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  • Draft Ideas for next year

    Where do the Rams need to concentrate on during the 2002 NFL draft? I am under the impression that a QB and lots of D help are really going to be needed, especially in the depth department on D. Not to say the QB necessarily has to start, and not that we need to waste a 1st RD pick on one, but it would be nice to have the insurance policy.

    I know the draft is far away, but we should be able to see how the Rams have played and find spots where shoring up is needed.


    D Line
    O Line
    D Secondary
    Skill Positions

    The poll is expired.

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    We need a solid backup in the QB position. Veterans are alright, but we need someone for the long haul, that might even step into Warner's shoes if something unforeseen happens. I'd like to see us get Kittner from Illinois, but I don't think we have enough drafting tricks left to get that done.


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      i voted for QB b/c i agree with MsWistRam, but a lot of what and where we draft depends on how we do this year and the possibility of losses in the offseason, like Az and stuff. So we may end up with a pick to replace someone else.

      ESPN said that the Rams will only be able to afford 2 out of the top 3 FA after this year (Little, Fletcher, Hakim) and that Hakim leads the list. So who of these three depart will tell what we draft.

      Also....let's remember last time we chose a "long-term" QB...let's make a wise choice this time instead of picking Bambi in front of a Mack...


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        Although I agree that we need a eventual replacement / backup for Warner, I really think we need a threat (that can hold on to the ball) as a return man. After that, I would start looking at another big, fast receiver...
        This space for rent...


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          Of course it will all depend on where we are. I'm hoping we have the last pick of the first round. I would love to see the QB from Illinois in a Ram uniform. If he's not there, then I'd have to see who is available.


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            Defensive End

            Here's how I see it. I don't think Little is a dominating DE. I know he has 9 sacks, but who do you think teams worry about more...Winstrom or Little? I think we need to get a DE. The only problem is...will there be any good ones left with the last pick in the 1st round. After that I think we need to get a receiver. Even if we do resign Az; if Ricky retires then there goes a lot of our 4 receiver sets. Unless St. Paul or Murphy steps up. But I also agree that we need to get a quarterback for the future and might be able to get one in the second round. Maybe we can get lucky and find another diamond in the ruff like Warner.


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            • RamWraith
              Say no to the Vets
              by RamWraith
              Now that the Rams have signed Proehl we need to focus on getting a receiver or 2 in the draft. Stay away from the rest of Vets out there, they are not going to solve any future problems for us except cost big money. The answer to our future lays in last year, this year and next years draft. We are going to be finding out soon if Armey is all he has been made out to be. ;)
              -04-03-2002, 12:01 PM
            • txramsfan
              This could be the deepest draft in quite awhile
              by txramsfan
              With all the talent that came back last year and with the CBA issue looming, lot's of JR's will be coming out this year making this draft a very deep draft.....which is good for an 0-6 Rams team that needs help at every position. That's right, every position....even RB. Not saying we need to go RB in Round 1 but this team needs playmakers, someone like a Sproles to help Jackson and on ST. The Rams have a chance to get better quick by picking high again in this draft.

              This will be the year Deveaney earns his stripes. This is another chance like he had with the Falcons to get this team better quickly. With all the talent that this draft will have in it, it's imperative that the Rams start doing their homework now.
              -10-20-2009, 06:19 AM
            • RamsFanSam
              RFS: My 2010 Draft Needs Analysis
              by RamsFanSam
              I have watched the Rams struggle this season as most of you have, and have studied various aspects of the team from one game to the next. This has led me to several conclusions including what positions we are likely to draft and in which round. Remember, this is merely speculation, and I may be wrong. Hopefully, some of you will use this opportunity to discuss this, and maybe, just maybe, we can have a real discussion without usage of the word "sucks" in any form.

              Round 1: Wide Reciever. Scream all you want about cornerbacks and quarterbacks, our corners are NOT the worst in the league, and neither is our QB...not even our backups. Our wide reciever corps, however, is not only thin, but is lacking a true threat. Robinson is, or should I say was, our best WR, but he was never looked at as a true threat. We need a Henry Ellard, an Issac Bruce. Once we get this, our offense will improve by 50% before he ever hits the field.

              Rd. 2: OLB. Right now, it's the "Son of Animal show". Laurinaitis is doing great at his position, especially for a rookie. Without Spoon, he is working basically by himself, with backups on each side. We need to find a big, fast, bruising linebacker to improve our front seven.

              Rd. 3: Offensive Lineman. We need a guard/tackle. Chances are, Barron will be gone next year, Smith will be on the left, and ????? will be on the right. Bell is okay at LG, but OK isn't good enough. We need someone who can move like a ninja that eats a side of beef at every meal - raw - to shore up our OL and open holes for SJ.

              Rd. 4: Running Back. We can't expect Seven to carry this team all season long and be ready to do it again next year unless he has someone helping him. If we had another RB, someone that did the things he can't do - avoid the defenders instead of running over them, sneak around a tackle instead of breaking them...then we could have a real tandem at RB, and our opponents would have a hard time covering both of them.

              Rd. 5: Cornerback. We are thin there, but this is one position we can wait 'til later to fill. Why? Well, if our front seven are solid enough (and I think they could be next year), the secondary will be just that - secondary. Add to this a POTENT offense that scores points, which the three above additions can make - and the secondary becomes almost... tertiary. Of course, we'd be going after a vet CB in free agency, so this will help a lot.

              Rds 6 & 7: BPA, because we have need for the best available. Argue that

              This won't fill all the holes, and no, it doesn't include a QB. I still think Bulger is good for at least one more year, and we also have this neat little thing call free agency we can use to fill spots.

              I open the board to discussion. :helmet:
              -10-26-2009, 05:35 PM
            • Richbert88
              No QB in the draft next year.
              by Richbert88
              This team still has alot of things to do before becoming a playoff caliber team. Young players maturing..............players staying healthy.

              I would much rather see the Rams address other needs. If things go poorly again, which with they're luck with injuries it will, then next year they might have a shot at Locker. And that may well be the last very high pick this team sees in a while.

              I think Suh in the first, then chase BPA in round 2 and 3, then needs in the rest of the draft. Continue to sign young FAs.

              Whose going to play QB? Whose playing it now.

              Little may retire? who knows. Let's get the rest of the base team fixed up before the QB of the future arrives. Rothsburger style.
              -12-27-2009, 10:24 PM
            • RamsSB99
              We need a 3 starters out of this draft (big draft)
              by RamsSB99
              We need to have a big draft and come away with three starters in order to have a big turn around this year. I know you are lucky to get 1 or 2 starters but we need a big draft to have a good shot at being better then an 8-8 team.

              Those three starters need to come from the following positions:

              We also need to add at least 2 cheaper veteran free agents after the draft that could challenge for a starting spot or rotation type player.

              Two positions we could look at via free agency besides those listed above:
              RB (Backup Jackson)
              CB (If Hill don't pan out)
              -04-20-2009, 07:58 PM