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I Got a Survey From The NFL About the Move to LA

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  • I Got a Survey From The NFL About the Move to LA

    It was very specific. Asked many detailed questions. About location. Which team or teams I would support etc.

    There is definitely going to be 2 teams.

    The stadium is going to be the AEG stadium next to staples center.

    It is already trying to attract interest for PSLs and giving pricing.

    This is by far the most real this has every been since the team moved.

    Really exciting as a LA Local.

    GO RAMS!!

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    Re: I Got a Survey From The NFL About the Move to LA

    I, too, have heard about two teams possibly moving there. They would share the stadium in an arrangement similar to the Giants and Jets. But obstacles still exist.

    The NFL understands the LA market is a goldmine. As such, their first choice would be to land an expansion team there rather than move an existing franchise. This is why despite all kinds of rumors past and present about the Rams, Chargers, Vikings, Jaguars, etc. moving there, nothing has come to fruition. However, in order to expand, they'd also have to expand elsewhere, as you can't have 33 teams (an odd number) in the league. Even 34 is problematic- 17 in each conference. You also can't do 35 teams (again, an odd number). 36 would be the next logical number, and the NFL simply isn't going to add 4 teams. Despite record popularity, there aren't 4 cities out there who don't already have a team whose market could sustain supporting an NFL franchise. Otherwise, cities would be lining up for the privilege.

    I think it is a given that an NFL team will be in LA before the end of the decade. But which way the league chooses to go is anybody's guess.


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      Re: I Got a Survey From The NFL About the Move to LA

      That would be awesome..1980!!!


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        Re: I Got a Survey From The NFL About the Move to LA

        It didn't say AEG would be the stadium LOL It listed 3 areas. It also didn't say the Rams would be moving there. It was very ambiguous and asked what would be your preference. It also said there aren't many teams that can relocate. One thing for sure a team will be relocating one NFC team and one AFC team. There are not many options for NFC teams and only several for AFC namely San Diego and Oakland. As far as I see it Rams are moving back to LA unless a team like the Vikings makes a move, I don't see that happening. The Rams are the only logical team in the NFC. That doesn't mean they'll be the first. Oakland has a pretty dim situation they don't have a stadium next year. While the Rams can opt out, they could also opt to stay an extra year. How I see it? Both the Rams and the Raidas will be in LA next season.


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          Re: I Got a Survey From The NFL About the Move to LA

          By Sam Farmer

          The NFL is officially kicking the tires on the Los Angeles market.

          Beginning Tuesday, the league will begin a formal market assessment of the L.A. area, The Times has learned. The NFL will email questionnaires to about 2,000 potential customers to better gauge the demand for a team and what people want in terms of a stadium, seating and amenities.

          The fact that the NFL is conducting a survey is not necessarily earthshaking news, nor is it an indication that a return to L.A. is imminent. However, it is an incremental step in the process, indicating that the league has intensified its attention on the nation's second-largest market.

          According to an individual familiar with the survey but not authorized to discuss it publicly, the study is not site-specific, nor does it identify teams that are relocation candidates. But it asks questions in an open-ended way so people can make their preferences known. The study will be conducted by the sports consulting firm Legends, which has worked with several NFL clubs on their stadiums, among them the San Francisco *****.

          The St. Louis Rams, San Diego Chargers and Oakland Raiders are all on year-to-year leases and are unhappy with their current venues. All have expressed interest in the L.A. market, either publicly or privately, and last year Rams owner Stan Kroenke purchased 60 acres of potential stadium land in Inglewood.

          Last week, Anschutz Entertainment Group secured a six-month extension of the Farmers Field agreement in hopes of attracting an NFL team or teams to play in a downtown stadium. The NFL is also evaluating two potential sites in Carson.


