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What to do about Trung Canidate

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  • What to do about Trung Canidate

    As everyone knows Trung Canidate in the last 3 or 4 games has done and outstanding job. Now the question is what should the rams do with him after the season? Should they keep him for a backup runningback, or trade him for a defensive or and offensive player? I'd like to know what some other people think on the matter. I think they should keep him. They may need a few more people on defense. but they are pretty good right now. they can't let teams comeback like they did with the Saints.

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    No question , he stays. Faulk's isn't getting younger, his knees are showing wear and tear plus there's rumours of his retirement . Even if Faulk doesn't retire, a 1-2 of Faulk - Canidate should keep most defenses busy


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      Keep Trung

      Other than the frequent fumbles (did anyone else think the kickoff fumble to end the 1st half was questionable?), Trung has shown he is an NFL caliber back.

      We learned last year how valuable Trent was as a QB backup. Now, with Marshall's knee always a worry, we'd be stupid to trade Canidate. Keep him, work on his turnovers, and use him frequently to spell Marshall.

      GO RAMS.


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        Trung stays!!

        I am shocked there would be any othere feelings. How long do you think Marshall is going to stay in the game. Marshall is going to be a person that goes out on top, he will not drag out a retirement.


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          Originally posted by DODRAM
          No question , he stays. Faulk's isn't getting younger, his knees are showing wear and tear plus there's rumours of his retirement . Even if Faulk doesn't retire, a 1-2 of Faulk - Canidate should keep most defenses busy
          Ya, I think this one is a no-brainer. Unless Trung gets Scott Boras as his agent and starts claiming he's going to hold out for more $$, he is perfect right where he is.

          As a side note, all this talk about Rams retiring brings me down. I mean, why is it that the Whiners got Montana, Young and Rice for like 20 years, but the second we get Hall Of Famers, they are about to retire?? :mad:

          Anyway, despite the talk of replacing Ike and Marshall, I would say finding a QB of the future behind Warner is a bigger priority.


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            Canidate has sure won me over.If he stays healthy he is gonna be a star in this league.Having Faulk and Canidate in the same backfield is a luxury and we saw how effective both backs can be against the Panthers.Just another way to keep defenses guessing.I know Marshalls knees are wearing down,but he still has a lot of love for the game.I cant see him retiring next year.I could be wrong,but I hope I'm not.



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              Originally posted by AJD45

              Ya, I think this one is a no-brainer. Unless Trung gets Scott Boras as his agent and starts claiming he's going to hold out for more $$, he is perfect right where he is.

              Anyway, despite the talk of replacing Ike and Marshall, I would say finding a QB of the future behind Warner is a bigger priority.
              You uttered the name of Scott Boras. The roof in my apt shook like mad when his name was even thrown around in my head. lol

              I totally agree with you on the Warner scenario. How about that kid from Fresno State? He can chuck it down the field.

              As for Canidate, I have been excited since day 1. I thought it a shame he got hurt so much his rookie year, could have used him major last year. However, he has stepped in beautifully this year and I can't wait till they both get in the backfield. That's like being in a round room looking for a corner. :mask:


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                I vote for the backup for Warner Scenario as well. We have a lot of youth in the other positions. Let's just hope we have enough dollars to keep this going for a long time.

                I don't follow college football much but I agree with Txramsfan that the QB from Fresno State looks very good. I know he was in the Heisman race but he has now dropped with the last loss.

                Bottom line, our last 3 or so drafts have be outstanding. I think it is the front office (Shaw, Armey, etc.) that we need to keep intact.

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                  Everyone is right. We definetly need to keep Trung and work at getting a quarterback for the future. The only problem with Carr from Fresno State is that I doubt he will be around for the last pick in the draft.:king: Of course we could get lucky, but he will be one of the top QB's gone. The Redskins are already looking at him.


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                    Since we will be picking #32 :king: I think you're right, it isn't likely Carr from Fresno St. will be still around. TSN's mock draft (as stupid as it is to have a mock draft already!) has him going to Detroit. It's possible Harrington would still be around. The pundits seem unimpressed with the QB crop, so there will probably be some of those guys labeled "great upside potential/not ready for NFL yet" that we could steal late; a guy we can groom along over a couple years like we had planned with Germaine. So I think we're sitting pretty good once again already for the next draft...


