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    I know we are signing players that fit the system that the D are going to play, but am I the only one getting a bit worried that we are signing players that have been back ups for a number of years and we are going to give them the chance to start. Okay the starters @ Tampa were good but if someone has been a long term back up it may be because he isn't good enough to start.


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    Armey and the others who picked these guys know what they are doing. They wouldn't be in the locker room if someone didn't think they had potential. Charley's a smart cookie, he knows when he sees something he likes and goes after it. Save the worrying for what over-the-head jokes Dennis Miller comes up with this season.:p


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      that post is a bit dated now, it was when we had only signed Davis and that other LB from Tampa who then failed his medical. The picture looks a lot healthier and clearer now.

      London will start in the middle , he's had a great couple of seasons and I'd expect him to post big numbers. The signing of Mark Fields makes a big difference to the LB unit IMHO he is an extraordinarily talented linebacker with a great motor and SPEEEED, expect him to also post big numbers. Davis should fit the system well and given that coach Smith knows him from Tampa I'm prepared to believe that his speed and talents fit the cover 2 we are going to play. I still worry about guys who have been in the league for a while and are still playing "with potential", think back to Barry Redden , who was a great back up RB but did nothing when he left to be a starter

      The backups should be the two picks Polley & Allen , who look good in college but we'll need to see how they adjust playing in the pro's, add Leonard Little as LB/DE and Brigance asLB/ST and that probably leaves a bunch of guys chasing one roster spot at LB


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      • AvengerRam_old
        "Tweener" No Longer A Criticism (Gimme One Of Those!)
        by AvengerRam_old
        In years past, players who weighed between 250-275 lbs and projected as either DEs or OLBs were dubbed "tweeners," a negative term indicating that the player might be too small to be a down lineman and too big to be a LB.

        Well, now, it seems that "tweeners" are all the rage.

        Dwight Freeney, Terrell Suggs, DeMarcus Ware and Shawne Merriman all wore this label coming out of college. Now, they are among the top young sack artists and most disruptive defenders in the league.

        I think the Rams could use a guy like this (arguably, Leonard Little used to be one, though he seems to have lost a step).

        So, who are the top tweeners in this year's draft? (Kiwanuka, Dumervil) Maybe Nick has the answer.
        -12-26-2005, 09:01 AM
      • RamWraith
        Head Coach Scott Linehan--Sept. 1
        by RamWraith
        (Opening statement)

        I think youve got the release there. I just want to make an announcement that weve agreed to terms and signed Stephen Davis to our team. Hes obviously a proven back in this league as a starter, and as a number two, he compliments what were trying to get done in our running game. Steven Jackson is our starter, and will be, and has no impact on that for any reason other than it gives us depth and somebody who has really complimented and gotten to that part of his career where he can really compliment Steven and our efforts to improve our ability to be an effective running team this year. Im very happy to say that were able to get it done, it took us a while, but sometimes youve got to be patient with these things and it worked out. We also had some initial cuts, were not completely to the 50-man roster yet. We broke them up into two groups so that I could meet with each player individually and well have another set tomorrow morning that Ill meet with after we decide who the final will be. We should have all those names there on your list as far as the initial cuts from our team which was trimmed down to 75 going into last weeks game. Were coming out of the game fairly healthy. Obviously we didnt play a lot of our starters in the game. Some of the guys that played were vying for spots and solidified themselves on this team by their play yesterday. Some guys took a step up from where they were on this team too which factored in big in filling out the rest of our roster.

        (On why it took so long to sign RB Stephen Davis)

        I think there was a little negotiation. He had some other options. He had Philly and he had other feelers out there and hes at the point where he wants to go with what he feels is the best spot for him. Youd have to ask him the specifics around that. We had a good feel for him here. I think hes going to fit our running game and the style were planning on running, and he has good familiarity with a lot of the terminology and the way we run the ball, which is pretty similar to what he did at Carolina and pretty close to what he was doing even going back to Washington. I think hell have good carry over there.

        (On the condition of Davis playing shape)

        Were going to have to work him into shape. Hes going to have a real good workout with Dana and Brad today. Certainly, he isnt going to have the ability to go back and say he got it done in training camp but I think hes at the point in his career where a training camp can be kind of hard on a guy that is just, I dont know how many months he is, out of micro fracture surgery, but I think he understands hes not at the beginning of his career. Hes certainly towards the tail end. The one thing I got from his workout was that he looked very good. He looked very agile. I didnt see any signs of a problem or any limping or anything like that. He...
        -09-01-2006, 07:20 PM
      • GameTime
        The Edge??
        by GameTime
        Curious about the clan's thoughts on going after E.James. I dont want to break the bank, but he looked great last year playing in a limited role.

