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  • The Silver Lining

    There is always a bright side

    If we beat the Whiners, we can still lose one more and win the division.

    This was not a loss against an opponent in our division.

    Even with the 13 turnovers in the 2 games we lost, we still had a great chance to win.

    It is better to falter now and to peak going into the playoffs.

    Martz learned a lesson about using challenges at the right time. Just in time.

    Without further injury, we will be healthy for the playoffs.

    We are still the RAMS!

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    Thanks for the positive note. I need to hear as many of those as possible this week.:upset:


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      8 - 2
      First place with the tiebreaker
      A solid D

      Folks, we are still 8 and 2. Still in first place, and still have the inside track for home field advantage. I do think it is great that we are 8-2, but I do believe we could be undefeated. What is it that Marshall said; "Do not be afraid of excellence?"

      Hang on to the ball more, please. We are a team that dosen't necessarily have to strive for the extra yard every time. How often have we picked up the 3rd and 10? Quite often. Pick your spots guys. I love the fact of the extra effort, but Kurt, throwing the ball away every now and then may be a good thing. Marshall, Trung, and everyone that runs the ball, two hands please. Fans, its ok to be frustrated, but hey, we are in first, with a favorable stretch run schedule. Just remember, we could have the aints record. :king:


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        Our Rams were embarrased on MNF before a national audience.Martz finally decided to address the turnover situation as a major problem.The Rams have a lot of pride and I believe they will turn things around.Bring on the Falcons!

        :ram: GO RAMS! STAY FOCUSED! WIN!:shield:


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          uninspired football

          Was it me or did everyone else see a Rams team that just had no pep? And if I wasn't just seeing things, explain how you can come into such a huge game and not be "up"? Further add that we owed TB some payback for last year. I just don't know why you wouldn't come prepared to play. I thought the referees had a lousy game, but the Rams lost it no doubt. Any team that we play that is talented is going to stand a good chance of winning if we give them 5 extra chances to score. I know it's a broken record, but until they start hanging on to the ball they will continue to be inconsistent. In the past they would just move that ball down the field and no one would even think about laying it on the turf. Maybe Martz doesn't penalize those responsible for the turnovers strict enough. I would just hate to see us in the playoffs and lose because of a problem that wasn't addressed all season long. The most consistent thing on our team over the last 2 years has been Wilkens. He is the best kicker in football. Our football coverage still stinks. Hell, on-side kick it or kick it out of bounds. That way the opposition can't get it past the 35 every time. We need to find someone we can sign for next to nothing that does 1 thing...kick the ball deep in the end zone on kickoffs, so the opposition has to drive it 80 yards every time out. jd


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          • Rambos
            Putting this win in perspective
            by Rambos
            Whiners where coming off a bad loss and had a bye, two weeks to get ready for this game. The whiners had not lost to a division opponent at home in 17 games.

            The Rams had been beat down so bad they had to make 18 roster moves that sent two key starters to IR. Having 13 players getting treatment left them unable to practice Wed, only did a walk thru and yoga.

            Fisher and the staff did a great job getting these guys ready to play.
            -11-03-2014, 08:53 AM
          • general counsel
            this game is a MUST win
            by general counsel
            Lets not kid ourselves. If we want to go to the playoffs, this game is a MUST win. We are at home against a clearly inferior team. Even if we play without The Big Man, there is no way we can afford to lose this game if we want to go to the playoffs. Losing to the whiners was a bad loss, but at least it was a road game. Bad losses at home are a recipe for disaster in the nfl.

            We are an impossible fumble away from 1-2, but how we got to 2-1 is irrelevant. At the end of the day, in the nfl, a win is a win and any road win is just fantastic.

            Next week is another crucial game, on the road vs. a team we should beat. HOwever, no need to look ahead. We HAVE to take care of business tomorrow if we are interested in a special season. We have plenty of tough games ahead and while every game in the nfl is tough, this have to qualify as one of couple most winnable games of the year. We cant afford a mental letdown and the time has come to convert in the red zone, which is really the single most critical component to us having a playoff season (after health of course).

            Ramming speed to all

            general counsel
            -09-30-2006, 05:25 PM
          • ZiaRam
            Take it or leave it
            by ZiaRam
            Take it or leave it: The rams winning this Sunday against the CowGirls will salvage their season?
            If you like that state take it if not state leave it.

            Before you read anything else we all knew this first half of the schedule at the begginning of the season was going to be murderous and our impressions have proven right. The team's we are going to start playing this last half will give us alot higher chances to start getting W's.

            Ok I been thinking this the last week or so and have thought that this week will be our first win of the season. I was realistic last week and knew the defending champs were going to beat us but Dallas is perfect for a beat down and our first win since we are hungry for our first win. We played dam good against the Packers considering all things and our opponent and if that same intensity is there we will pick up a W in Dallas.

            If and a big IF we do win then after NO we have 8 games we can realistcally win which at the very best and win out the rest of the year we will be 9-8. I'm thinking that we will lose one or two of those last 8 games and finish 7-9 or 8-8 And at the very least have a shot at the NFC West ONLY if we can be the Whiners twice.
            -10-17-2011, 02:22 PM
          • Rambos
            Are we done with the panic attacks?
            by Rambos
            Last week it was the end of the Rams year, now we are tied for first place and going home for our opener. Still no real trends but the run defense did drop one spot to 4th in the league, still a hugh improvement.

            Looking ahead.

            Arizona at Seattle we will win here for sure.

            Dallas at San Francisco will the whiners keeping slipping yes.
            -09-19-2005, 01:44 PM
          • 1980RAMS
            Tough loss
            by 1980RAMS
            Everyone lost in our division and we couldn't capitalize. Very dis heartening. This team has a problem closing games. We could have gained a game on the hawks. But instead we are in the same boat we where yesterday.

            3 Games upcoming on the Road...... Scary
            -11-21-2010, 07:33 PM