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What about tight end?

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  • What about tight end?

    It seems to me that Tampa Bay tight end Jucurvious (sp?) was going to be available in FA. Is that correct? I would think he could be a good off season acquisition if we could afford him. Is he still available and does anyone think he would be worth going after?

    That is a position that could be so powerful for our offense. Not to mention the blocking that is needed by that position. It is a weapon that has not been used much since Cromwell left. We have felt the loss ever since.

    What do you think?
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    Re: What about tight end?

    Joe Jerevicious is a wide receiver and we have enough of them. Tight end isn't a pressing need on this team. We have more important vacancies to fill with our cap dollars.

    The team's looking at Joel Dreessen, a TE out of Colorado St. Check the other threads about this topic to learn more.


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      Re: What about tight end?

      Wow...I could have sworn he was a TE. He doesn't seem to fit he profile of a WR. Thanks Zig for setting me straight.

      Nonetheless, I think TE is a position that we could improve upon.


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        Re: What about tight end?

        Originally posted by viper3
        Wow...I could have sworn he was a TE. He doesn't seem to fit he profile of a WR. Thanks Zig for setting me straight.

        Nonetheless, I think TE is a position that we could improve upon.
        Viper, that's an easy mistake. At 6'5" 230 lbs, Jurevicious certainly looks like a TE, but I don't know that he has the blocking skills for it. He's more of the Ricky Proehl type receiver.

        As far as the TE position, I believe Martz is still content with Manu, who I must admit, is getting better at blocking. A big-time receiver at TE would be a luxury, but with Manu under contract all we need is a back-up with our cap situation. And a back-up TE can be picked up cheap with a 4th or 5th round spot. Of course, I believe Jensen is still around as well. I know last year they IR'd him so nobody else would sign him off the practice squad.
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          Re: What about tight end?

          Manu made some HUGE catches last year in key situations (both seattle games as an example). I would like to see us throw to him more. Could we be better at the tight end spot? Yes. Is it worth spending cap dollars to get better? In my opionion no. I agree manu has improved as a blocker. We have made our bed with manu as our first string guy and for now, i believe we need to ride it out. We really do have many more pressing needs and that is what cap balance is all about. The safety and right tackle spots are the keys right now, with safety doubling as help on special teams.

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            Re: What about tight end?

            There might be some decent vet TE's available after the June cuts. We should be able to pick one up cheap then as a back up.

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            • RamsFan16
              Could this guy play TE?
              by RamsFan16
              Do you think that if we signed David Boston cheaply that we could convert him to a Tight End? I mean he is only 6'2" 228lbs but he is sure one heck of a mammoth. I bet he can double what Manu benchs. This maybe a dumb idea to you guys but I think he has the physical ability to play Tight End..
              -03-21-2006, 08:35 PM
            • Bing69
              Kyle Rudolph TE
              by Bing69
              I was reading an interesting article saying how if Kyle Rudoplh was sitting there in the 2nd round when the Rams pick they should take him. He has the elite skills you look for in that position, and some believe he is a better receiving target than Gresham and Pettigrew taken in previous years. With Illinois Mike injury concern unclear (he may or may not be able to complete a full season), Onobun still raw and developing, Bajema just a solid team player, and Fells inconsistency (we could also loose him in FA) it might not be such a bad idea.

              I know there are other ways to go with this pick, but he might just be the BPA at that stage. We have managed to get 2 first round talents in the 2nd the last 2 years (J-Lau and Saffold) and it would certainly make the offense more threatening. Having Rudoplh, Big mike, Bajema / Onobun would be a nice trio. Add to the fact if we get Rice , or V-Jax, or Julio Jones our offense would be looking pretty sweet.

              I personally have no problem with the pick if it happens, but we dont know whos coming and going in FA.

              Whats the general thought on Rudoplh from you guys??
              -01-22-2011, 12:26 AM
            • MIZZOU45
              possible TE?
              by MIZZOU45
              Does anyone think that we might draft a more of a reciever TE, to help out with short yardage?

              like a jared cook or a chase coffman
              -04-24-2009, 07:58 PM
            • ramfan247
              Why no TE involvement for the Rams?
              by ramfan247
              If any of you have followed my previous posts you'll notice that I mostly post about the Tight End position. I honestly feel that utilizing TEs properly WILL get ANY team a scoring offense. They are the utility guys, they are the go to guys, they are usually the most athletic guys on the field. These days they are beasts, the size of linebackers, speed of wide receivers.
              Just look at the teams that are exploding this year, the one thing they all have in common is that they have key TEs. Just look at the stats and look at how MANY TEs had touchdowns last weekend. Unfortunately we have gone up against two big tight ends these last two games and we STILL arent using ours. Carlson and Cooley handed it to us! There is nothing our or any team's offense can do about their size and athleticism!
              SO MY QUESTION IS...Why arent we learning what works from the teams we play? We have TINY receivers! The TEs should be bailing us out of third downs and red zone plays! If Randy cant cut it we need to use Fells and/or Bajema. They are two young hungry guys that can both block and catch and consistently and cause match up problems.
              There were a hundred coach and player interviews this offseason about the west coast offense and how the TE plays a key what is going on? I dont get it. Real frustrated that our defense continuously bails our offense out and then offense can't finish the job.
              -09-20-2009, 02:34 PM
            • TekeRam
              My reason why we'll draft a TE in Round 1
              by TekeRam
              I think we can all agree that our most pressing issues is our inability to keep our offense going and score, because of a lack of proven weapons and a "no" bowl level of talent on our offensive line.

              There are two positions that help both of those issues and they are running back and tight end. We do need a new younger lead tailback, but he could be on the roster already in Richardson. We already have a starting tight end in Kendricks, but he's become more of a flex player, being put all over the field. He's like Hernandez in New England. We need a Gronk.

              12 Personnel, one back, two tight ends, has become the new fad because of New England along side with the spread pistol this year with the Whiners and Redskins, among others. Having the two tight ends instill lets you run a base offense with good enough blocking, but it also allows you generally a faster player than a fullback is, and certainly a better catching threat.

              As I already said, we have the flex player in Kendricks, what we need is a true matchup nightmare, someone who can stretch the field and is the ultimate of safety valves for Sam. Look at all the TE dominant teams in the playoffs this year: Baltimore, Indy, NE, Atl, SF(used to be...), Denver(Peyton says that Tamme's coverage dictates the offense), and even Cinci as the second receiver.

              I'm willing to admit that unless Kendricks suddenly put it together forever at the end of the season, he's likely no better than a second string TE in a two TE offense. And Mulligan shouldn't be out there except in heavy packages. With one of Ertz or my preference, Eifert, we will have a pass game dominant player who helps us in all phases of the offense.

              We can probably grab either one at #22, so we can use #16 to address Safety or the Offensive Line and go heavy at protecting Sam and creating an offense that can hold its own.
              -01-20-2013, 07:54 PM