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  • What Cardinals Fans Are Saying

    Here's what they have to say about the game:

    We are favored by 6 - 6 1/2 points. But this game might not be so easy as the Steelers found out.
    I see the cardinals scoring, at minimum, 31 points this Sunday, and then the rams scoring no more than 17.

    The biggest concern to most posters on this forum however, is getting out of this game unscathed, especially at the QB position. If there was a time for CP to be fearless against an opponent, it's now.
    I think we will win this game. St Louis doesnt play as well on the Road, and they don't play as well on Grass. Our offense should be able to put up 20-23 points and I think if we can do that we should win this game.
    Right, we have not faced a pass rush like this yet and I am glad that Massie is back we have a better chance with him in the line up. I think we win with a strong effort from the defense holding down the Rams offense. With Iupati and Ellington back we will need to use them for our ground game which we will need to lean on. Whatever we do we need to make yards on first down to avoid an all out pass rush.
    This is by far the best defense the team will go up against to date. Each year a game with them a qb comes out with an injury. Our tackles who have been giving up pressure are coming against a very formidable front. Smokey has been dropping passes left and right their corners could shut him down. They have enough guys in the secondary to keep Larry quiet. Floyd hasn't been on the field much. They also have weapons on offense. The cards need to bring it all to have any shot of pulling out a w.
    The Rams are terrible, they have a nice D-line and it ends there.
    I think their Defense will play our Offense pretty fairly but i have no doubt in my mind that we will abuse their Offense.
    That team has a bunch of talent. But they have a coach who hasn't been relevant in the league since the Titans where the Oilers. No way I can sit here and say this will be an easy win. The steelers were red hot going into that game and the Rams defense suffocated them.
    The rams are 1-2 right? They got beat 12-6? I mean there offense is so bad that defense will get gassed eventually. 3 an outs are there offense in a nutshell. I think we are looking at another win for sure. For some reason people think the Hams are just this super D-line team? Ok they did put something on Big Ben, but the Redskins beat them.....This cards team is VERY good, we are a nightmare match up on both sides of the ball. I say this proudly OUR cards can contend with anyone in NFL. We are BLOWING people out!!! I think a lot of fans are still in shock. Forty ******* 7 to 7? 47-7? I could type that a hundred more times. San Fran fans have to be locked in there bedrooms weeping. I know I know they were bad teams...but in the past we would never put up points like this. Im already chalking this one up as a W. But how can I be so confident? Because our birds are a bunch of BADA$$ players. Our coach is a BADA$$. Our GM is a BADA$$.
    All I can say is the Rams are the same old Rams. The Cardinals are the better team and they should win this game. I will be disappointed if they don't.
    They have absolute studs in Donald and Quinn, McDonald has turned into a solid safety, but it ends there. Chris Long hasn't been producing like he used too. Brockers has been just average at best. Lauriniatis has been on the downside for the past 2 years. Ogletree is extremely overrated. Janoris flashes a few times, but bites way too many times and gives up more big plays than he should, their best CB in Gaines is out for the season. Don't forget Ben went out in the 2nd half, too.

    Yea, this is the best defense we're going up against so far, but it's also the worst offense we're going up again.
    Call me crazy, and this obviously won't happen, but I deep down wish we would start Stanton in this game at least until we start losing. I swear there is a real deal curse on us getting a serious injury every time we play the Rams. It's no secret right now that we are a very legit Super Bowl team as long as Palmer stays 100% but that disappears the moment we lose him. Big Ben was the latest victim who knows this all too well right now. On a side note, the game in Pitt went from a 50/50 toss up to a game we have every reason to win with Vick back there. 14-17 points SHOULD be enough to win this Sunday. Go Cards!
    So how are we going to slow down Donald? He has been more dominant than Watt's best 2 week span ever with a +18 rating (best in history) What if he plays as well as he has so far this season? That would be the most single dominant lineman in history right now.
    Seriously though, Fowles does not suck and the Lambs running game is decent with Madden and will get better with Gurley. If Quick comes back, it gives them a reliable receiving option. That D-line has already been talked about and will be tough to deal with. They can rush the passer and stop the run. This could devolve into a FG kicking contest, unless Palmer gets time. I don't think the rest of the Rams D can deal with our passing game, but in order for that to matter, Carson has to be upright. My prediction: Rams 12, Cardinals 17.
    Fischer has not yet bought in to the fact that it is the o-line, not the running back, that makes a good running game. Mason and Gurley, I believe, will be ineffective.
    The O-line is also the reason their passing game is suffering. Defensively they need upgrades on the back end and offensively in the trenches.

