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  • Whatever happened to...

    ... the short game. Seems like the Rams have lost their patience on offense. Am I imagining this? I thought there were an awful lot of deep passes down the middle into a secondary that was playing very deep. I remember a lot of very successful quick slants and quick outs in '99. These plays made the deep bombs that much more successful. Oh well, I could be imagining it.

    The Falcons game will be interesting. We'll find out if their legit and if the Rams are shaken.

    Having been a suffering Cardinal footbal fan for years this still ain't half bad. :ram:

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    I think they were feeling more pressure than expected. I would have like to have seen more of the running game again, it worked well last time. But the Bucs front line was tough, they were stopping the run, which might be why the Rams felt pressured to try to take large chunks of real estate with the passing game. Unfortunately, that wasn't working either.


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      Running the ball is going to be the key to us winning the whole thing this year. If the Rams don't run the ball more effectively, then I believe we can't win the Super Bowl, or even a playoff game.