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How much does Faulk play today?

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  • How much does Faulk play today?

    If the game is close, it is a no brainer that Faulk stays in as the primary back. If however, a blowout occurs, do we put Canidate in as the primary so he can keep getting reps and stay comfortable, or do we leave Faulk in to shake out the rust?

    Hope that is a predicament that we have to ponder today ;)

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    I don't think Mike Martz thinks like that. He is only interested in winning games. He has to be told to remove players from games. I think Marshall stays in the game and if he gets the chance, he runs big.

    I think we need to look at Trung as a breather for Marshall and also in 2 back sets.

    Remember, this offense is anything but predictable. :mask:

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