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            Re: I Got a Survey From The NFL About the Move to LA

            This does not look good for the fans in St. Louis. It could be though, that St. Louis doesn't lose a team, as there are other cities that support the local team as bad or worse than St. Louis. The difference is those cities have a more stable stadium deal. I believe there are a significant number of St. Louisans that would go to the games if the RAMS and/or convention center would make it easier for them to go, I. E., no limit on the games you can choose. They may also be holding off because they still feel burned by the PSL "lottery" that kicked them to the curb, even though PSLs are no longer a requirement to get season tickets.

            One thing I could see happening is the RAMS (or just the name) going back to LA and the Jags (renamed Stallions) moving to/staying at St. Louis. But that would have issues with AFC vs NFC.

            Another issue that hasn't been discussed, but may not matter, would be protential realignment after teams have moved. If the NFL does realign, it should be done by reagion instead of tradition. No team in a 'West Region' should be further east that an 'East Region' team, I. E. Dallas and St. Louis (if St. louis keeps a team).



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              Re: I Got a Survey From The NFL About the Move to LA

              NFL should dissolve the Raiders.
              LA RAMMER

              It's Jim not Chris


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                Re: I Got a Survey From The NFL About the Move to LA

                I don't really understand the "2" teams coming to LA, and the NFL wanting that. Los Angeles is comprised mostly of people from other states and is actually hard to get people to go to sports games given all the other things to do in LA. It would seem to get the city to embrace a team they should only bring one team to LA. If they bring 2 teams, then both get watered down and the city never really gets behind one team, just another thing to do on a Sunday, go to a football game. I would think they would want generations of fans to be die hard, merchandise consuming "fanatics".

                I realize there are other sports with 2 teams in LA, but the Lakers and Dodgers are the LA teams and the Clippers and Angels are like byproducts.

                Kind of takes the luster out of my Rams coming home, if that even happens.


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                • chucknbob
                  What do you think of the two team solution?
                  by chucknbob
                  First of all, this is NOT a St. Louis/L.A debate.

                  Let's assume that the Rams are going to be moving to L.A. in the next couple of years. How do you feel about sharing a stadium with another team and why?
                  I want the Rams to be the only team in L.A
                  I'm OK with two teams as long as they have seperate stadiums
                  I'm happy with both teams sharing a stadium
                  -03-24-2015, 05:17 AM
                • MauiRam
                  Sam Farmer informs St. Louis Audience on L.A. NFL Scene
                  by MauiRam
                  From another Rams forum ..

                  Posted by Playmaker

                  Bernie just had Sam Farmer, NFL beat writer from the L.A. Times, on his radio show on 101 ESPN in St.Louis. Farmer enlightened the St.Louis audience, including Bernie himself, on why the city of Los Angeles, the 2nd largest city in America, is entering its fifteenth season without an NFL franchise.

                  #1. Citizens of L.A. do not want to contribute anything in tax dollars to building the stadium.

                  #2. L.A.'s population is 50% Hispanic and a large part of that population are not American football fans. They grew up as Baseball and Soccer fans.

                  #3. Ed Roski, who is interested in buying an NFL team and building an NFL stadium in Industry Ca (30 minutes east of downtown L.A.), will not be abe to do anything until he sale's his Casino/Hotel in Las Vegas. That is because the NFL doesn't want to be associated with any gambling. There was rumors that the property title could be given to Roski's son, but that won't fly. He said right now property is not moving in Las Vegas. So it would be really hard to sale it anytime soon.

                  #4. The state of California is in a terrible financial crisis. Much more than most other states.

                  #5. Getting into "politics" Missouri is considered a swing state. So politicians from both sides would step up to help St.Louis keep the Rams to help their respective political parties.

                  #6. There will be a lot of anti-trust exemptions involved to tie this up.

                  #7. The NFL is not interested in moving any franchises. He said he doesn't believe, from the information he has gathered and the people in L.A. who are in the know, that the Rams will not be an option anyway. He said the Chargers would be the much more viable option. They are close to L.A. already and the league would more likely let that happen than to let the Rams, Jags, or Vikings come to L.A.

