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    Is it just me, or have they just stopped trying with the Rams Official site? It's gotten to the point where they run just one article per week. Just further proof that RamDez should be running it.

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    I agree. While they do post more than one article a week, most of them aren't about anything of interest. I swear, every single week they have an interview of Mike Martz and one of Kurt Warner about the upcoming game. Nothing else. It has become completely bland. They need more "interesting" articles.


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      Yeah, I don't know if it's just me but when I log on to the website it still says "Warner expects Panthers to be tough oppenents."
      Has it not been updated, or am I just having computer problems?


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        Limey, when I log on it says, "Farragamo considering CFL." LOL


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          It's a tough game...

          Rams Official webmaster is out with injuries (pinky finger, thumbs, ACL, elbow, knees, mild concussion).
          Listed as probable for next weeks game against Tampa. :evilram:

          P.S.: I agree, Dez should be running Rams site for the NFL.


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            no no no no no!!!

            Dez should stay here!

            Clanram. The home of rams football.
            The Breakfast Club. You want cheese with that?


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            • moklerman
              Nice article on Warner
              by moklerman
              I stole this from another site so I'll post the link. I just never get tired of reading stories about classy sports figures. It seems so rare these days.

              -12-20-2004, 05:37 PM
            • txramsfan
              Rabid's Rants on Warner
              by txramsfan
              I just read the Rabid's Rants this week, and do agree with him to a certain extent. 18 INT's for any QB is high, extremely high. However, certain circumstances have been the cause for some of these.

              1. Warner's thumb. It still hasn't been right since he hurt it. The deep ball is MIA really this year, but I believe Martz is as close to Woody Hayes as Bill Clinton is to George W. Completely different individuals.

              2. Martz's play calling. MM abandonded the run in early games this year way to quickly, i.e. NO and TB at home. Anytime you come out slinging 15 or so pass plays to start the game, conventional thinking on INT's is out the window.

              3. Tipped passes. How many of these INT's have come from passes that the WR's have let go through their hands and right into the deep corners? At least 4 I can think of.

              One thing noticeable recently about the change in Warner is MM's prodding for Warner to move a little more. I watched the Fox Sports Special on Warner and he moved quite a bit in the Arena League. He wasn't Flutie, but he wasn't Jim Hart either.

              I think Martz is addressing the Warner situation because no one else was banging the drum for Warner. Everyone was talking Favre, K. Stewart, or Garcia, but Warner just kept winning. Shoot, he has directed the Rams to a 12-2 record and perfect on the road.

              I think the INT's can be reduced by both Warner throwing the ball away when nothing is there instead of trying to thread the needle everytime. Also, we have seen an increase in the running game lately, causing D's to play us closer. Both Warner and Martz can be blamed for the INT's, but I don't think he wants to grab Warners facemask and shake it anytime soon.
              -12-29-2001, 11:32 AM
            • txramsfan
              About Warner
              by txramsfan
              Here's how I look at it.

              I'm glad he's getting another shot.

              I don't care about him or the Cardinals. The Rams still have a solid nucleus that the Rams need to worry about themselves and not anyone else.

              There ya go.
              -03-12-2005, 05:16 AM
            • RamWraith
              Warner still has the "wobble"
              by RamWraith
              WARNER WAITING TO 'CLICK' By PAUL SCHWARTZ of the New York Post
              June 15, 2004 -- Ever since he signed with the Giants, the sight of Kurt Warner shaking his head in disgust is a common one, a sight that again could be seen at yesterday's mini-camp.

              Like a pitcher without command of his pitches, Warner is not happy with the way the ball is coming out of his hand. Many of his throws wobble in the air and fall short of the receiver. Warner attributes his sluggish start to nothing more than a lack of familiarity with the offense, his new teammates and just about everything involved in the quarterback position with the Giants as opposed to the Rams.

              "It's just not natural yet," he said. "Learning the offense and thinking about so much, it just hasn't got to that point where it's just clicked, where everything just slows down and you can just play. That part's frustrating for me, because after doing it for a certain way for so long and then having to kind of start over, it's frustrating.

              "You just don't have that comfort feel. You're just not quite sure where everybody's going to be, sometimes you're turning and throwing quick. Even the cadence isn't natural yet, all the timing things, the feel, the footwork, it's all new. I can't stop thinking about it at night, thinking, 'You would never do that, why did you do that?' It's frustrating for me.
              -06-15-2004, 06:32 AM
            • AvengerRam_old
              How the "Warner Bashers" Really Feel
              by AvengerRam_old
              I've seen the terms "Warner Bashers" and "Warner Haters" thrown around quite a bit on these boards. The truth is, though, I have never come accross a Ram fan who seeks to "bash" Warner or who "hates" Warner.

              Rather, what most of us who have been assigned with this label do "bash" and do "hate" is the neverending, mind-boggling, bordering on psychotic, cult-hero worship, whining that some fans continue to engage in over Kurt Warner's departure.

              So, to avoid any confusion in the future, here is how I feel and, I believe, how most of the "Warner Bashers" feel about the subject.

              1. Kurt Warner will always have a special place in the hearts of Ram fans. His play from 1999-2001 was an integral part of the Rams' success over that span, as well as the Super Bowl win.

              2. While we were disappointed to see him decline in 2002 and lose his job in 2003, we disagree with those who believe that the team made an error in transitioning to Marc Bulger. Although Kurt demonstrated this year that he still can play, at this point, we believe Marc Bulger is the right choice for the team.

              3. We do not completely agree with the "Martz as villain viewpoint" with respect to Kurt Warner. While Martz did send mixed signals and seemed to contradict his own statements regarding his intentions during 2002-03, Warner also played a role in his own departure by making statements that alienated him from the team, allowing his wife to do so as well, and being less than forthcoming (or, alternatively, deluding himself) regarding his physical condition at times. It was a bad situation all around, and needed to end.

              4. Some of us believe now that Martz should be replaced. That does not, however, mean that we believe that has anything whatsoever to do with Kurt Warner.

              Like it or not, that is how we feel.

              And one final thing which needs to be addressed:

              5. Its time to move on. Kurt has been gone for a full season, and he's not coming back. He is not relevant to discussions about the current team any more than the 1,000,000,000 other "what ifs" that could be posed. As a result, we find it annoying when people try to inject his name into every conversation, regardless of the subject matter.

              So, that's it. That's how we feel. If you want to call us "Warner Bashers," go ahead. Some people have no regard for the truth.
              -12-28-2004, 10:32 AM