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  • Dark Cloud to the Silver Lining

    Don't get me wrong, I am thrilled at 7-1, and didn't have any anxiety about today's game at all, it was as dominating as could be. However, there are areas that, if not improved upon, could cost us against good teams.

    Unfortunately, two weeks to work on the kick coverage team doesn't seem to be enough. I fear this sub-mediocre play will haunt us later if they don't fix it soon, if not NOW!

    As I said in an earlier post - Bobby April has to be the most overrated special teams coach alive. Where on earth did this guy earn a reputation as a special teams "genius?"

    The never-ending turnovers are still a huge concern, too.

    Of even greater concern is that Warner's hand hasn't healed. It looked like he was floating the ball, and I wondered internally if it wasn't still bothering him. Then, to see him with ice on it late in the game confirmed my fear. I have to wonder now if it isn't worse than even THEY know.

    Overall, I'd venture to say the turnovers and not-so-special teams are my only concern right now. Both should be fixable.

    As I said before, there is only ONE team capable of beating the Rams - the Rams. we come.

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    From watching the Whiners, they look like our most formidable opponent. Can't wait for Dec. 9th, I'm AT THE DOME!!!!!!!!!!!!!


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      Does anybody notice how much times they fumble the football. This is frickin frustrating, they need to fix it fast before they lose more games like the saints one.


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        We need to fix the turnover problem and the special teams. We had these problems in the Saints game and it cost us the victory. We were lucky it was the Panthers on Sunday and not a good team. Good teams will beat us if we continue to hand the ball over.

        Warner had two weeks for the hand to heal and it still bothers him. I am getting nervous. Martz tore into the special teams during half time and they responded. I think they will eventually play at a higher level. Warner’s injury may not get better all year.

        Can we win the division and eventually the Super Bowl with an injured Warner?


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          Times are desperate...

          Not sure I can watch this team anymore...they are aweful. We need a new coach we need a QB. We better look inthe draft for kids that can hang on to the ball.


          We just KILLED the Panthers :confused:

          Have fun with it

          Don't put me in a bad mood on Monday...I had enough of them over the last 10 years.;)


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            J-Ram, believe me I am happy with the game and the team. I would feel a lot better if the stinkin whiners were further behind us. I hate that team and it feels like they are right on our heals.

            I hear you. I will just feel better when we beat them in the dome.

            Thanks for the reality check.


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              I'm with J-Ram on this one. We Won! Enjoy! Let those whose job it is to worry do the worrying. Hug the wife and kids, J, you'll feel better.


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                I just looked at the standings, and it says we are 7-1, and in first place. I myself am a little concerned about the mistakes, and you are right RAMble, it could bite us later. However, we are winning and that is all that matters currently.


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                  I,as a Rams fan, realize that I have become spoiled.It is crazy for me to nit-pick after a 48- 14 win,but I still find myself doing it.At least I can laugh at myself.Anyway,we do need to cut down on the turnovers and Warners thumb is a concern,but the Rams are proving they can move the football and score without relying on the deep pass.We know the Rams can run and be successful with a shorter passing game.Hurt thumb and all I still feel confident with Warner in the game.His stats may not be as gaudy,but with the game on the line Kurt will usually find a way to win.

                  GO RAMS!STAY FOCUSED!WIN!


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                    I could see defenses adjusting for the short pass thinking that Warner won’t throw the long ball. I would love to see a “rope a dope” tactic by the Rams with a bomb to Bruce in the end zone!

                    You’re right Aries, Warner will find a way to win.

                    Andy Grove, CEO for Intel says “Only the paranoid survive”


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                    • theodus69
                      was it by chance...
                      by theodus69
                      Do you think the road and the possibility that the Rams were just a little over confident might have been why they lost last week? I mean they out played the 9er's 2 to 1. They played their game and still lost. That 21 pt. quarter was the difference.It was a major let down to lose to the 9er's,but I think they are on track now!They may be on the road again , but I think we're going to see a scoreboard in our favor.......Who's with me? give me an R.. give me an A..................Just get on the DamnWagon, we're bringing the Cards down!!!!!!!
                      -09-14-2005, 11:14 PM
                    • radjohns
                      Some concerns and some questions...
                      by radjohns
                      I have a weak stomach when it comes to the rams. Some would argue that my glass is half empty. I prefer to say that I am preparing myself for all possibilities.

                      In the event of a close game in the playoffs I have some worries. I am growing old fast when I think about our coverage on kickoffs and our use of timeouts. I have nightmares about a close game where the rams take a late lead and blow it on the ensuing kickoff and are left with not enough time and no timeouts to do anything about it. When I am in thinking postively, I worry little about this because if we manage the ball well, it usually isn't a close game anyway. So perhaps it is a moot point.