                  Interesting about the gambling bit handcuffing Roski .. There appear to be alot of "ifs" involved regarding the building of a new stadium in LA. As far as the Rams moving back to LA, looks like it will be rumor city for an extended time. Hard to give anything much credence until the Rams are sold ...
                  -06-03-2009, 09:16 AM
                • jjigga3000
                  It's Blatantly Oblvious
                  by jjigga3000
                  The Rams front office and the powers that be are trying to destroy the fan base in St Louis. I would love to see my Rams move back the L.A. are, However, I feel it's unfair the fans who have devoted time and emotion, to a team they love. That happened to the fans in L.A. and I think it's bush league. The threat of the Rams moving to L.A. is very real, there will be a team in the L.A. market next year. They've all ready gotten approval to build a stadium but will not build it until a team commits, in the mean time they will rent out the Rose Bowl for a couple of years.

                  If the team continues to play like that, and nothing is done about Linehan, count on the move happening. Some might say it will be Buffalo, I think they'll make a move to Toronto before, coming to L.A. Jacksonville will cave in a build a stadium before they let a team like that leave, the same thing with Minnesota. The only teams that threaten the Rams chances of moving back are the Chargers and the Raiders. The Raiders will eventually move back to L.A. but I think the Rams will beat em to it.
                  -09-08-2008, 09:12 AM
                • RAMFANRAIDERHATER
                  More NFL, the Rams and Los Angeles
                  by RAMFANRAIDERHATER
                  This past Wednesday, I was tuned into one of my usual local sports radio shows (KFI 830) as I was driving home and they had John Semcken on as a guest. John Sencken is, for those that do not know, the Majestic Realty Co. partner managing the NFL stadium project with Ed Roski. Majestic Realty Co. is responsible for the Staples Center in which the Lakers, Kings and Clippers play in downtown LA. The proposed NFL stadium site is about 30 minutes east of LA in the City of Industry.

                  I don't have a written copy of the converstation, but some of the stuff I heard was very interesting, and encouraging. I wanted to share some of the things I heard with those that care about NFL football in LA.

                  First of all, Roski and Sencken are "100%" sure that this will happen. In fact, a bond passed recently almost unanimously, and more recently, environmental issues which were thought to be a major hurdle have been approved and cleared. Now, it's just getting an NFL team to commit to coming to LA. This is where it gets interesting.

                  When asked who he thought might be interested, John stated that, although he couldn't divulge all the details about any talks with teams, the teams that the media has thrown around recently are possible candidates, including: Rams, Raiders, Whiners, Chargers, Jaguars, Bills, Vikings and Saints. What really caught my ear was when a question was posed about what teams were really most likely to move, rather than just posturing and using the LA move for their own stadium deal. Semcken said that a team that is currently up for sale as being a "better candidate", but only two teams were currently "up for sale".

                  The Jaquars and the Rams.

                  I find it interesting that a guy with that profile would say that if it were not true.

                  When asked when this would happen, Semcken said that he believes that an NFL team will be here as early as the 2010 season, playing that season and the 2011 season in either the Rose Bowl or the LA Coliseum until Roski's stadium is completed in 2012.

                  According to Semcken, the NFL really wants an NFL team back in LA, and this proposal (unlike other proposals in the past) is solid and back financially and they are definitely interested and listening. They expressed the need to get more Superbowls back in Los Angeles, because the revenue in LA and Miami are still, by far, the most profitable.

                  This interview, along with other articles about Roski and teams like the Rams and Chargers, that are floating around here make me finally really believe that the NFL will be back in LA very soon.
                  -01-29-2009, 10:58 AM
                • Haste
                  One benefit of the Rams moving to LA
                  by Haste
                  It seems alot of people are divided, but one of the biggest issues the Rams have had over the last 2 decades are penalties and ref's bias leaned toward the opposing teams.

                  With moving to LA, do you think Goodell tells the refs to help them out slightly or on close calls throughout the upcoming season?

                  It would also be interesting if Stan starts talking in-front of the media now that he is in 'his town'
                  -01-13-2016, 05:37 PM