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  • my favorite players and my story

    On August 29th, 1999 I fell in love with the Rams. At first it was a Warner thing. Yes I went to school with him and I had pride in the fact a Regis boy had done good. But by Halloween, the Titan Game, I was watching Faulk and Bruce. By Christmas I had so much love for the team as a whole. Now, March 13th, 2001 I am proud to say im a full fledged Rams fan. Not because of a Superbowl ring, but because the team has heart and soul. They have faults like everyne, but there is no one I could or would cheer for. Here is to 2001-02.

    OH...and since this is favorite players post...Warner and Green. hey Trent baby...good luck in K.C.

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    First off welcome aboard Dana! Sounds like you might have some really interesting stories to share with us and we are all ears. Tell us more does Kurt come home ever? Do you know him? Whats your inside with the Green family? We are all Die hards here, we are dying to know:-)


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      I couldn't tell you if he comes home much, sad as it seems but his own hometown doesnt make a big deal about him. During the superbowl there was a little hoopla and they did mention that he was a Cedar Rapids prep woith every pic, but we havn't had him back to celebrate him like we should. I remember him from high school, he was a hard working young man who was nice to everyone...a lot like what he is now. This was his one life long dream. And im realllly glad I bought yearbooks!!!! He has changed so much! Im very proud of what he has accomplished...not just on the field but in his spirituality as well.
      P.S. I love the chunky soup comercial with "Kurt's mom" and "Terrel's mom"


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        I happen to know one of Trent's cousins..he says that if he passes the physical he would go to kc...i havent heard anything since last tuesday so ill let you know..but most likly youll know
        And trent was born in cedar rapids...kurts home town...funny huh?!?


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          How abouyt scanning one of those year book photo's and posting it on this forum ?

          I bet we would all love to see who Kurt looked back then

          Keeping the Rams Nation Talking


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            ill try...believe me ive been trying!


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              Try harder:-)


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                  Cool, Sister Ewe

                  Similar story. I've been keeping my eye on the Rams ever since they moved to St. Louis, but watching a game was incredibly painful. In August of 1999 (like you) I told myself, regardless how they do, I'm watching and supporting this team. Little did I know what was to come. I have no regrets, other than that I have not been a fan all my life.

                  Warner is a sweetheart. He went out of his way last year at training camp (I live in Macomb, Illinois, by the way) to give as many autographs as he could. Keep trying to find a flaw in him, haven't found one yet (and don't expect to). During the season, just as I was thinking it would be nice if he gave Trent a chance to play, he did, in the game against the Redskins. What a guy!

                  Trent is a favorite of mine, and I will miss him. Will become a KC fan, just for his sake. I think he will take them all the way.

                  My all time favorite is Grant Wistrom. Love the way he plays end with heart and determination. Loved the interception return for touchdown in '99. Too bad he was robbed of the chance to repeat in '00.


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                    Wistrom and Fletcher are two favs for me. Both have high reving motors and Fletcher has a great attitude.

                    More of the same, I say