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Monday night game vs TB

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  • Monday night game vs TB

    Bad outing. The team showed no enthusiasm. I just don't get it. You have a team struggling, on the verge of playoff elimination, and you don't even show up. More turnovers. This time they couldn't overcome them either. Good teams will beat you if you don't hang onto the ball and if we do it in the playoffs we won't last long. It's hard to watch a game like that and not turn on the full blast, but I hate being a Monday-morning QB with the should have done this and could have done that. I would have much rather seen an enthusiastic Ram team getting beat than what I witnessed tonight. I am embarrassed to be a fan after that game. And yes the Rams are still 8-2 and in first, but how can they lose 2 games at home. Maybe it's best if they don't win homefield advantage in the playoffs. Warner had a subpar day. Faulk was sleep-walking. Hell, none of the Rams played well so it's useless to go through the names. Good night to all and to all a good night. jd

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    i share the frustration...a lot of guys were missing with injury, but the D still played well. The offense has been not the same all year, I just don't get it...Isaac fumbled?? ugh...this sucks, they better run the table...


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    • 1980RAMS
      Who's ready for Monday Night Blowout??
      by 1980RAMS
      This Monday night game is going to be one embarrassing night to be a Rams Fan. I hope you are all preparing for it in your own way. Wilson is going to torch us on national television. It's going to make the thurs night game vs the whiners look like chuckie cheese.

      GO RAMS
      -10-25-2013, 10:38 PM
    • jdpbmo
      Rams vs NE
      by jdpbmo
      Man o' man, that was a good game. First award goes to the defense for doing their thing. Right now they are the glue that is holding this team together and on top. I love to watch that offense and they are something else, when the interceptions and fumbles are avoided. That point still bothers me, but hey you can't throw too many stones at 8-1. I would really like to see them stick it to TB and NO. I don't think they will have much trouble with TB, but the NO game will be tough. I hope Brooks throws some interceptions then takes off to tackle the man so we can plow him like they did Warner in the dome. I thought our special teams did an excellent job. Their crowd was really into the game and Warner and company did a great job of neutralizing them by scoring. I also liked the way we held the ball at the end of the game by a stiff does of Faulk and Warner. Faulk is amazing, as a player, as a person, as a role model. I thought Warner threw the ball better last night, at least it looked like the thumb didn't affect him as much. I think when they got that first down late with the little flare to Faulk that is the first time I have seen Martz show emotion. Hell, even when he's on someone he seems cool and composed. I didn't understand the timeout with a few seconds left in the 3rd quarter? Not much else, just great job again and a wonderful team effort.:angryram:
      -11-19-2001, 11:37 AM
    • LA Rammer
      How anxiuos are you for tomorrow's game?
      by LA Rammer
      I am really anxious for tomorrow's game. Yesterday I was calling everyone to come down my house to watch it only to have them remind me that tomorrow would be Saturday.

      I have been watching our last game vs Seattle and their game vs Tampa and ours vs SF.

      Is anybody else as nervous or anxious as I am? :roll:

      It's been a long time since I've felt this way other than waiting for the season to come every year. C'mon already Sunday evening!!!
      -01-01-2011, 05:11 PM
    • RamWraith
      Monday night lights can illuminate Rams
      by RamWraith
      By Bryan Burwell

      The magic begins on a field far from the celebrated glare of Monday Night lights. It begins under the low-wattage glimmer of some craggy patch of grass and dirt, with little boys scooting across Pop Warner practice fields in shoulder pads far too big for their pint-sized bodies. The momentum builds as it moves across small towns and big cities, growing under the ethereal yellow mist of every teenage boy's Friday night high school football fantasies.

      The glowing lights of football at night have always held a special allure to anyone who held even a mild infatuation with the gridiron. The sight of a colossal multimillion-dollar stadium aglow in the distance or for that matter, even a tiny, nondescript boys club field is the surest signal that the game's about to be transformed into a larger-than-life event.

      "I still remember my first Monday night game," former New York Giants linebacker Carl Banks told me several years ago. "I remember driving up to Giants Stadium as a rookie and seeing the stadium lit up from two or three miles away. I got goosebumps and butterflies right then and there, and they didn't go away until after the game. Don't let any player ever tell you 'Monday Night Football' doesn't mean anything to him. If you hear a guy say that, tell him he's lying. Monday night is big. It's very big and don't let anyone ever tell you otherwise."

      So the Very Big Show comes to town Monday night under the big top of the Edward Jones Dome.

      So maybe it's not quite as big as it used to be, having moved from network television to the niche world of ESPN; so maybe the larger-than-life, love-him-or-hate-him character of Howard Cosell has been replaced by the entertaining trio of Mike Tirico, Joe Theismann and Tony Kornheiser; so maybe because the game is being played under a downtown roof, the only glow in the night will be the neon lights of commercialism that decorate the stadium's exterior.

      But the game still carries a wallop when you're the only game on the tube. Reputations can still be made or ruined on "Monday Night Football." "This will be a tremendous challenge for this football team on the biggest stage in football, other than the Super Bowl and playoffs," said Torry Holt, the brilliant Rams receiver. "We'll either get embarrassed or we'll do some embarrassing."

      Oh yes, the game still has some clout. The Rams are a struggling 5-7 team. An underdog in their own home against the 10-2 Bears. They have not been on national television all season. They are a team devoid of a national persona. They have been limited to brief highlights on the tail ends of sportscasts. They are a mystery. No, it's worse than that; they are a franchise lacking any national consequence.

      "I know they have Steven...
      -12-11-2006, 02:38 PM
    • general counsel
      rams sked-path to the playoffs
      by general counsel
      We have 4 wins. Assume it takes 10 to get in. We have 10 gets left, meaning realistically, we need to win 6. Where do those six come from?

      Answer. Home vs kc, home vs ariz, home vs whiners, road vs oakland, home vs washington and road vs minny.

      Probable Losses. At sandiego, at seattle.

      We have a decent shot- at carolina and home vs. the bears

      In the "we have a decent shot" category, both of those could easily be losses.

      As i see it, given the second half collapse vs seattle and the loss to the whiners, we can certainly still make the playoffs, but we have virtually no margain for error at this point. No more mulligans. The oakland game scares the heck out of me, its the ultimate trap game. A terrible team, with us on the road, will we be up and ready to play? I dont think we should anticipate that 9-7 will get us in. Its not impossible, but not likely either. Thus, we cant even begin to think about the impact of a loss to either a sf, ariz or oakland at this point.

      I think it will all come down to those last two weeks and with wins vs washington and minny i think we get in.

      The game with the most upside of course is at seattle, because if we can find a way to win that game, all of this changes and we are right back in the hunt to win the west. If we lose that game, its wild card or bust in all liklihood, even if we wind up at 11-5 since they will hold the tiebreaker.

      I dont care how good the bears are, i think we have a shot against anyone playing at home. The game is also several weeks away and there is no telling the injury status of the teams at that point.

      When you break down the sked like this, you see why those early season games against lousy teams like detroit and green bay were must wins. People say "its early in the season there is plenty of football left." Sure there is, but there are only 16 games and you have to be realistic about your chances on the road, especially against the tough teams.

      Consistency is the key in the nfl and if you want to be a playoff team, you have to be solid, you cant play just to the level of your competition and you HAVE to put teams away when you have the chance, especially quality teams, and that is something we failed to do last sunday and it bit us in the butt.

      ramming speed to all

      general counsel
      -10-19-2006, 01:48 PM