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Martz opens up on his conflict with Turley

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  • Martz opens up on his conflict with Turley

    Martz opens up on his conflict with Turley
    By Jim Thomas
    Of the Post-Dispatch

    The rift hasn't exactly been a well-kept secret, which probably explains why Rams coach Mike Martz decided Tuesday evening to discuss his spat with offensive tackle Kyle Turley.

    Turley visited Martz in the coach's Rams Park office on Dec. 13 in a meeting that eventually degenerated into Turley yelling obscenities at Martz. Things got so loud that employees on that side of the second floor of the complex could hear Turley yelling.

    "Kyle came in to see me because he was concerned about the comments I made," Martz told the Post-Dispatch on Tuesday.

    What comments? Well, the previous week, when asked by a reporter about Turley's status for the 2004 season, Martz replied icily: "I have no idea where he is. I have no idea if he wants to play, or can play. ... I have not seen him."

    Turley didn't like those comments, and that led to the boisterous meeting at Rams Park.

    "He felt offended," Martz said. "He was agitated and offended by them (at the meeting). I wasn't shouting at him. But he was animated. Players get like that. Kyle's a very emotional guy. He wears his emotions on his sleeves. But by the end of the discussion, it was resolved. It was resolved and we move on."

    It may be resolved, but Martz did file a complaint with NFL security that Turley threatened him. Because of that, Turley could be subject to a fine.

    The root of the ill will?

    Turley was angry because he felt he was rushed into action during training camp after having offseason back surgery. Martz claims the doctors cleared Turley to practice, so he practiced. Turley aggravated the back injury early in camp and ended up on the injured reserve list.

    In turn, Martz was upset at Turley because Turley initially didn't return several phone messages from Martz, who was seeking to check on Turley and his status last August.

    Despite all that, Martz said he wants Turley on the team next season, back injury permitting.

    "I'd like to have him back if he can play," Martz said.

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  • thoey
    Turley and Martz Confrontation
    by thoey

    Tuesday, December 28, 2004 news services
    NFL security has questioned Rams coach Mike Martz and offensive tackle Kyle Turley over an incident where Turley allegedly threatened to kill Martz, ESPN's Chris Mortensen has learned.

    Martz and Turley allegedly engaged in a shouting match which resulted in Martz filing a report with NFL Security regarding the death threat, Mortensen is reporting.

    The argument began when Turley heard that Martz questioned the tackle's dedication to rehabbing his injured back and decided to confront the coach, Mortensen reports. Turley is on injured reserve after re-injuring his surgically repaired back early in training camp.

    For his part, Turley denies having threatened Martz. And on Tuesday evening, Martz issued a written statement through his agent, Frank Bauer, denying the report of a confrontation with Turley. "This story is absurd. It is offensive to Kyle Turley and Mike Martz. There is no truth to this story."

    Despite missing the entire season with back woes, Turley has said he wants to return for the 2005 season. The seven-year veteran, who has ruled out a second surgery to correct his back problem, has no plans for now of retiring.

    "Wanting to play has never been an issue," Turley said earlier this month. "I've given everything to this sport and dedicated myself to this, I think, as much, or in some cases more so, than most people. That's been the goal from Day One, to get back. To get back on the field."

    From the time his back began to flare up again early in training camp this summer, Turley insisted he would retire rather than face another surgery. He said doctors have apprised him that, with proper posture, increased core strength and additional flexibility, his back in time will compensate for the disc problem.

    How long that process will take, however, is not certain. Turley's goal is to be in camp but that aim might not be a realistic one.

    "But if it takes [until] the middle of next season, then so be it," he said. "Or if it takes even the year after that, I'm going to make it back. I'm 29 years old. There's time. I'm going to make it back and play in the league."

    Information from's Len Pasquarelli was used in this report
    -12-28-2004, 08:23 PM
  • RamWraith
    Turley still takes issue with Martz
    by RamWraith
    By Jim Thomas
    Of the Post-Dispatch
    Thursday, Jan. 27 2005

    Offensive tackle Kyle Turley continues to fire salvos at Rams coach Mike Martz.

    Martz could not be reached for comment Thursday following Turley's latest shots
    and has declined to comment on the subject since the end of the season.
    Martz's last comments on Turley were made near the end of the regular season.
    Martz said he thought the issue was resolved and that if Turley is healthy,
    Martz wanted him to return next season.
    Martz considered fining Turley for insubordination following their mid-December
    blowup, but decided against it. At that time, team president John Shaw said he
    considered the matter closed.
    But Turley leveled blasts at Martz last week on ESPN radio, and Wednesday night
    on the ESPN cable television network. Turley was asked in the TV interview
    where he would rank Martz among the 32 NFL head coaches. Turley replied: "Ah,
    man, are they going to have an expansion team? I put him down at 33."
    Given the tone and content of Turley's recent remarks, it's difficult to
    imagine him returning to the team, healthy or not. But because of salary cap
    issues, the Rams wouldn't do anything until June 2 or later.
    Turley still has four years left on the six-year contract renegotiation he
    signed with the team when he was traded to St. Louis from New Orleans in March
    of 2003.
    If the Rams release Turley before June 2, they would be stuck with $7.29
    million of dead money on this year's cap. Such a cap hit in '05 would make it
    nearly impossible for the team to sign free agents.
    However, if the team waited until June 2 or later to release Turley, only
    one-fourth of that $7.29 million would count against the '05 cap - or about
    $1.82 million. The rest of the amount, $5.47 million, would count against the
    '06 cap.
    Trading Turley wouldn't help, because no matter when a trade is made, all
    unamortized signing bonus money goes into that year's cap, so the entire $7.29
    million would count against this year's cap.
    -01-28-2005, 04:47 AM
  • Nick
    PFT: Martz and Turley at odds over injury
    by Nick
    Take it for what it's worth. These guys aren't known to be exceptionally reliable but news is news, I guess....
    -08-03-2004, 08:34 PM
  • Nick
    Turley takes a parting shot at Martz
    by Nick
    Getting defensive
    Turley wants to bring his intensity to DE position
    Posted: Friday June 10, 2005 1:25PM;
    Updated: Friday June 10, 2005 3:29PM

