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    Yea, I was in Champaign then too. It was pretty interesting having the Rams and the Colts stay in the same Hotel. Most of the players have no problem signing autographs and taking pictures, but as you could imagine the last trainging camp was so crowded with fans it was hard to get to everyone. But I did get my prize, an autographed football with the Super Bowl team, there were a few that I couldnt get and the only one that signed it that wasnt on the superbowl team was Trung Candidate. But the thing that I like most about my ball is that I had everyone sign it myself.

    No that name does not ring a bell. Maybe he worked before I started with the Rams.


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      He worked that same year in Champaign...Jason might not be his name I am not sure. I remember he had red hair and freckels. He was on a list serve that we belong to. I ahd a chance to meet him when I was there he was a nic kid. Not a kid anymore I guess:-)


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        I really cant remember, I am not good with names and faces. I dont know if camp this year will be in Macomb, the Rams contract was up this past summer and I heard that they wanted to move closer to St. Louis. I am not sure if they have settled that by now.


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          The word I have heard so far is that it is. I too have heard they want to get closer but it sounds like so far for this year it will be Macomb


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            too right Jason, didn't he use another handle as well , Golden something?


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              Thats it Dod...Golden Ram. Also a big fan of the WWF


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                What do you mean you don't like Macomb? Okay, okay, I guess if you're from a big city, Macomb would seem a little quaint and backward. I won't hold that against you. Likewise, I'm not too thrilled with big cities and most of Macomb would agree with me. That's why we live here. (In case you haven't figured it out, I'm from Macomb.) Our isolation is one of the reasons they chose to have camps here--to keep the guys out of trouble. A few of them don't care much for the cramped quarters (who can blame them for that?) and quiet surroundings but most of them enjoy their time in Macomb.

                I'm looking forward to camp and meeting all the new faces. I'll also miss those that aren't returning, especially Trent. At least camp is shorter this year so you won't have to suffer as long.

                Handling equipment is heavy work. I admire that. It's not like handing out Gatorade.

                See you in Macomb.


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                  Kennison Kid ........ wow

                  The Kennison Kid ..... He also had another handle, as well as Golden Ram, he used to wind a lot of the pagers up as he was so passionate, nowt wrong with a bit of passion, I say.

                  I like in your face attitudes so I love Fletch even though Bill hates it

                  Hey, you should mention my name to Todd Hewitt, tell him the MAD SCOTSMAN says to look after you hahaha, tell him I will see him in September.

                  Keeping the Rams Nation Talking


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