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ESPN: Orlando Pace has signed an agent, long term deal coming?

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  • ESPN: Orlando Pace has signed an agent, long term deal coming?

    Agents could facilitate long-term deal
    Updated: Feb. 27, 2005
    By Michael Smith,

    INDIANAPOLIS -- In what will perhaps be the first step toward finally reaching some form of resolution to what has been a contentious eight-year relationship with his team, St. Louis Rams left tackle Orlando Pace has settled on Kennard McGuire and Fletcher Smith of Skokie, Ill.-based CSMG Sports as his agents, a source said.

    Pace has been the subject of trade rumors, and a new deal would be his first long-term contract since the one he signed as a rookie.

    Considered one of the game's premier performers at one of its marquee positions, Pace had been without outside representation since firing his original agents, Carl and Kevin Poston, in September. Pace then acted as his own agent in signing his one-year, $7.02-million franchise tender.

    Two weeks ago, the Rams designated Pace as their franchise player for the third year in a row. Another one-year contract would pay him a guaranteed salary of $8.424 million, or 120 percent of last year's earnings.

    The sides have until March 15 to reach agreement on a long-term deal. If not, the Rams cannot sign Pace until July without losing the use of the franchise tag for the length of the contract. The hiring of McGuire and Smith increases the likelihood of a settlement of some kind, not so much because of who they are as who they aren't.

    The Rams have been at odds with Pace's representatives since St. Louis selected the 6-foot-7, 325-pound tackle first overall out of Ohio State in 1997. Pace missed all of his first training camp and three preseason games before coming to terms on a seven-year deal (it voided to six) and hasn't participated in the past two training camps because, technically, he was not under contract and, therefore, under no obligation to do so.

    No matter, it seems. Pace, 29, has been selected to each of the past six Pro Bowls. He's started every game in six of his eight seasons, including each of the past two, and 115 of 119 games played. He's also started eight playoff games.

    Last year, Pace rejected a seven-year, $42-million offer from the Rams that included a $13-million signing bonus. But Pace later told the St. Louis Post-Dispatch that a signing bonus in the area of $15 million to $17 million would suffice; his agents, meanwhile, had at one point proposed $27 million in bonuses, which Rams president Jay Zygmunt famously termed a "ransom note." The Rams also spoke with the Browns about a possible trade last year.

    The Rams reportedly have had discussions with the New York Giants regarding Pace. But a Rams-Giants deal seems unlikely considering New York does not have a first-round pick -- it belongs to San Diego as part of the draft-day trade that landed the Giants Eli Manning.

    The contract to which Seattle recently signed Walter Jones should, in theory, help facilitate a long-term pact for Pace. The Seahawks gave Jones, a five-time Pro Bowl player, $52.5 million over seven years with a bonus in the neighborhood of $16 million. Pace and his agents likely will look to sign a comparable deal with the Rams or another team. Jones' new deal makes him the league's second-highest paid left tackle behind Jonathan Ogden of Baltimore. He had been Seattle's franchise player each of the previous three seasons.

    Is Pace's annual game of tag nearing an end? McGuire and Smith have a track record of getting big deals done. In 2002 they negotiated a 12-year contract worth potentially a then-record $115 million for Eagles quarterback Donovan McNabb. The following year they helped make outside linebacker Rosevelt Colvin the richest free agent in Patriots history (six-year, $25-million deal). And last month, another client, Lions defensive tackle Shaun Rogers, received a landmark six-year, $46-million contract.

    Neither Pace nor his new agents could be reached for comment.

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    Re: ESPN: Orlando Pace has signed an agent, long term deal coming?

    Step 1: Sign Agents - DONE
    Step 2: Sign Long-Term Deal before March 2 - ???

    Let's get this done Orlando. Of all the scenarios I've heard, Orlando signing a multi-year deal and staying with the Rams trumps them all. Please make it so!


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      Re: ESPN: Orlando Pace has signed an agent, long term deal coming?

      Isn't the deadline to sign Pace March 15?


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        Re: ESPN: Orlando Pace has signed an agent, long term deal coming?

