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  • Rams vs NE

    Man o' man, that was a good game. First award goes to the defense for doing their thing. Right now they are the glue that is holding this team together and on top. I love to watch that offense and they are something else, when the interceptions and fumbles are avoided. That point still bothers me, but hey you can't throw too many stones at 8-1. I would really like to see them stick it to TB and NO. I don't think they will have much trouble with TB, but the NO game will be tough. I hope Brooks throws some interceptions then takes off to tackle the man so we can plow him like they did Warner in the dome. I thought our special teams did an excellent job. Their crowd was really into the game and Warner and company did a great job of neutralizing them by scoring. I also liked the way we held the ball at the end of the game by a stiff does of Faulk and Warner. Faulk is amazing, as a player, as a person, as a role model. I thought Warner threw the ball better last night, at least it looked like the thumb didn't affect him as much. I think when they got that first down late with the little flare to Faulk that is the first time I have seen Martz show emotion. Hell, even when he's on someone he seems cool and composed. I didn't understand the timeout with a few seconds left in the 3rd quarter? Not much else, just great job again and a wonderful team effort.:angryram:

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    I couldn't agree more. I would have liked to see them score at the end of the game, but a win is a win. Like you said, you can't throw stones at 8-1 but the turnovers have me a little concerned still.

    The fumbled snap and Trung dropping the pitch had me swallowing hard. At least the interceptions were not floting like the have been the last 2 games. It's kind of funny being critical now after suffering through the 90's and just hoping they could stay close or win 6 games.

    Special Teams was 100% improved over the first 7 weeks. That's one less thing to worry about.

    Another great defensive effort last night.

    It will be interesting to hear the Press conference to address the ambulance corp that carted all those defensive guys off the field. I guess well get to see what Ryan Pickett is made of next week. Maybe we'll be able to send a Thank You note to Jeff Fisher and the Titans in a couple of weeks.


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      I think this was a big one to win, should silence the critics. No more cant win outdoors and in the cold. Not bad for a bunch of "finesse" players.
      The Breakfast Club. You want cheese with that?


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        Your right it SHOULD silence the critics, but they'll find a way to make it less than it actually was. The one person it won't silence this week is Chris "Buccaneer" Berman, he may as well marry Tony Dungy. The way he fawns over Tampa every week make me ill. That's one huge reason I hope they flat out spank Tampa. That should keep him quiet.

        This comment probably belongs in the Smack talk area but..., even if it's close Brad "I always find a way to lose" Johnson, should rear his ugly head in this one. This guy could throw for 500 yards a week and I wouldn't want him as my quarterback.


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          Hey, at least it wasn't 8 turnovers. And the special teams did step up and do their job. The injuries have me worried. If we need the defense so much, we don't need them losing members. Especially when we go up against the Aints again.


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            Your right, at least it wasn't 8 turnovers. I am concerned about the injuries, but not as much after I thought about it awhile.

            I think Arch, will play this week so that's not an issue. I also think that between Chidi and Tyoka, we'll be OK at left end. Especially since Chidi was a full time player at TB. In the middle, well were gonna find out about Grease and if Brian Young can play more downs without getting tired. They definitely lose the ability to rotate as much but the other guys are going to get more time.

            The linebackers I'm OK with, Polley and Allen will get more time and they will have learned from their mistakes by the time we get to the Aints again.

            We definitely have to stuff the run this week against TB and force Brad Johnson to beat us. I don't see it, especially with that crop of receivers, outside of Keyshawn of course.

            The Hakim injury worries me more than the D, because I don't thing Yo Murphy brings as much to the table. I guess we'll see.


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              Originally posted by duke
              The Hakim injury worries me more than the D, because I don't think Yo Murphy brings as much to the table. I guess we'll see.
              I don't think Yo Murphy can get near the table, never mind bring anything to it.
              The maitre d' won't even let him in the restaurant.


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                That's probably 100% true. If that's the case, the closest Yo will get to the table is cleaning it off as the busboy.


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                • MsWistRAM
                  Yikes! but a WIN over the Giants
                  by MsWistRAM
                  Whoa! Okay, not what we were expecting, huh? The one thing we can agree on, at least they won. Could we PLEASE stop making them so close?

                  Highlights: Tucker did the best he could under the circumstances against Strahan who's just a monster. At least Warner came away from that game in one piece (right?).

                  Archuleta did well also under the circumstances. Hard to believe he's a rookie, but he plays with tenacity. Nice to know he can be counted on in tough times. We need players like this who can go out there and perform under duress.

                  Hey, we know if we have to, we can win a game on Wilkens' fieldgoals alone if we absolutely have to. Luckily we didn't have to, though we came close.

                  Faulk goes out, Canidate comes in, TD! Deja' vu? Seems like I've seen this before. At least we are getting indications that Trung is up to the challenge of filling Faulks shoes if he has to, because he has to, now that Faulk will be out with that (hopefully, just) strained ligament. I know, Trung is no Marshall, but he can make plays. We've seen him wire his way through a defense. He may not be the goto guy that Faulk is, but he'll be a big part of keeping this team on top till Faulk gets back into it. Luckily we also have a few other very nice receivers, so let's not worry and prove those wrong who say the Rams are out of it if Faulk gets hurt.