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                      Everyone is wright about Marshall's knees.Trung could be the future back for the Rams. And about the back up to Warner,he is still young in the league.Ya he did play in the arena league and it is still hard hitting, and he did play some in Europe but the real hiiting is still in the NFL, it's the best of the best anywhere. So I think look for an offensive lineman or keep working on defense:king: :shield:


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                        Regarding the QB, does anyone know about Joey Harrington? If Carr is taken earlier in the 1st round, Harrington may be available with our pick.

                        The last pick in the first round


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                          Like others have said, we don't know how much longer Faulk will hold up. The D seems fairly solid, so keep Trung.


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                            I kinda like the quarterback from Illinois. I can't think of his name, and I'm not sure he's even a senior this year - but every week I see some solid statistics.

                            Trouble is, nothing any of them does in college can be taken as a projection of their NFL career (I offer you Ryan Leaf, Kurt Warner, Tim Couch, Steve Walsh, Jake Plummer, Jeff Garcia, Kordell Stewart, Mark McGwire's little brother...need I go on?).

                            All any of us can do is put our faith in Charlie Armey and Jay Zygmunt - and keep Trung around!



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                              One thing working in our favor is that with all the teams hopping on the so-called West Coast offense bandwagon, fewer teams are looking for a QB with Warner/Fouts/Marino type of strengths that fit our Air Coryell-style attack. That will give us an even better chance of landing the right guy in the draft while everyone else is looking for the next QB lauded by Bill Walsh -- like Mirer, Plummer and McNown...;)


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                              • UnderdogRam
                                A juicy problem-WHINER issues
                                by UnderdogRam
                                Everyone seems to be counting the Whiners out of it already. While traveling this week I picked up a couple of sports publications and like always read their predictions. Several have the Whiner finishing last in our division. As much as I would love all this to be true, I find it hard to believe that they won't be competitive with us and the rest of the league. Here are some issues to mill around. And to be honest I worry more about them the Seahags.

                                1) Owens is gone. He always provided a disruption to team chemistry. Not having him is more of a blow to the rest of the teams and helps the Whiners.

                                2) Barlow will now be the feature back. This kid has all the tools to be great. The problem was he sat behind Hearst for so many years. 1st round fantasy back in my book.

                                3) Some of their young receivers really impressed me this past season. They no longer are under the shadows of Owens as well

                                4) This Rattey kid if he gets healthy by camp will be a stud. He passes much better than Garcia and seems to make faster reads. The couple games he played last season he put up some gaudy numbers.

                                5) They lost very few players on their line and their defense. That means they should only get stronger much like the Rams.

                                My pick is they will finish better than Seahags and one game behind us, if not tied. If we look past them like much of the league is, you can bet they will take the division
                                -06-11-2004, 06:13 AM
                              • EvilXenu
                                BlackDevil, put up or shut up!
                                by EvilXenu
                                Okay, BlackDevil. No more tap dancing around the issue.

                                Here it is:

                                Do you think the Whiners will beat the Rams when they meet again.

                                If you think they will, say so here.

                                Otherwise, if you don't respond, we'll all know that you know deep down in your heart that the Rams are better and that there is nothing else worth discussing.

                                In fact, if you're not willing to put up right here, right now, and predict that the Whiners will win, you might as well stop posting here forever.

                                I expect we'll never hear from you again.
                                -11-15-2006, 06:24 AM
                              • Ramdog
                                Maybe We Need To Lose To The Whiners...
                                by Ramdog
                                I like to look at all things from every angle. And as i sat here thinking i came to the conclusion that losing to the whiners might be exactly what we need. Lets break this down.

                                1. Maybe losing the home field advantage isnt such a bad thing. We are 6-0 on the road. I know that having to play in Chicago or green bay, in the cold is bad, but is it?

                                2. When we lose to the Bucs or the Saints we can pawn it off on those two teams just knowing how to beat us. Every team in the NFL has a couple teams that they have trouble with. We lose to the saints and it's ah well they have our number. But losing to the whiners on the other hand might just be the wake up call we need. It might deflate the ego that the MEDIA has created for us, and it might get those passionate juices flowing again.