        Yes, but if we sign him long term before March 2nd, we'll have more room under the cap going into free agency.


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          Re: ESPN: Orlando Pace has signed an agent, long term deal coming?

          Yeah, I am concerned with making a big splash early in free agency and with Pace signing before March 2nd we could be a major player early.


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            Re: ESPN: Orlando Pace has signed an agent, long term deal coming?



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              Re: ESPN: Orlando Pace has signed an agent, long term deal coming?

              Here's a link to the agency web site...



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                Re: ESPN: Orlando Pace has signed an agent, long term deal coming?

                They are going to have to work quick if they want to sign Pace before march 2,and FA begins...this would make my off-season just to get this deal DONE!!! make it..

                steve :ramlogo:
                "The breakfast Club":helmet:


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                  Re: ESPN: Orlando Pace has signed an agent, long term deal coming?

                  So last year,...
                  Pace rejected a seven-year, $42-million offer from the Rams that included a $13-million signing bonus.
                  and this year...
                  The Seahawks gave Jones, a five-time Pro Bowl player, $52.5 million over seven years with a bonus in the neighborhood of $16 million
                  Jones deal isn't that much more than we offered last year, so surely the Rams wouldn't have any problem with matching the Jones deal. And surely, Pace can see that his value is equal to Jones. Come on, the pieces are in place, Zygmunt sign the paper, Pace sign the paper. Let's get this baby to bed already.
                  The more things change, the more they stay the same.


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                    Re: ESPN: Orlando Pace has signed an agent, long term deal coming?

                    It's a $13M difference. I think we should offer Pace the same contract.

                    I wonder if Pace would get burned by Hargrove. :redface:
                    Last edited by ZigZagRam; -02-28-2005, 09:03 AM.


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                    • RamWraith
                      Rams, Pace can resume talks
                      by RamWraith
                      By Bill Coats
                      Of the Post-Dispatch

                      With the start of training camp less than two weeks away, a key piece of the Rams' puzzle still is missing. But the status of All-Pro left tackle Orlando Pace, who has been designated the team's franchise player for the second year in a row, could be tidied up soon.

                      Beginning today, the team can resume contract negotiations with Pace, whose agent is Houston-based Carl Poston. Talks ceased March 17 because under NFL guidelines, the Rams would have lost the right to apply the franchise tag on any player over the length of a contract that Pace may have signed before July 15.

                      Both sides are seeking a long-term deal, with the main sticking point being the amount of the signing bonus: The Rams have offered $13 million; Poston initially asked for $27 million in a seven-year, $71 million proposal, but later indicated that he would seek a bonus of about $20 million.

                      Pace, however, asserted later in March that he and the Rams might not be so far apart. A few days after a Post-Dispatch story cited two team sources who said the Rams would be willing to boost the bonus to $16 million or $17 million, Pace telephoned the reporter and said that if the Rams were to make such an offer, "I think we can get something done."

                      Less than a week later, Poston said, "If that's what he wants to do, fine. It's his decision." Attempts to reach Poston and Rams president of football operations Jay Zygmunt, who handles contract negotiations, were unsuccessful on Wednesday.

                      Pace, 28, boycotted the team's minicamps, offseason conditioning program and training camp last year in a contract dispute; he later was named the Rams' franchise player. He also missed minicamp this past May and again was absent from the offseason workouts.

                      Pace is a six-year NFL veteran from Ohio State. The Rams selected him with the first overall pick in the 1997 draft. Pace, 6-foot-7 and 325 pounds, soon became the key cog on the offensive line. He has been invited to the Pro Bowl the past five seasons, a span in which the Rams posted a 56-24 regular-season record and appeared in two Super Bowls.
                      -07-15-2004, 05:31 AM
                    • Nick
                      Houston makes offer to Pace - PD
                      by Nick
                      Houston makes an offer to Pace
                      By Jim Thomas
                      Of the Post-Dispatch

                      Not all the "i's" are dotted, or "t's" crossed. But offensive tackle Orlando Pace has a contract offer from the Houston Texans, and according to sources familiar with the negotiations, it's one that is preferable to the current contract on the table from the Rams.

