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Madden 2002 -- Game results --- Panthers

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  • Madden 2002 -- Game results --- Panthers

    I thought it would be fun if those of us that have madden 2002 should play the game before it happens

    OK, my Game.

    Rams win 28 - 23 :rolleyes:

    Funny enough, this is very close to my prediction of 28 - 21 Rams !

    Anyhoo, it would be fun to see other game results :mask:

    AND no cheating :wiseman:

    Keeping the Rams Nation Talking

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    Ahh the memories........Back in the '70's there was a football game called "Head to Head". It was very low tech by todays standards but at the time it was pretty cool. The football players were just dots on the screen.

    A buddy and I used to play out that weeks games. The Rams would always win

    We even played out the Superbowl with the Steelers. To bad life didn't imitate art for that game.:upset:


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      Not paticularly relevant but I got Madden 2002 at Xmas and started a season as the Rams.
      Tragically I'm 3-7 (having been 1-7 at one point), including a 42-10 thumping for the Aints, and my defense is getting ripped apart every game.
      Not very realistic then, as it don't look like I'm making the Play Offs this season.
      Guess I'll have to leave it to the real Rams to get me to a Superbowl


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        I'm an expert at Madden 2002, so I don't think it would be fair to put my score in- it's not really realistic. Maybe if I let the AI play each other, it would be more realistic. Oh well. On a side note, I think Techmo Super Bowl for the original Nintendo was the best football video game ever. I never get tired of playing that. Jim Everett, Cleveland Gary, Curt Warner, Flipper Anderson, and Henry Ellard, with Kevin Greene on defense- hell yeah!:evil:



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          Here's a play for you

          Here's a play that works when you need it the most. Single formation, 5 wr set. The play is for Faulk to go deep. He's the only one that goes deep on this play. At times you will get a LB on him or the safety will blitz and nobody will get over to him in time. Most of the time its a touchdown or a real good gain. Just as long as you don't over use it. The key is to wait a few seconds before you hike the ball to see what the defense is doing. This is one of my favorite plays and it has helped me out a few times.:o


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            Cheers for the play suggestion. I'll try that over the weekend, but its defense where I'm getting burnt.
            I need to replace McCleon, I think, because WRs just leave him for dead.
            I'm 4-7 now, beat the bucs last night. Could make the Play Offs yet.


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              For defense, I use mostly nickel because the AI on Madden passes a lot. Find a play where the cornerbacks are man-to-man and the safeties have a deep zone towards the sidelines. Put it on bump-and-run coverage. This usually works for me. Try to sneak a blitz in every now and then, too.


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                Thanks, I'm starting to get a hang of the pass coverage now, but I still can't get any pash rush going.
                I've tried trading for top players but you can't get any penetration, even on the weakest Offensive Line.
                It's starting to bug me, so any advice would be gratefully accepted.
                (After my 1-7 start, I made it back to 8-8 and sneaked in the play-offs, only to lose to the Bucs. Hope that's not an omen.)


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                  Getting pressure on the QB in Madden is one of the hardest things to do. Just try to use plays with the d-linemen using stunts or have a nickel cornerback blitz (they get to the QB faster than a linebacker). If you can find one really good blitz or stunting play, it helps out every once in awhile when you're getting pounded on defense.