                      Does anyone have thoughts on our special teams this year? Should we be worried?

                      I listened to it on It sounded like our WR's were struggling to get open. Am I correct? What was Atlanta doing so well? Or was Warner off at times?
                      -01-06-2002, 08:21 PM
                    • moloch41
                      Special Teams
                      by moloch41
                      Can anyone explain why the kick and punt return coverages for this unit are still below average? I know at first Mad Mike didn't think they were all that important (like defense or turnovers) until he got bashed so badly that they fired Bobby April (who moved to the Bills and had the #1 ranked special teams, I think) and then went to hire someone else who also coached a terrible coverage unit. Now, Linehan comes in and claims it's going to be one of the higher priorities (which it seemed it was because they went out and got some guys that are good ST performers and a new coach), but they are really only marginally better.

                      Now, I'm not sure where the stats lie, but every time we kick off or punt the ball, I hold my breath. We almost gave up another one last week against the Saints, which might have really changed the momentum of the game. Luckily, someone was able to pull him down from behind and then the defense held. But if that dude breaks the tackle, we might be looking at 0-9.

                      I really think the punting of Donnie Jones has saved us a lot of heartache or that unit would be far worse. I just can't see how you can put out such bad special teams year after year and not be able to fix it. One would think it a simple task.
                      -11-16-2007, 02:07 PM
                    • djccon
                      Now That I've Cooled Off...
                      by djccon
                      The results of the game with the 'Aints are inexcusable and unacceptable. That means I am inconsolable. There cannot be any consolation from this game, nor do I see any positives coming from it. However, here are some observations that I have come away with now that I've had some time to cool off and think objectively:

                      1) I am FED UP with hearing regularly about the "ball maintenance" drills these guys run every DAY in practice, only to watch them cough it up week after week. Obviously it isn't working - so, Mr. Martz, FIND SOMETHING THAT DOES!

                      2) I never cared for Bobby April when he was in Pittsburgh. I liked him less in Atlanta, even less in New Orleans, and I am convinced he must have pictures of someone naked with a hooker to be able to stay in the NFL. Who deemed this guy a guru? Every week we can count on opponents starting at least 2 possessions outside their own 35 after kickoffs. You can look it up.

                      3) Was it just me, or did Canidate seem totally exhausted by half time? I thought Martz said he planned to rotate backs a little more. I think being tired contributed greatly to his struggles. As tired as he looked, I just KNEW it was only a matter of time before he put it on the carpet.

                      4) The dropped passes are unforgiveable. When you get that much $, catch the dang ball, ESPECIALLY when you're trying to keep control and move the chains.

                      5) 1st and 10 near midfield, up 24-6, and a fumble. The defense holds on 4 straight downs, again near midfield, and an INT. Control the @#$% ball, and put the game away ASAP! Blowing a 24 point lead at HOME is unforgiveable.

                      6) I don't care what those two-toothed, cousin-marrying morons in Louisiana say, all the 'aints proved Sunday is they need 8 turnovers to beat us. Had they gotten only 7, they'd STILL have lost. How does that sit with you 'aint fans - knowing you only got 1 or 2 "takeaways" - you know @#$% well those were "giveaways" (i.e., you didn't TAKE, we GAVE)?

                      7) This game convinced me of one thing - the only team good enough to beat the Rams, is the Rams. There is no consolation in this, neither do I consider it a positive since they were SO @#$% willing to do just that.

                      Out for now. Peace!
                      -10-30-2001, 06:43 PM
                    • harkin-9
                      Still plenty to learn.....
                      by harkin-9
                      Az Hakim looking upfield before he catches the punt.

                      Warner forcing two passes early in the game that could easily have been intercepted.

                      Martz still seemingly clueless about conserving timeouts.

                      The Rams outplayed the Saints last night but if they continue to display poor game management and decisions in pressure situations then they are ripe for a playoff upset. Warner seemed to make the most progress as his passes after the early mistkaes were crisp and on the mark. He even tucked the ball away a few times and took the sack instead of throwing up potential INTs.

                      The defense was STELLAR as they swarmed Brooks and did not let up till after the whistle.

                      You may think I'm nit-picking but I want the Rams to win another Super Bowl.

                      They have three games left to get their act together. The opponents are all second-tier teams but the Rams should concentrate on possession, minimizing penalties, time management and NO FREAKING TURNOVERS while they secure HFA.
                      -12-18-2001, 07:13 AM