                      So what happens next?

                      "The ball is really in St. Louis' court as far as what they want to do, and the decision they want to make," Pace told the Houston Chronicle on Monday during his visit with Texans officials. "We'll see here in the next 24 hours or so."

                      The Rams have until 3 p.m. Wednesday to sign Pace to a multi-year contract offer. At that point, a four-month negotiating blackout begins for the Rams and Pace. And that would mean another spring without Pace attending the team's offseason conditioning program - which starts March 21 - no minicamps and no training camp for the third consecutive year.

                      Pace characterized negotiations with the Rams as being "at a standstill."

                      Pace added: "This is typical of what has gone on for the past couple of years for me as far as being franchised. You're trying to get through that, and you really want security and a long-term deal and those types of things. ... I don't know if things are going to be resolved."

                      Things are at a standstill largely because the Rams' latest offer - they submitted a revised proposal to Pace's agents Monday morning - doesn't match the Walter Jones contract in guaranteed money and money paid out in the first three years of the contract.

                      Jones, the offensive tackle for Seattle, re-signed with the Seahawks before the start of the free agency period. Most NFL scouts, coaches and personnel men will tell you Jones and Pace are comparable players. Jones is more consistent, but Pace is more athletic.

                      Jones signed a seven-year, $52.5 million contract that included a $16 million signing bonus. The Rams' latest offer to Pace is believed to be $51 million with a $15 million signing bonus.

                      So the Rams are very much in the ballpark of the Jones contract, both in terms of signing bonus and overall money. But that's not the problem.

                      The issue is the first three years of each contract. Jones will receive $26.7 million in the first three years of the contract, broken down as follows:

                      $16 million in signing bonus.

                      $5.7 million in base salary.

                      $5 million in roster bonuses: a $2 million roster bonus due in March of 2006; and a $3 million roster bonus due in March of 2007.

                      In essence, the roster bonus is guaranteed money, because the Seahawks aren't likely to cut Jones after the first or second years of his contract. So Jones is receiving $21 million...
                      -03-14-2005, 10:41 PM
                    • Guest's Avatar
                      Its time for RamTime’s annual *****ing about Pace
                      by Guest
                      Yep it’s that time of year again when we collectively wonder if Pace is team player or not. It looks as if this year will tell a lot. Since he “fired” his agent and Walter Jones has signed there really is no reason for Opie to hold the Rams hostage and should sign a deal before free agency. We shall see but don’t hold your breath because I still maintain the he’s lazy and hates camp enough that he would trade not having to participate in spring training for holding his team hostage. It’s time people start calling this like it looks and stop giving him the benefit of the doubt.

                      Left tackle for sale, abada abada abada Left tackle for sale.... Step right up and feast your eyes on this massive specimen. That's right for 8 million dollars he can be yours for a whole year ahm minus the off season and uhm minus training camp, and uhm minus most of the pre season... abada abada abada Left Tackle for sale....
                      -02-25-2005, 02:07 AM
                    • RamWraith
                      Pace fires his agent--Thomas
                      by RamWraith
                      BY JIM THOMAS
                      Last March, Orlando Pace strongly hinted that he was contemplating changing agents.

                      ``There will probably be some changes in the future,'' he told the Post-Dispatch on March 25.

                      Turns out Pace wasn't kidding. Pace has fired Houston-based agent Carl Poston as his representative in contract negotiations.

                      The NFL Players Association confirmed Tuesday that Pace filed termination papers on Sept. 2.

                      Under normal procedures, both the agent and the NFLPA receives notification when a player is firing an agent. The player must wait at least five days before hiring a new agent, to make sure the old agent has had sufficient time to be notified that he is being terminated.

                      ``At this point (Pace) has not signed with anybody,'' an NFLPA official said Tuesday.

                      According to NFLPA documents, when Pace signed his one-year, $7.02 million tender on Sept. 5, under the ``agent'' heading he listed himself.

                      Contracts must be signed both by the player and his agent. Rams president of football operations Jay Zygmunt confirmed Tuesday that Pace's signature appears under both the ``player'' and ``agent'' headings on the contract.

