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Falcons Game -------- Scores Please

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  • Falcons Game -------- Scores Please

    Ah well, I was tied up redoing the Index at so that J-Ram and MsWistRam would get off my back ;) and I totally forgot the game predictions ...... tweet tweet

    Anyhoo, lets get those game predictions in please.

    Me ?

    Well, I feel the Rams still have not learned their lesson after the Monday night game .......................

    Rams 28 Dirty Birds 31 :rolleyes: :upset:

    please please please let me be wrong :shield:

    Keeping the Rams Nation Talking

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    No way. Please, not again. To the Falcons? I can see the posts in the Smack Zone already. Man, I already feel like someone punched me in the gut after the Bucs game. :rolleyes:

    Rams will respond this week to the turnover issue. I don't know how well the defense is going to play with the injuries.

    Rams 31
    Falcons 24


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      I know that the Rams are reeling, trying to figure out what they are doing wrong. We also have a handful of injuries on the defensive side that are going to cause some shuffling around. I also know that the Birds are quietly putting themselves in position for the play-offs. But I still think the Rams are going to come out pissed off at the loss to the Bucs, and DOMINATE the Birds. The Birds will score, but we will score more...

      Rams 41 - Birds 17

      BTW, been coming to ClanRam for over a year now, but just signed up for the forum yesterday. First post...

      GO RAMS!!!! :angryram:
      This space for rent...


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        Rams 27
        Falcons 14

        It's really disturbing to think that if we lose this one, then the Falcons will only be one game behind.

        :rolleyes: :confused:


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          while i could never predict against the Rams, i agree with Dez that they still haven't learned the lesson and turnovers will be a problem...

          Rams 30
          "Shane" Falcos 26


          • #6
            We are on the road where we tend to shine. And seeing how we play great in Atlanta, and bounce back after a loss, I am going to show some faith:

            Rams 42
            Falcons 10


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              I'm worried about this game.
              But I have faith in my boys in blue to get the job done.

              Rams 34
              Victim #9 - 24



              • #8
                Dez,I also hope you are wrong,but I can understand your pick.I believe the Rams will win,but I also have a feeling that the Rams are going to put us through Hell once again!:rolleyes:

                RAMS 28 FALCONS 24

                :angryram: GO RAMS! STAY FOCUSED! WIN!:shield:


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                  While I am somewhat concerned about the turnovers, the outcome does not worry me at all. The defense may be a little shaky in the secondary with Kim Herring possibly not playing, but overall I thought last weeks defensive effort was above average. We will have to blitz more to get pressure but I don't see the Falcons running on the "D" much.

                  This week, and in all weeks to come, are you listening Mike Martz, it should be full steam ahead with Marshal getting 20-25 carries.

                  Rams 38
                  Falcons 17


                  • #10

                    My prediction was way off last week and I must change things as not to jinks the Rams. There for I am following my head on this one not my heart!! If they get there heads screwed on right...

                    Rams 45
                    Falcons 17

                    if the boys in blue stay on cloud nine and keep thinking they are invinsible...

                    Rams 17
                    Falcons 28


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                      This is what we've come down to? We're actually predicting losses for the Rams? :rolleyes: How could you do that to them?:mad: I couldn't handle another loss. I've been so depressed as it is.:upset: Well, to hell with all of you. Someone on that team is gonna get their head out of their hiney and do the job they are paid to do--WIN! :p


                      redoing the Index at so that J-Ram and MsWistRam would get off my back --excuse me Dez? I don't think so.;)


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                        Now where did I see those pre season predictions ?? I am sure you had us down for a few losses somewhere :wiseman:

                        Keeping the Rams Nation Talking


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                          I am going to go with the same numbers for the RAMS this week. (I am bound to get it right one of these days!) The Falcons are playing O.K., but the only way to beat the RAMS this week is to outscore them. I am counting on the D to knock Chandler around a little.

                          I agree with Duke get Marshall to run the ball right at the Falcons. Their secondary is better than their front line, so the yardage will pile up quickly.

                          Kurt needs to get back on track as well. Time to get some of that divine glory back into his hands.

                          RAMS 34
                          Dirty Birds - 21


                          Fan (even when they lose!):ram:
                          Always a Rams Fan............

                          Rex Allen Markel


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                            Dez, what happened to putting these on the front page or on the newsletter, i really liked that....


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                              I did it in html tables and for AOL users it messed it all up.

                              I am looking at a different way of doing it, It will be back :eek:

                              Keeping the Rams Nation Talking


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