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  • Gurley is a go!

    Chris Mortensen ‏@mortreport 56m56 minutes ago
    Todd Gurley will make his NFL debut today for Rams vs Steelers. Snap count? Depends on game flow. But he's ready, run & pass

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    Re: Gurley is a go!

    Although I would have preferred one more week to be sure, I figured he'd suit up today, which makes some sense. Gurley can be eased into the offense the next few weeks, then become the workhorse and focus of the offense after the bye week.

    I just hope Fisher doesn't push it with Gurley today.


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      Re: Gurley is a go!

      if the line is doing a good job, why not?

      but i hope he doesn't go in if things aren't looking good and need a spark...could be a bad day for everyone


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        Re: Gurley is a go!

        He looked like more of a "whoa" to me today.


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          Re: Gurley is a go!

          He went for what, a whole 9 yards? Our leading rusher was Givens...


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          • AvengerRam
            Let's talk about Todd Gurley...
            by AvengerRam
            Let's talk about Todd Gurley,
            Is he where you thought, he'd be?
            Let's talk about all the good things,
            and the bad things that may be...

            Sorry, time-warped to 1991 for a second there...

            So, what do you think about Todd Gurley at this point in his career?
            He's an elite player at his position who has been hindered by a sub-par offense and poor OL.
            I still think he's a very good RB, but he's not quite elite.
            He's a big-play guy, not a grinder, and big plays only happen when there are holes.
            The offense/OL hasn't helped, but I don't think his effort level is where it needs to be.
            The offense/OL hasn't helped, but I think he made a mistake by dropping so much weight.
            I think he was overrated last year due to a few flashy plays, and this year is the real Gurley.
            2015 and 2016 paint such different pictures that I really can't evaluate him.
            -12-06-2016, 01:08 PM
          • r8rh8rmike
            Does Gurley Play Against Pittsburgh?
            by r8rh8rmike
            Gurley says he's ready, has been a full go for a few weeks in practice, is getting first team reps this week, and Fisher described his workout before the Washington game as "outstanding". Does he get his first action against the Steelers?
            Yes, he plays.
            No, he continues to sit.
            -09-22-2015, 03:08 PM
          • Nick
            So, I guess that Gurley kid is pretty good...
            by Nick
            433 rushing yards on 68 attempts for a 6.36 average over the last three games, Rams 2-1 in that span.

            It's still early, but the Rams may have found their response to the question posed earlier this year regarding the last time they hit a home run on an offensive draft pick.
            -10-25-2015, 01:46 PM
          • MauiRam
            Todd Gurley could be Los Angeles’ next big star 
            by MauiRam
            By Rich Hammond

            OXNARD >> If, as the saying goes, stars are made, not born, what about those who are relocated?

            Todd Gurley is poised to be the next big thing in Southern California sports. The Rams running back still might go unrecognized walking down local streets, particularly when his trademark shoulder-length dreadlocks are pulled back, but given his recent face time on national TV, that seems certain to change.

            “Carl’s Jr.,” teammate Benny Cunningham said with a wry grin after a recent practice. “That’s his new nickname. You should call him that. He will like that.”

            Gurley has received copious good-natured ribbing for his role as as a burger-pitcher. In the commercial, Gurley — who speaks only a few words — is greeted by an agent and selfie-taking admirers as he coolly strolls through an office while wearing a hat with a generic “L.A.’’ logo.

            “Welcome to California, Todd Gurley,” shouts the agent, played by actor/comedian Jay Mohr.

            And welcome, perhaps, to a void that needs to be filled, that of major Southern California sports icon.

            Kobe Bryant has retired after an iconic 20-year career with the Lakers. Clayton Kershaw arguably is the best pitcher in baseball, but many viewers can’t even watch Dodger games. The Angels’ Mike Trout is highly marketable but seems reticent to display charisma in a public way. The top players for the Kings and Ducks are more likely to pitch products in Canada.

            Chris Paul is a contender, but at best he’s a very good player on a good Clippers team, and that franchise still is attempting to dribble out of the Lakers’ shadow.

            The throne has been vacated, and Gurley can fill it. He’s telegenic, intelligent, community-minded and is coming off a 2015 rookie season in which he rushed for the third-most yards in the NFL (1,106).

            It also doesn’t hurt that Gurley is represented by Roc Nation Sports, the agency founded by music star Shawn “Jay-Z” Carter.

            “The region is looking for someone to embrace,” said David Carter, Executive Director of USC’s Sports Business Institute, “and not only because football is back but because Kobe Bryant’s presence will be diminished. And as long as the Dodgers struggle to get their bearings on TV, their stars will not have as constant a light shone on them. All of this makes his timing ideal.”

            There’s only one question: Is this market ready to accept Gurley as a hometown hero? As of now, three months before the start of the NFL season, Gurley remains an outsider, and something of a quiet one.

            Bryant arrived as a teenager and grew up here. Shaquille O’Neal and Manny Ramirez were imported, but announced their arrivals with boisterous enthusiasm. Gurley? He’s been placed gently on Southern California’s porch like a FedEx package from St. Louis. The locals are just beginning to unwrap him.

            It’s a...
            -06-12-2016, 01:54 PM
          • r8rh8rmike
            Rams Fans Giddy Over Gurley
            by r8rh8rmike
            Hochman: Rams fans giddy over Gurley

            21 hours ago • By Benjamin Hochman

            Surely accidentally, but nonetheless appropriately, a St. Louis buddy texted me an alteration of a famous Rams saying: “Gotta go get a Gurley jersey.”

            Like the heyday Rams, Todd Gurley goes to work (albeit only in the second halves of games for now). And for a fan base in flux, Gurley is a gift for those holding on as Gurley “gurdles” over defensive players, to quote The Post's Ben Frederickson.

            This stat got me Gurley-giddy — in the win against the Cleveland Browns, the rookie running back accumulated 111 yards AFTER contact. Think about that — after contact alone, he still compiled a great days yardage. Along the way, he forced 11 missed tackles, most among running backs in Week 7, according to the fellows at Pro Football Focus.

            He had just six carries in his first game played, but in each of the following three, he hit triple-digits in yardage. The greatest Georgia back of them all, Herschel Walker, didn't rush for 100 yards in a game until his eighth game played — this week in 1986, the Cowboys' rookie running back rushed for 120 yards and two touchdowns in a win against the St. Louis Cardinals.

            After Gurley's first game against Pittsburgh, Rams coach Jeff Fisher brought up that Gurley looked close to breaking a big play. It was easy to be skeptical — Gurley was routinely stuffed, finishing with nine yards total.

            But when I asked Fisher about what he'd seen, the coach explained, “It was just a block, either a block by our receiver or just a modification in the blocking scheme, or a motion that would take the extra defender out of the way. Again, he was, he was really close.”

            So it seems.

            As for Gurley's nickname game, may I suggest, in reference to the weapon that is his dynamic body: “Go-Go-Gadget Gurley!”

            And here's one more message sent from a friend, this one at the University of Georgia: “You should see how many Rams' 30 jerseys there are in Athens these days.”

            And for the short-term, we'll start seeing some more around St. Louis, too.
            -10-28-2015, 09:23 AM