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  • Turnovers again

    After tonights game against the Bucs I hope Martz does not downplay the turnovers again.Every week he says the same thing:"This is something that we can fix"and every week turnovers are still our one glaring weakness.Tonight we did not look like the best team in football.Give credit to the Bucs,they outplayed us,but we still had opportunities to win in the 4th quarter.TURNOVERS killed the last two drives.We still are 8-2 but our Rams have got to quit shooting themselves in the foot.We have two tough division games coming up and we cant afford the mistakes.I'm confident the Rams will bounce back from this loss,but I sure would like to see Martz show some concern about the turnovers.

    :angryram: GO RAMS! STAY FOCUSED! WIN!:shield:

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    theres no way we'll survive the playoffs with that many turnovers, they better get their sh!t together.


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      Martz was totally outcoached. Used up the time-outs and forgot Faulk was on the team in the second half.

      Warner needs to take lessons from Jeff Garcia on NOT throwing the forced pass and looking off DBs. I don't think the thumb is a problem at all, it's his decision making.

      Ram defense kept them in the game but the turnovers were too much to overcome. Last week Martz said the turnovers were of 'no concern'......I hope he's concerned now.


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        Goofy gifts...

        With every mistake we must surely be learning,
        still my guitar gently weeps...
        G. Harrison

        It was not a gentle tune last night; it was more like a screeching, hard-metal cry of despair!
        The tough part, the tough part is knowing we can do so much better! Coaches, veterans, rookies, and special teams, anything but... (fans were good though). Just like when we gave the aints their early thanksgiving / Christmas gift. AAAAEK!

        Now we give the Bucs an entire TD courtesy Refs (where the Buc ball carrier clearly stepped out of bounds around the 5 before the end zone.

        That, obviously, was not the problem. Problem is the Rams are the BEST team in the NFL this year!...

        COME ONNNNNN RAMS!!! Grrrrrr... :angryram:
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          Good thing I don't own the Rams

          As I have said since the 'aints debacle, this is inexcusable, unacceptable and unforgivable. I don't know which is worse, the turnovers, or Martz's cavalier attitude that "we are going to score, so I can live with them." Well, guess who else is copping that attitude? Uh huh...the players - how many of them showed ANY emotion about coughing up the ball? NONE! Was anything more disturbing than those completely disinterested gazes on the sidelines, including on the faces of Warner and Martz. There was NO emotion at all! And anyone who has played the game knows how much of the game and successes are based on emotion.

          If I owned the Rams, you can bet Martz would be in my office today answering questions about what he plans to do to FIX THE @#$%ing problem, and "I'm not worried about them" is NOT an acceptable answer!

          Someone MUST be held accountable...NOW! Our fate was just written in concrete - albeit still wet with 6 games to go, but mark my words, we will be eliminated in the playoffs by a turnover (or turnovers).

          That sounds alarmist, but turnovers are now a "habit." Nothing good will come from habitual turnovers.


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            Accidentally posted twice, sorry. Why I can't delete it I have no idea.
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              I was disappointed at people who said they turned the game off and gave up on it as early as halftime. I will always watch the game through, I will not abandon this team, they are very capable of comebacks. But that was my biggest disappointment, they didn't comeback. I thought we had a real shot of pulling ahead at the last moment and tucking that one away, but then the Rams screwed themselves out of it. As for Martz, I think he's just trying to keep a positive spin on things. You know, if you sound positive about the team, maybe they'll do positive things. At least I hope he isn't that naive and delusional.


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                dj I was reading your post and agreed with many things that you said, but how can Martz hang on to the ball for Bruce? How can Martz not throw a pass for Warner into triple coverage and get intercepted? The point I'm making is that Martz calls the plays, but it's the boys on the field that turns it over. The play-calling is okay for the most part, but some of the decisions on the field are terrible. Warner used to make spectacular decisions and now he is just flinging that damn thing around and then points at the receivers like it's always their fault. Maybe sometimes it is their fault, but hey as the captain of the ship he had better be taking some of that heat as well. I think they need to get back to more of Faulk and less of Warner. I don't know where we converted to the Warner show, but we win when Faulk has big games.


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                  Everybody take a deep breath now...

                  Jdpbmo, Jdccon

                  This is quoted from CNNSI today regarding, among other things, Warner's admission of fault and poor play. He's not too concerned about the QB rating numbers and stuff like that.

                  [Quote] "I watch the tape, though. I didn't make enough plays, bottom line."

                  "I think I could have called a much better game for him, to be honest with you," Martz said. "I could have given him better opportunities in the passing game. I was pleased when I looked at the tape - I didn't realize he played as well as he did."

                  Warner said he felt like he was throwing the ball where he wanted to for the most part and making the right decisions. But he sensed an overall lack of focus* for the team.

                  "It was just one of those games where we just weren't all clicking," he said. "The timing wasn't all there and I didn't put the ball where I wanted to every single time."

                  Warner credited the Buccaneer's defense for much of his problems.

                  "When you're playing a good defense, you'd better be on," Warner said. "You have to be on top of your game and we obviously weren't, and it showed." [end quote (asterisk, color and underline mine)]

                  It certainly did...

                  * So we had a bad game, we were way off, injured, distracted, what-have-you. This loss is not taken lightly.

                  The late Ram Coach George Allen would say about serious pro football, "everytime you lose, you die a little."

                  Rams ARE passionate! We are Rams. Rams are tough and rugged; most of all, they are real -- they don't have a bad attitude, never, even when calm and "blasť."
                  :angryram: LET'S GO RAMS!!!
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                    If Warner thinks his decision to throw into triple coverage was a good idea he still has no clue and the Rams are in danger of wasting alot of talent again. I am so mad I could spit.

                    He has seems to have forgotten that DLs have arms and hands that he needs to throw over. He also seems to not anticipate the DBs reading his eyes. I remember one short pass he threw in the 1st quarter netted about 4 yards but if you look at Lynch and the other DB they both bit on his first motion and he could have easily hit the other WR for a TD. I think that concussion in New Orleans is still paying dividends for Ram haters.


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                      Ok, here is my $.02 for what its worth on turnovers. I don't care as long as they don't cost us the game. One or two a game should be expected from our offense. It is just like in life; high risks bring high rewards and also has a high volatililty component. Going 5 wide, no backs, even on first down has brought both touchdowns and interceptions.

                      This team is still 8-2, no reason to circle the wagons yet. I believe they will win this week against the Falcons, but I would like to see them "Bob and Weave" even if it costs them.

                      Jorge, I would like to believe you, but seeing is believing. And right now, I don't see it.


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                        Now where's that number...


                        Ok, I'll have to call Paul T. and associates at NFL to have them lift the ban on Rams TD party celebration. Believe me, I miss that too! [AND make each lossing team pay fine$ for all celebration penalties...] It would be great to see more Rams jumping and jittering for joy! And for Ws.

                        You're right TX, we need to get some good noise going under those helmets!
                        Let the Royal BOB'N WEAVE'N begin! GO RAMS!!!
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                          hey jorge

                          who is jdccon?


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                            Hmm, I guess that was an 'inelligible receiver' play, Jdpbmo. I meant Djccon.


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                              I missed the connection Jorge. It won't happen again. Deep breaths in and out will take care of a lot of that tension.;)