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#2 Defense!!!!

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  • #2 Defense!!!!

    1 Green Bay 2037 254.6 724 90.5 1313 164.1 117 14.6
    2 St. Louis 2209 276.1 684 85.5 1525 190.6 129 16.1

    lastest from .. we are #2 .. and of course #1 in offense .. but people still think our Defense sucks .. sheesh .. it's a pity they don't know what they are up against!

    forgot to mention .. that's #2 in NFC .. #4 in NFL .. and of course #1 for offense in both .. ahhhh .. this will be a great year
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    Very cool news RammStein! Isn't it great to get excited when the D takes the field.

    It must be nice to be us!!!

    Our team is gonna RAMble On to the Superbowl!!:cool:


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      what's really cool is i have the packers and Rams as my fantasy defenses


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        I'm hoping this team is starting to realize just how "special" this team can be...

        If they can slow down the flood of turnovers and take better care of the ball, along with shoring up the special teams, even just a small amount, then there is NO ONE, repeat, NO ONE in this league that can match up with them on both sides of the ball.

        Those two items are the ONLY things that can derail the Rams on the way to New Orleans in Feburary, that much has been made clear. One can only hope that they realize that and they do what needs to be done in terms of ball security.

        The "ball" and their fate, literally is in their collective hands.


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          This team is twice the team as the '99 team. Could you imagine if we had the same schedule this year as we had in '99.

          This could be the best team assembled in the history of the NFL.


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            You've come a long way baby...

            Great news /thread, Rammstein. Who would have thought the Rams d-e-f-e-n-s-e being up there where it is right now! Great team work; no, outstanding... particularly when you consider all of our new starters including Coach Lovie and rookies.

            Remarkable results for a Ram D so young. --And welcome back Rudy! :-)

            Come on Dee! GO RAMS!!!