        Do you think we have the $ to sign him?

        Do you think he would be willing to be a backup?

        Does he have any character issues? (i am not aware of any)
        -04-29-2009, 09:35 AM
      • RamWraith
        Head Coach Scott Linehan--Saturday, September 2
        by RamWraith
        The Quote Sheet - Saturday

        Head Coach Scott Linehan

        (Opening Statement) Were in September, you can tell. The weathers
        changed a bit. Im sure were due some warmer days still, I havent
        been through a calendar year in St. Louis, but its a pretty nice day.
        Down to 53, so if you have any questions on that certainly ask me.
        Some tough decisions. Probably since my time here, that was probably
        my toughest night. They were all tough, but last night, went round and
        round on a couple, but youve got to make decisions, live with them and
        move on. Im very happy with the group we have. I think weve got a
        very good roster. Im pleased with the fact that were very healthy
        going into the first game. Now weve just got to go and put out a
        great effort here starting September 10th.

        (On why QB Ryan Fitzpatrick was chosen over QB Dave Ragone) I think
        Fitz [Patrick] having some extra time certainly gave him an advantage.
        He played well in practice and most of the preseason. I dont think
        either one had their best night Thursday night, but its like I told
        Dave this morning when I met with him. Not one game made the decision
        for me or for anybody. He worked an uphill battle, and improved, and
        did well, and better every game he played until the last one. I said
        You should have no regrets. Hell have feelers from other people.
        Hes certainly someone whos been here that is now familiar with what
        were doing, so I told him I wouldnt forget about him. I go a long
        way back with him now and that was a tough one. Ive done itI left
        before his senior year when I was coaching him in college, and then I
        had to talk to him about this deal today, which was certainly not

        (On depth being the reason CB DeJuan Groce was cut) No question. We
        ve added some real quality depth to our secondary. We needed to. The
        battles were very good there. DeJuan did a nice job for us. I think
        he had an interception early in the preseason, I think I might have
        even been the Indianapolis game, but he did a nice job for us. Had a
        little set back with the hamstring injury, and that held him back
        some. It didnt allow him to stay in that mode he was in as far as
        competing, but that was another tough one. It hampered him being able
        to help possibly making the team as a specialist because he was never
        100 percent healthy after he got that hamstring injury in training

        (On if the hamstring injury was what kept Groce out) The hip flexor,
        and then his hamstring was bothering him this last week, so he was
        having some problems with both. He went as much as he could but it
        -09-03-2006, 12:17 PM
      • sosa39rams
        Leftover FA Players To Target
        by sosa39rams
        There's still many good players out there, he's the group I think we should have interest/call/SIGN:

        Kayvon Webster, CB, DEN: This one's easy. Webster played for years under Wade and was one of the best ST'ers in the NFL during his time there. Unfortunately for him, he couldn't crack the starting lineup as DEN has the deepest CB trio in the league. I mentioned him weeks ago, and now we're rumoured to have interest. He can come here for a decently cheap contract and start opposite of Tru, which is great.

        Nick Mangold, C, NYJ: Adding Mangold would be awesome. Sure, he's older (33), but he is still one of the best C's in the league and if we can add him on a short deal (1-3 years) we can get a great blocker that can spring our OL from average to good. He'll help lead, he'll be a great player, and he'll teach the young guys along with Whitworth about how to approach the game.

        Dekoda Watson, OLB, DEN: Another DEN guy, Watson can be a starter at SLB if need be, or can backup Quinn at WLB. He provides pass rushing juice and can be signed for the vet minimum, which is great.

        Kevin Minter, ILB, ARI: Minter is someone we should call and ask what he's looking for. I guess ILB is not an immediate need right now, but adding Minter would be nice because he's played his entire NFL career in a 3-4 and we'd be stealing a decent player from a division rival.

        Dont'a Hightower, ILB, NE: I've also mentioned adding Hightower earlier this off-season, and we absolutely need to call him and get a visit at least. He's somehow still out there, and is a top 5 ILB in the NFL. As complete as they come, Hightower would be an expensive addition but he would completely transform this front 7 and would be the anchor this defense needs. At worst see what he's looking for.

        Who are the guys you guys like?
        -03-11-2017, 05:06 PM