                  Faulk and Bruce join Proehl in the 500 receptions club. That makes 3 on the same team, our team. Cool!

                  Gotta love Archuleta and Wistrom's effort that turned the ball over keeping the Gnats from scoring and taking this one away from us in the last seconds of the game

                  That defense! That New Name Defense! Sure they had some trouble keeping the Gnats out of the air at the start. But many turnovers (and ugly punts) later showed us they were up to the challenge. . Soon everyone will have to SHUT THE HECK UP about last season's defense. This one is here and READY TO RUMBLE!

                  Downside: poor Faulk. Forget the physical injuries, those will heal (sorta). But 2 more fumbles on the record, 3 for the season so far. That's got to hurt! And we won't even mention those dropped passes by Holt and Faulk. (I'm sure they'd rather we didn't.)

                  The penalty-fest was something, on both sides of the ball. That needs to be contained. Unfortunately, it seems like we are saying this after every game. It's a little more forgiveable when you win big. That's not what we got this time. It wasn't a big win, but a win all the same.
                  -10-14-2001, 07:48 PM
                • RamWraith
                  Lets Hear It
                  by RamWraith
                  I want to heat EVERYONES opinion on the offense this weekend. Is it time to get nervous????
                  -09-10-2001, 06:44 AM
                • txramsfan
                  Where is the passion this year?
                  by txramsfan
                  Is it just me, or is all the passion of the team this year solely on the defensive side of the ball. I haven't seen the offense have fun since Detroit. I just don't see the same salt and vinegar on the offense this year. It is like the Rams O has began to believe all the media poison. "Greatest Show on Earth", "Only the Rams can stop the Rams" that sort of thing. Well, wouldn't it be a crying shame if the Rams did stop themselves? They may just do that if they don't fix a few problems.
                  -11-27-2001, 05:16 PM
                • harkin-9
                  Still plenty to learn.....
                  by harkin-9
                  Az Hakim looking upfield before he catches the punt.

                  Warner forcing two passes early in the game that could easily have been intercepted.

                  Martz still seemingly clueless about conserving timeouts.

                  The Rams outplayed the Saints last night but if they continue to display poor game management and decisions in pressure situations then they are ripe for a playoff upset. Warner seemed to make the most progress as his passes after the early mistkaes were crisp and on the mark. He even tucked the ball away a few times and took the sack instead of throwing up potential INTs.

                  The defense was STELLAR as they swarmed Brooks and did not let up till after the whistle.

                  You may think I'm nit-picking but I want the Rams to win another Super Bowl.

                  They have three games left to get their act together. The opponents are all second-tier teams but the Rams should concentrate on possession, minimizing penalties, time management and NO FREAKING TURNOVERS while they secure HFA.
                  -12-18-2001, 06:13 AM
                • RamWraith
                  Fewer rants, more raves from Rams Nation
                  by RamWraith
                  BY JEFF GORDON
                  Post-Dispatch Online Sports Columnist

                  Rams Nation was feeling much, much better this week after that dramatic comeback victory at Seattle. Imagine the electronic mail "Letters to Gordo" would have received had the game continued going downhill for the Rams!

                  Anyway, here is what folks were writing about coach Mike Martz and his team after Sunday's thrilling win over the Seahawks:

                  * * *

                  "I was watching the Rams game Sunday at the place where I frequently visit. The game wasn't going very well for the Rams at the time; they were down 24-7 in the second quarter. A guy I was talking with and his wife mentioned to me how the New York Giants and Kurt Warner won another game, then proceeded to blast Martz, saying he was the reason why Kurt was not in a Rams uniform. That kind of irked me, so I said that while I was glad for Warner, I also am a Marc Bulger fan because he still is part of this Rams team and we would like even more for him to do well. As for coach Martz, he's made his share of mistakes but that I still liked the way he ran his offense and I wish him the best in trying to turn the season into a successful one -- even though it's my opinion that our defense is not very good.

                  "I pointed out even good coaches such as Jon Gruden are only as good as their personnel, with the salary cap and all. That didn't sit well with either one and that was the end of the conversation. It's a shame that they weren't around when Bulger led an incredible comeback to beat the No. 1-rated defense in the league. Probably, they would have the same enthusiasm as if their hero Warner had done so. It's amazing to me how people can be this way. . . . It's a good thing Warner was not a Cardinal because a good many people would probably turn their backs on the baseball playoffs and would be inclined not to support them."

                  -- Patrick Galczynski

                  GORDO: Well-stated. It's OK to pine for Warner the man worked miracles at quarterback here but at some point fans have to move on and enjoy the next regime.

                  If sports aren't fun to watch, then what's the use of being a fan?

                  * * *

                  "Just got back from the Rams game! Wow! All those Super Bowl-squawking Seahawks fans were just in a state of confused shock leaving the stadium! A lot of stunned and quiet people! How could they lose after whipping the Rams all over the field? That was a major choke. I could feel the nervousness in the stands as the Rams rang up those TDs! The Rams were on the ropes, but showed some real heart coming back!

                  "The Rams defense wasn't just a leaky bucket, it was a bottomless bucket! They got gouged. Rich Coady got toasted multiple times. He had an easy knockdown if he had just turned his head around on that one long TD. Got to give the Rams credit for...
                  -10-14-2004, 05:19 AM