nerves shoot to pieces anyway during this season, so one more game won't hurt :redface:

    THE RAMS MUST WIN AND WILLLLLLL....... ok and have a bit of luck form the Redskins......

    COM ON, I'm getting worked up already

    I have my beers lined up already!!!!guys

    steve :ramlogo:
    "The breakfast Club":helmet:

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    Re: This is why I'm a Rams Fan!!!

    I hear you loud and clear, I was barely able to get thru work on Monday eagerly anticipating that night’s game, now I can hardly wait until this weekend. I hope we just go into that game and blow the Jets out of the water and Seattle falls flat on their face. I REFUSE to give up on this team, we can do it and I hope they prove it this weekend and right into January all the way to Jacksonville!!!!! If this was ever the time to say it, it is right now...... GOTTA GO TO WORK!!!!!!

    GOOOOOOOOO RAMSSSSSSSSSS!!!!! :ramlogo: :ramlogo: :ramlogo:


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      Re: This is why I'm a Rams Fan!!!

      I hear both ya guyz, Im up here in Vancouver BC, and usually this time of year is all about hockey, but not this year. I now find myself getting up at 7am every sunday to watch the Rams play with all my new nfl buddies. Mondays are now 100% devoted to NFL Primetime. And this whole weekend is gonna be nutz. I cant wait for the Jets game, i think this team knows what it has to do, and Bulger will lead us to victory. I hope Seattle crashes and burns so we can rub it in their face that the NFC West is still the Rams division!
      GO RAMS GO! :ramlogo:


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        Re: This is why I'm a Rams Fan!!!

        You're right. This is what it's all about. It's like a playoff game. It's been a tough year....I'm not sure how we're still in this thing, but mine is not to question why.

        Bulger played pretty good monday night, but hopefully he'll be even sharper tonight after brushing off the rust the other night.

        GO RAMS!


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          Re: This is why I'm a Rams Fan!!!

          Well, I'm sure this will be a victory come Sunday. I don't care what the so called experts are saying; the Jets don't scare me. If the Rams come out like they did on Monday, (minus the fumbles) then we will be in the playoffs. I think the dead skins will take care of Minn. and with Vick starting I think the shesqwaks will fall.

          Adm. William "Bull" Halsey


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            '95 - when the team moved to STL
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