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Bucs game ---- lets get it ON

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  • Bucs game ---- lets get it ON

    Right me swashbucklers arrrrgh

    lets get those game scores in Jim lad ..... squawk pretty polly squawk :eek:

    Now before eye mak thee walk da plank, I better hasten in with me own pieces oh eight .... argghh.

    Me thinks those pesky bucs come in all a list and head out down the great Missouri in a hurry with their galleon full of holes :evil:

    Rams put on a text book show .... rams 38 bucs 21

    Keeping the Rams Nation Talking

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    With our defense thinned out a little bit due to injuries I believe the Bucs will try to pound the Rams with a ground attack.I think we might see a heavy dose of Alstott and Dunn.The Bucs are dangerous because they are 4-5 and in a desperate situation.I think it will be a tough game,but I think our offense will prevail.

    RAMS 35 BUCS 24

    :angryram: GO RAMS! STAY FOCUSED! WIN!:shield:


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      i'm gonna agree with aries on dunn and alstott, another thing will be the o-line keeping sapp and co. under control. will be another nail biter...

      Rams 23
      Bucs 14


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        Limping pirates...

        The old pirates from Tampa will be grumbling and limping in defeat after their stop at Port St. Louis -- can't speak one-eyed Pirateese like Dez does, jee-jee-jee / that was great mate! "Ahrrrr!"

        Yes, quite a bit of flying and swinging from their ropes; and heavy running -- those Buckaneers. Still, their gun powder will soon go up in useless smoke and their swords shall fall, brrookenn.

        Rams 43 - Bucks 13 GO RAMS!!! :angryram:


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          Another tough one to call. (Not!!) The RAMS will shine once again in the National spotlight. Tampa Bay relies too much on their kicking game. This time their defense will not be able to stop Marshall. Kurtís passes are finding their mark and his interception / touchdown ratio should improve.

          A curse of scurvy on Tampa Bay :evil:

          RAMS 31
          Bucs 13

          Always a Rams Fan............

          Rex Allen Markel


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            this one will be close. rams 24, bucs 14. Well, close for the rams!!!!
            The Breakfast Club. You want cheese with that?


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              Im gonna go a little cautious on this one ........its not going to be the blow-out like ive always predicted......I am very concerned about all the defensive injuries .... :rolleyes:
              But then again .... this is DA RAMS
              BLOW- OUT AGAIN !!!!!
              Rams 35
              buckys 10
              "Life should NOT be a journey to the grave intending on arriving safely in an attractive and well preserved body, but rather to skid in sideways, martini in hand, body thoroughly used up, worn out and screaming "WOO HOO what a ride!"


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                Rams 42
                Bucs 34

                Warren Sapp to explode like Mr Creosote from Monty Python and Warner to throw five TDs.

                Did anyone else prefer the Bucs when they were total dogdirt, had a fetching orange jersey and the world's campest pirate as their logo?


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                  Last week was not so good on the prediction end exept for I predicted the win. Things change this week...I predict

                  Rams 35
                  Bucs 10

                  WELCOME HOME RAMS!! :eek:


                  • #10

                    Can't stop this offense

                    I am going with

                    38 RAMS
                    14 The Angry Pirates


                    Go RAMS


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                      RAMS 38
                      Suckaneers 23

                      ...Sapp won't have the game he's dreaming about right now. He will get a sack and do that stupid crab walk thing in the first quarter, but they will be quickly silenced... and Brad Johnson walks the plank.


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                        Leftover turkey will slow us down with all that tryptophan in their systems. Rams 28 Bucs 12


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                          Since the Buc fans here in IL think this is the SuperBowl
                          and its MNF

                          RAMS 24
                          bucs 17:rolleyes:


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                            Been stuffin meeself with turkey for a few days, but trying to get back. Been watching a little highlights while I was back home, and they look confident.

                            Rams 42
                            Yuccs 9

                            Hope everyone is having a great holiday.