    Rams draft a star - Cards draft a trench warrior. No contest.
    Have you watched the 1-2 rams this year? Fowles will feed our DB's. We just beat up a running back called Hyde. I dont think their backs are as good as him. To that fact, our O-LINE only gets better with Lupati coming back. I think we could drop 30 points on them if Carson stays healthy. The Lambs really do suck, they have a D-Line...and that is IT! Throw some extra Tight end blocking, throw a few RB blocks to help keep Carson warm and cozy, its another cruise game. I wanna start a Thread of FOWLES REALLY DOES SUCK now. HAHA You go ahead and ask Lamb fans (season ticket holders) how they feel about their coach...he is not even in the same class as Arians. Our D-Line may not be as good as theirs...but EVERY position after that is. Including coaching, which includes game planning. This could be so one sided that Lambs fans might not show up. Yes its just my opinion, but you are giving them way to much credit. The only thing I fear, is beating on them so bad they start getting dirty and trying to hurt players. Thats ALL they got!!! Ball dont lie my friend.

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    Re: What Cardinals Fans Are Saying

    Sounds like a lot of concern for Palmer's health.


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      Re: What Cardinals Fans Are Saying

      Recipe for a NFL fan message board:

      - a base broth of fan rhetoric
      - a layer of solid perspective
      - a dash of sophomoric nonsense (easy on this one; too much will neutralize the perspective layer)
      - mix in a drizzle of bloviated arrogance

      Bake on high for one off-season, and voila.....enjoy.

      Some of them seem to get it; though some of them appear to be typing from their mom's "bada$$" basement. I think our defense will play well as long as an answer is found for Fitzgerald. If we play that soft cushion, Palmer won't have to worry about pressure. His release valves (Fitzgerald or otherwise) will be available. On the flip side, I don't see us putting up too many points on their defense. I think a TD and a FG for them is enough to beat us.
      The more things change, the more they stay the same.


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        Re: What Cardinals Fans Are Saying

        Originally posted by HUbison View Post
        I think a TD and a FG for them is enough to beat us.


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          Re: What Cardinals Fans Are Saying

          A lot of comments from people who probably haven't actually spent a lot of time watching the Rams

          But then again, this is pretty much like the commentary from any NFL reporter.


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            Re: What Cardinals Fans Are Saying

            Originally posted by tomahawk247 View Post
            A lot of comments from people who probably haven't actually spent a lot of time watching the Rams

            But then again, this is pretty much like the commentary from any NFL reporter.
            But then again, some of those comments could have come from right off our own threads... the one that knocks Fisher as not being relevant since the Oilers is hilarious


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              Re: What Cardinals Fans Are Saying

              Originally posted by tomahawk247 View Post
              A lot of comments from people who probably haven't actually spent a lot of time watching the Rams
              They'd probably be a lot more confident if they watched the last 2 Rams games.


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                Re: What Cardinals Fans Are Saying

                I agree with one of them there...we do have a nice D-line but that is about running game, WRs cant catch, suspect OLine, leads to shaky QB play and a coach who seems lost at times.


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                  Re: What Cardinals Fans Are Saying

                  Never the less, they are Tards fans, lets not forget that.


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                    Re: What Cardinals Fans Are Saying

                    Well step one for the Rams accomplish...make them worry about their QB and the rest of the season

                    Honestly the Cards want to win the game but how much are they willing to risk to win it? And there is the slight advantage the Rams may use. And that is where Fisher and his staff needs to focus on--because you can almost bet the farm the Cards offensive plan is lots of high percentage low risk plays and matchups they think would favor taking a risk

                    Further the Cards know the Rams though wanting to keep Foles healthy, its not part of the Rams offensive design being run first and run often--a Rams cheerleader can hand the ball off.

                    The Cards have a 2 game lead in the division or a cushion and with the playoffs its win and your in in all divisions regardless of the record...I would fully expect the Cards to pull out all the stops if at this point it was a tighter standings


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                      Re: What Cardinals Fans Are Saying

                      Wonder what they are saying now... ;)


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                        Re: What Cardinals Fans Are Saying

                        I would hazard guess that they are saying they were screwed over the fumble for a TD and I think they would be right ...... But then, who ferkin cares

                        Keeping the Rams Nation Talking


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                          Re: What Cardinals Fans Are Saying

                          What are they saying now, after we kicked them in the mouth today?? Crickets...............


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                            Re: What Cardinals Fans Are Saying

                            The cardinals fans should be saying the same thing we would all be saying if we lost a game like that. They dropped an obvious TD in the first half on an easy catch. They were absolutely terrible in the red zone on both sides of the ball which cost them the game. They had a minus three turnover differential and they were lousy on third down. That's how you lose games.

                            ramming speed to all

                            general counsel


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                              Re: What Cardinals Fans Are Saying

                              Originally posted by RamDez View Post
                              I would hazard guess that they are saying they were screwed over the fumble for a TD and I think they would be right ...... But then, who ferkin cares
                              Agreed Dez,

                              How many BS calls do we get week in week out.

                              Best officiating crew weve had in a long while. I hope MrFranke picks it up! LOL!


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