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  • The SWARM

    You always hear that defense wins championships. Well we have one of the best in the league. I would love to see this unit doing their thing in the Super Bowl.

    Aeneas Williams needs a ring. He has had such a positive impact on this team.

    Do you think Adam Archuleta has a shot at the rookie of the year?

    For the first time in a long while, the D is as exciting as the O. I hope we can keep it going for a long time. It would be great if our defense would eventually be considered the best in team history.

    Go SWARM!

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    i would love to see archuleta get ROTY, but i don't think it will happen for the simple reason he plays defense, it would be very hard for him to outdraw the attraction of tomlinson, a-train, etc. offense is usually more noticeable, plus he doesn't make a lot of noise to draw the average fan's attention.

    Williams is from louisiana so this would be perfectly scripted, he does need a ring and it would look good on him.


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      I read somewhere that Martz had T-Shirts made that said The Swarm on the front and all of the defensive players names on the back. He gave them to each player after one of the games.

      Man, I would love to get my hands on one of those. Even a replica.


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        [QUOTE]Originally posted by RAMble On
        [B]I read somewhere that Martz had T-Shirts made that said The Swarm on the front and all of the defensive players names on the back.

        I've seen the Swarm, and doesn't Michael Caine kill every last bee with his gun (or is that Zulu?)
        Either way they come to an unpleasant end.
        Let's hope that isn't the second Caine film to have a bad omen for the Rams (the first being Get Carter - a film about an self-centered, lazy piece of sh!t who takes everyone for a ride and ends up in Hell. Or Tennessee, whichever is nearer.)
        But as long as our special teams doesn't get nicknamed "Jaws - The Revenge" we should be okay.
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        • AugustaRamFan
          Interesting Read....(I did not know some of this...)
          by AugustaRamFan
          The following was clipped from ESPN ...Whispers...

          Posted on 3/23/05

          After finally managing to solve their biggest offseason problem the last few years by agreeing to a long-term deal with Pro Bowl OLT Orlando Pace, the Rams continue to have their fair share of concerns. If we had to tab one woe that appears to stick out more than the rest, it would be the team’s shaky situation at the safety position, which one source has proclaimed the “not- so-great experiment.”

          As things now stand, the Rams plan to start at the safety spots two players who are being converted to new positions, with SS Adam Archuleta being switched to free safety and weak-side LB Pisa Tinoisamoa being transferred to strong safety. The way we hear it, there are many Rams Park onlookers who believe the plan is destined to go up in smoke, particularly in the case of Archuleta, who was hampered by back problems much of last season and has never been known for his pass-coverage abilities.

          I GUESS THIS COULD HAPPEN STILL, BUT who are these INSIDERS??? - Kyle Turley??

          The Rams’ depth at safety was also dealt a blow when UFA Rich Coady signed with Atlanta.


          The Rams subsequently signed free agent Michael Stone from Arizona, but he did little to distinguish himself in four seasons as a backup safety with the Cardinals and is primarily being counted on to improve the Rams’ pathetic special teams.


          Don’t be surprised if the Rams decide on a “safety first” approach in the draft and end up moving Tinoisamoa back to his familiar WLB role. Should that happen, Dexter Coakley, one of two key free-agent additions at linebacker along with Chris Claiborne, would go from starting on the weak side to the strong side, where he would probably replace second-year pro Brandon Chillar, since it remains unlikely the team will re-sign inconsistent incumbent SLB Tommy Polley.


          ENJOY - ARF
          -03-25-2005, 09:02 AM
        • RamDez
          Archuleta comfortable with move to free safety
          by RamDez

          Martz is impressed with what he's seen

          BY STEVE KORTE


          ST. LOUIS - Adam Archuleta hopes moving from strong safety to free safety will mean more freedom for him to make plays for the St. Louis Rams.
          Archuleta has played strong safety for the Rams for the past four seasons. He has been lining up as a free safety with rookie Jerome Carter at strong safety during the team's training camp, which opened this week.
          "I feel good about it," Archuleta said of playing free safety. "I embraced the idea. In the years past, the way we did our defense, even in training camp, I never worked deep. I never worked coverage. I was underneath because we knew no matter what, (free safety) Aeneas (Williams) wasn't going to go into the box.
          "Now this is an opportunity to actually be more of a complete safety."
          Rams coach Mike Martz said Archuleta's size makes him better suited to playing free safety.
          "For Arch to be a strong safety, we're going to ask him to be around 225 pounds," Martz said. "They are down in the (box) a lot more than the free safety. There's a lot more pounding to the body. He's at his best weight when he's at 205 pounds. That's when he is his strongest, his fastest. He has that great speed and agility to be a free safety. He just needs to get back there and play."
          Archuleta has been used more like a linebacker than a defensive back in recent years. He has only two career interceptions, but Martz said he was confident that Archuleta could learn to cover receivers.
          "In terms of being an athlete and being able to move and do all those things, I am not worried about that," Martz said. "Taking the proper angle, breaking on the ball, ball recognition, he just needs snaps back there doing it."
          The Rams' definition of free safety and strong safety has changed under defensive coordinator Larry Marmie. It's now more like right safety and left safety, with both positions responsible for defending against the deep ball or defending against the run depending on the situation.
          "Free safety, strong safety -- the terminology means different things depending on who you talk to, and really it doesn't mean anything," Archuleta said. "You look at teams like the (Baltimore) Ravens, Ed Reed is considered a strong safety, but he plays the deep ball most of the time.
          "In the past, you used to see me up in the box a lot and Aeneas (Williams) back deep. Now we have two safeties who are more interchangeable, and we are going to be able to disguise things more."
          Martz said he thought Archuleta looked natural at free safety during the first two days of training camp.
          "He's ahead of where I thought he'd be when he came in," Martz said. "He's responded very well. He's taken charge back there. He's very loud in his calls. He's firm...
          -07-30-2005, 09:07 AM
        • RamWraith
          Archuleta keeps going forward at top speed
          by RamWraith
          By Bill Coats
          Of the Post-Dispatch
          Friday, Aug. 27 2004

          Rams strong safety Adam Archuleta watched forlornly from the middle of the
          field on Jan. 10 as the No. 89 on the back of Carolina wideout Steve Smith
          streaked toward the end zone.