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                              monday night

                              Hi gang,I agree with most of what you all feel,being thinned out on d is not good,however I think the key to a win is stop the run,stop the run;stop the run.If we successfully stop the run in the 1st half and lead by 2 scores the game is ours.The Bucs really dont have any air threat,Johnson to Johnson is not the band-aid for this team,adversly it is part of their misfortune.Even banged up I see the Rams with a win here,but the game has to be won in the 1st half,lets not keep them in the game,with that being said we have to stay focused and not let up(as we did against the aints)the third quater should be as punishing as the previous two,with no let up in sight.We will get the respect we deserve when we are 9-1 and have soundily put the Bucs away for their season.Finess,whatever,you can play in this league and do this well without force,(which we possess)finess,people are often scared and even hate things they can not understand or conquer,thats us so I say finess, whatever makes you feel better when you lose to us. RAMS 42 BUCS 3


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                                Michael Pittman, Bucs running back: Bucs linebacker Derrick ) Brooks said it best, "In the end, he refused to go down."

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                                :shield: The Monday Night game versus the Bucs will be a true test for the rams. The Bucs D is not very consistent against the run anymore. With Mike putting in Marshall and Trung throughout the game this can give us an edge. The QB state for the Bucs has been not good , even with Brad Johnson. Warren Sapp is just a loud mouth. He needs to show up and shut that japp period. Grant and the Boys will give Brad a dose of Rampower. We cannot afford to lose to the Bucs especially with a divisional game against the *****. The ***** looked ok if not for Indy's turnovers. So just to get ourselves set for the playoffs every possesion is crucial. Kurt has looked not himself lately. I hope we can protect him better down the stretch. Monday is a big game and we need to have a good game. THE FIELD GOAL
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                                I'll be there!
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                                Bucs to resign Griese
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                                Just in case, Bucs talk to Garcia...
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                                ``We are 1-4 in reality but this is a chance to prove that record is not indicative of the character of this team and that we're in fact better than that,'' DE Simeon Rice said.

                                Many Bucs said they want to prove that to the rest of the league, but some said it's more important to prove that to the players in their own locker room.

                                ``Right now it's a matter of us proving to ourselves that we're better than 1-4,'' WR Charles Lee said. ``We know what kind of character we have in here and nobody is going to quit.''

                                QB Brian Griese isn't about to quit. Not when he suddenly has a chance to take the starting quarterback job away from the injured Chris Simms, but he said he's most concerned right now with keeping the Bucs on a winning track.

                                ``This is a team that's very hungry and one that understands that we've let an opportunity slip away,'' said Griese, who will make his first start for the Bucs.

                                ``We also understand that it's early in the season and that no matter what anybody says, no matter what injuries we might have, that we can get back into this and do something this season.''

                                MANY HAPPY RETURNS: Led by Torrie Cox, who ranks second in the NFC with a 26.2- yard kick return average, the Bucs have the fifth-best mark in the NFL.

                                The Bucs punt return team hasn't kept pace. That unit ranks 29th in the league with a 4.3-yard average, and the decision to replace injured returner Joey Galloway with Tim Brown seems to be one reason for the low rating.

                                Brown has stood back as the Bucs punt returner 11 times this season, but has only returned three punts, the longest for 8 yards. Brown has called for a fair catch on the others, a move that Coach Jon Gruden defended this week.

                                ``In fairness to the punt returners, I have never seen guys punt the ball like they are punting it to us,'' Gruden said. ``Some of these are orbital, majestic blows and there is going to be no return.''

                                Still, Gruden admitted that the Bucs believe they can do better on punt returns and said it may not be long before they start working someone else there.

                                ``We tried to get Michael Clayton to do that,'' Gruden said. ``He is not quite ready for that, although he will be in time. You need a great decision-maker and a sure-handed man back there.''

                                Cox is another possibility. Gruden said Friday that Cox has been working on returning punts and the Bucs may use him there if he proves capable of handling the ball without incident.

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