    He was on his way to a gig, getting jacked up for a couple hours of shirtless skins-slapping -- and when you are the drummer for a band named Perpetual Death Mode, your biceps had best be prepared to do some serious throbbing.

    "Oh, I'm gonna pound those things," Kyle Turley said in his typical, subtlety-deprived tone. "Our music is super heavy, super hard and super fast. It's bad-ass, man. And yeah, I've gotta take the shirt off, so I can show off my f---- abs."

    Turley has been part of this death-metal-thrash quartet for several weeks now, and in case you're working up the courage to tell this long-haired, heavily tattooed rhythm-keeper to keep his day job, don't bother: Turley officially lost it on Monday, when the St. Louis Rams waived the former All-Pro tackle after he failed a physical.

    Still ailing from the serious back injury that kept him out for all of the 2004 season, the 6-foot-5 Turley at one point shrunk down to 235 pounds during rehab, a process he says is still three to six months away from completion. He has since bulked up to 260 ("I've put on 30 pounds of solid muscle," he said) -- 50 pounds short of his listed weight going into '04, but buff enough to allow him to switch to defensive end, which would be quite a dramatic move for the soon-to-be-30-year-old.

    "With my intensity and athletic ability, I think that would be a natural switch," Turley said in a phone interview on Thursday night. "I'm just as fast as almost all those [defensive ends] out there, and as athletic, or more, than half of them. And my tenacity supersedes all of that. There are a lot of guys at that position who have gotten paid that are a bunch of slaps, and I know I could do better than them."

    If Turley seems a tad disdainful of his would-be peers, some back story is in order. As part of a 2003 Sports Illustrated package on offensive linemen -- for which he was the cover subject -- Turley told Josh Elliott he regarded his defensive-line counterparts as unintelligent drones, referring to them as "geraniums."

    Now that he's intent on a switch, Turley is all about flower power.

    "Because I played offensive line, I think that gives me an insider's advantage," he explained. "Believe me, I know what's happening on the other side of the football, and that should allow me to read and react in a way that the typical defensive lineman can't. I know what I would bring to that position, and a lot of coaches know, too."

    What Turley would bring, first and foremost, is attitude -- which is why, despite his physical issues and purported baggage, I expect some NFL team to give him a chance. This is likely...
    -06-10-2005, 02:29 PM
  • Nick
    Turley wants to play defense
    by Nick
    Offensive lineman asks Rams to switch him to defense
    By Brent Schrotenboer

    April 2, 2005

    St. Louis Rams offensive tackle Kyle Turley is planning a switch to defensive end this year a position he hasn't played since high school as long he can pass a physical exam and resume working relations with a head coach he won't forgive.

    Turley, a former standout at San Diego State, wants to switch to defensive end to relieve pressure on his back, a subject of controversy and much physical stress for Turley since December. Turley suffered from a herniated disc in preseason training camp and missed the entire 2004 season.

    "I need to play a position where I have more freedom to move around and get out of problem situations," Turley said yesterday by phone. "My back was injured on pass plays (on offense)."

    Turley said Rams General Manager Charlie Armey and operations chief Jay Zygmunt have given him the "we'll see" answer to his switch request. A call to the Rams office seeking comment was not immediately returned last night.

    In the last three months, Turley's weight dipped to 235 for the first time since his freshman year at SDSU. After working out in Tempe, Ariz., he has it back up to 260 with a target of 275. He was once up to 309.

    As a result, he said, he's going to be faster than ever and is feeling great about extending his career. A bigger question might be how he'll be received by head coach Mike Martz if he does. In December, Turley got into a shouting match with Martz after Turley said Martz questioned the seriousness of Turley's injury. Turley allegedly threatened to kill Martz a charge Turley denies.

    "There's definitely hard feelings," Turley said. "As far as I'm concerned, I don't have to forgive anybody. The things he said to me, I don't plan on forgetting."

    Turley said that from now on his relationship with Martz wil be: "He stays away from me, and I stay away from him."

    According to Turley, Martz said that Turley came to St. Louis "to take the money and run." Turley, 29, signed a six-year, $26.5 million contract after joining the Rams in 2003.

    "How do you say that to a guy who hasn't missed a down or a practice in six years and faces a serious, career-ending injury?" Turley asked.

    Turley, a former first-round draft pick in 1998, also said he's ditched many diet supplements in his quest to regain his health and weight. Instead of multivitamins, for example, he's sticking to a strict diet and nutritional shakes. His body fat rate is down from 10 percent to 8 percent.

    Turley had surgery on his back in March 2004 but didn't want to have more surgery last fall that could have further jeopardized his career.
    -04-03-2005, 09:05 PM