          Just like that, the season was over, snuffed by the Panthers' 29-23
          double-overtime victory at Edward Jones Dome in the second round of the
          playoffs. It wasn't supposed to happen that way.

          The Rams were the NFC West champions, and their 12-4 record included an 8-0
          sweep at the Dome that extended their home winning streak to 14 games. They
          were favored over the Panthers, yet their hopes of reaching a third Super Bowl
          in five years were quashed by the 69-yard pass play - quarterback Jake Delhomme
          to Smith - that split the Rams defense and fractured their psyche.

          That vision lingered, Archuleta acknowledged. But not for long.

          "You can't dwell on stuff," he said. "Every time something bad happens in your
          life, you've got to look at it, examine it, figure out why it happened, how you
          can change it, and then you've got to move on with your life. Because no
          progress is made by looking at the past."

          Such has been the mantra for Archuleta since he joined the Arizona State squad
          as a walk-on, developed into a two-time All-Pacific 10 Conference linebacker,
          and became the Rams' first-round draft choice (No. 20 overall) in 2001: No
          looking back, no second-guessing, no regrets.

          "There are very few things in life that get me down," said Archuleta. "I've
          been blessed to be able to have that attitude throughout life. ... You've just
          got to live, wake up every day and do what you feel like, and let the chips
          fall where they may."

          As low key as Archuleta seems - and truly is, according to close pal Rich
          Coady, a fellow Rams safety - away from the game, his on-field demeanor
          provides a direct contrast. He flies to the ball with vengeance and hits with

          "It's an explosion," said free safety Aeneas Williams, a future Hall of Famer
          who is heading into his 14th NFL season. "He gets to the ball fast, he plays in
          space well, and he's a very good blitzer. He's a tackling machine as well."

          Archuleta maintains his physical skills through an unusual workout regimen -
          developed by fellow Chandler, Ariz., resident Jay Schroeder - that he's been
          following for nearly a decade. The routine, designed to control muscle response
          and increase explosiveness, has helped the 215-pound Archuleta add about 40
          pounds of muscle to his 6-foot frame, increase his bench press to more than 500
          pounds, and...
          -08-29-2004, 10:56 AM
        • DieHard23
          Archulete likely not to be back in Washington
          by DieHard23
          i found this article about our long-lost first rounder on and thought it was interesting, not hearing much about him since he was benched in DC.

          Associated Press

          ASHBURN, Va. -- Beleaguered Washington Redskins safety Adam Archuleta broke his silence Thursday, offering a glimpse of what it's been like to sit in the doghouse all season.

          Archuleta, signed in March to the richest contract for a safety in NFL history, hasn't played a snap on defense in seven weeks. Coach Joe Gibbs and assistant Gregg Williams have not given an explanation for the benching, and they've shown little patience when asked to discuss Archuleta's plight beyond generic comments such as: "He's had a good week of practice."

          "Do I deserve an explanation?" Archuleta said. "I don't know if an explanation matters anymore because what's done is done. I pretty much know what's going on. I pretty much know what it all stems from."

          Archuleta wouldn't go into detail, but he indicated the coaches have not been upfront in their dealings with him.

          "I'm a grown man. I don't like getting lied to," Archuleta said. "All people want is for people to be straight up with them. I don't mind bad news. I don't mind negativity. I don't mind if somebody says to my face what my flaws are and what I'm doing wrong and what kind of person they think I am.

          "I welcome those kind of things because an honest assessment is all anybody wants in this business. I don't need someone to sit here and tell me how great I am: 'I'm doing good, just keep working hard.' I don't need that. I need real stuff. That's the only way I can make an evaluation as to who I am as a player."

          Archuleta, a free agent from St. Louis, signed a seven-year, $35 million contract that includes $10 million in bonuses, but it became immediately apparent during training camp that Williams wanted to use his new player in different ways than the Rams did.

          Archuleta, a hard-hitting converted linebacker, was asked to play more coverage -- not his strong suit. He started the first seven games only because Pierson Prioleau was lost for the season with a knee injury, and his liabilities are one of the reasons the Redskins lead the league in allowing passes of 20 yards or more.

          Now Archuleta isn't a part of the defense at all. He's used only on special teams, and that's the only role he expects to play in Saturday night's season finale against the New York Giants. There seems little sense in having him return next year, even if it means taking a large salary cap hit.

          Archuleta spoke after Gibbs had addressed the media, although Gibbs made tacit acknowledgment of the Archuleta mistake and other free agent miscues by saying he plans to re-examine the team's approach to the offseason. Williams was not available to reporters Thursday....
          -12-28-2006, 02:28 PM
        • maineram
          Arch moving back to SS !!
          by maineram
          Just read an article on the official page that Martz is moving Arch back to SS. Says after seeing him play FS, not having the speed, and having him made it through a game with no issues with his back it's over and done. Carter will back him up at that spot. Still additioning for the vacant FS, but Furry has caught his eye, and may possibly move Bartell over to FS from corner where he has dropped off in the running for an outside position.

          Would love to ad the link but I'm joe dumb SHIP when it comes to linking articles.

          It was clear to me watching the game Arch was not going to make it at FS.

          Maineram -
          -08-22-2005, 05:20 PM