                      ``He did sign his contract representing himself,'' Zygmunt said. ``In all honesty, he said he was representing himself. That's all he said.''

                      Zygmunt figured it wasn't the place or the time to ask Pace whether he was firing Poston or hiring a new agent. Even on Tuesday, Zygmunt said, ``I haven't been advised of anything.''

                      The mere act of Pace signing the contract as his own agent potentially cost Poston as much as $210,000. NFL agents can charge clients as much as 3 percent on any contract.

                      (Some agents don't charge when a player signs a franchise tender, because in essence it's a non-negotiated contract.)

                      In any event, there had been much confusion on the matter recently. In an interview with local media Thursday at Rams Park, Pace seemed to give Poston a vote of confidence, saying in part, ``I always have confidence in the people that represent me. . . .''

                      But in hindsight, those remarks might have been misinterpreted, because he never specifically mentioned Carl Poston, or his brother Kevin Poston, in those comments.

                      Then on Sunday, FOX television reported that Pace was terminating his relationship with Poston. But after the game, Pace first hedged on the subject, then seemed to issue a denial that he had fired Poston.

                      One reason Pace may be reluctant to confirm firing Poston is that he almost certainly will be bombarded by agents seeking his services. In addition, Pace is a private person who -- believe it or not -- doesn't like controversy.

                      Regardless, the NFLPA document makes it official. So does the fact that Poston's name is not on the one-year contract....
                      -09-14-2004, 05:20 PM
                    • RamWraith
                      Pace weighs in on his stance in contract talks
                      by RamWraith
                      By Jim Thomas
                      Of the Post-Dispatch
                      Thursday, Sep. 09 2004

                      There may be no way to close the negotiating - and monetary - gap between
                      Orlando Pace and the Rams. But at least Pace has learned to make the most of
                      his time away from the Rams in terms of conditioning.

                      "I feel light years better than I did last year," Pace said Thursday. "Just
                      losing about 20 pounds. I feel a lot quicker, a lot fresher."

                      Pace reported at 325 pounds Sunday, about 20 pounds lighter than last season,
                      when he also boycotted all team activities and skipped training camp in a
                      contract impasse. After his initial practices last season, Pace felt winded.
                      Three practices into his 2004 season, that hasn't been the case.

                      "I feel great," Pace said. "Compared to last year, it's like night and day.
                      After taking a few reps, you're a little winded as everybody is, but not nearly
                      as bad as last year."

                      Pace trained a little differently this offseason, but the major factor in his
                      improved conditioning was an improved diet.

                      "I cut down on my fried foods," Pace said. "I tried to cut down on my soda, and
                      things like that."

                      Even at the heavier weight last year, Pace played surprisingly well at the
                      start of the season. So in theory, he could be even more impressive in his
                      trimmer, better-conditioned state.

                      "I watched (practice) tape, and it looks like he's been here all camp," coach
                      Mike Martz said. "Honest to goodness it does. No mental errors. He's quick.
                      He's physical. ... He's not sluggish.

                      "At this time last year, he was very sluggish. The conditioning was a factor
                      for him last year. So I'm very pleased with where he is. He's obviously been
                      very conscientious about being in shape and ready to go, and it's much
                      appreciated by all of us."

                      If only things could go as smoothly on the negotiating front.

                      "I'm always hoping that they can get a deal done - for security reasons, and
                      things like that," Pace said. "The possibility's still there. But I think at
                      the end of the year, they'll try to hammer something out, or else I'll be
                      franchised again."

                      Pace's "end-of-the-year" comment was curious, because now that he has signed
                      the one-year, $7.02 million tender offer, the sides actually can begin
                      negotiating again.

                      Under league rule, any talks came to a halt following a March 17 negotiating
                      deadline. Since Sunday, when Pace signed the tender, the sides can talk again.

                      A few weeks after the Rams' playoff loss to Carolina on Jan. 10, the Rams
                      offered Pace a seven-year,...
                      -09-10-2004, 05:19 AM