                                3. The niners beating the Rams could inflate the already inflated whiner ego. This could be good. For teams in the NFL playing within your division is a war. Consisting of two, possibly more battles in one giant war for supremacy. We took the first battle in the war against the whiners, they may take the second, but we will win the third and decisive battle.

                                So maybe losing this battle against the whiners isn't such a bad thing. It may be just what we need to spark that fire that we all grew accustomed to the last two years. The fire hasn't died, it has only gone into hibernation and just needs to be relit. I keep scanning whiner sites hoping to find some trash talking quote from owens that might end up pinned up in the rams locker room. It Appears Mr. Big mouth is keeping his mouth shut so far. Maybe other teams are seeing what i'm seeing, a dorman monster waiting to be awoken. It took Japan bombing pearl harbour to awaken the united states, maybe a whiner will will awaken this sleeping giant. Who knows.

                                -12-04-2001, 03:35 PM
                              • sjacksonrules
                                We could send the whiners into turmoil
                                by sjacksonrules
                                It was announced today that Colin with get the start on sunday. I think this helps us out game planning for him. I know he hasn't planned many games but I figure we can game similar to RG3 and there wasnt much tape on him either.

                                I think if we can win this game it would send the whiners into a downward spiral. If you didn't see Colin had to do everything he could to keep himself from smiling because he didn't want to upset Smith. If we can get a few picks on Colin that could cause Harbaugh to pull the plug half way through. Lets home we have the same sticky hands sunday that we had last week. Colin is a young player it should be easy to get into his head.

                                If the whiners lose this game I think that would cause alot of second guessing.

                                Here's to a Rams win! I think we can do it. We need to start fast and never let off the gas. Lets drive these whiners into the ground. I'm tired of the talk that they are best in the west. Last time I checked we were undefeated in the west, lets keep it that way!
                                -11-28-2012, 08:09 PM
                              • LaRamsFanLongTime
                                Lets get Real Whiners
                                by LaRamsFanLongTime
                                There was more then a couple in here hooting and hollering after you guys beat us. I heard that Gore was a better back then Jackson, you know the guy that leads the league in all purpose yards and has not fumbled all season.
                                I heard that the Rams were in the same situation as the whiners as far as rebuilding. Kind of funny when our offense remained pretty much in tact. How many pro bowlers are on that whiners offense by the way? I heard that because you all managed to beat us that we sucked, never mind the fact that during divisional rivalry games anything can happen.

                                Since that time I saw the Whiners get crushed by the Eagles the score does not indicate how bad that game was. I will give you The Eagles are a great team but to say your team is growing they need to at least put up a fight. Then came the ultimate low, not only did your whiners lose to an 0-2 team they got smoked. Trent Green was not even in the game. Cheifs are known for having a week defense yet your QB threw for under 100 yards? :notworking: The all mighty gore had 79 total yards from scrimage. I beleive Jackson vs the Lions had 146 yards total offense not bad huh?

                                Now to the point, I see you getting pissed Scrapie because we are talking crap after all you guys beat us. The bottom Line is we won 2 games since our loss to you and you guys have won 0. I do not feel we played stellar teams but one of those teams beat you guys and the other has one heck of an offense. Now you still want to hoot and holler and think we have no room to talk then go ahead. Just remeber every point that has been made so far by the whiner fans (Brain Daddy excluded he is reasonable) has been disproven. Your team is no where near where the Rams are as far as rebuilding. Gore is not better then Jackson he cannot even hold onto the ball. The Rams have more talent on offense and defense. The only thing that rings true is the Whiners beat the Rams at their home opener woohoo.

                                The Rams are adapting to the new offense now and it is running like a machine. Bulger has no picks and Jackson has no fumbles. We have won the turnover battle in every game, yes even in the loss vs you guys. They are picking up steam and feeling good again. The swagger is returning and this team will get better each week.

                                The whiners are young and down and have no Veterans to pick them back up. They should be able to beat the Raiders this weekend but if they dont I will be so bold as to say your whole season will be lost. THIS ALREADY??, IN WEEK 5??, A MUST WIN?!?!?!?! Pretty emberassing if you ask me. Good luck!:sfosux:
                                -10-04-2006, 12:59 PM