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    I swear I nodded off a couple of times in that first half. The two good things were first and foremost, no turnovers....even though on that last drive they should have had an interception and I qualify recovering an on-side kick as a turnover. The second thing is the defense played well enough. They bent a lot, but didn't break and allowed two field goals. Atlanta has done a terrific job of holding the ball, especially the second quarter. Hey Lovie, blitz. Now that Chandler is out it may not be the wisest thing to blitz. My question is simple....we gave Chandler all day to throw the ball, no pressure at all except on the rare, and I mean rare occassions, when we blitzed. Why not blitz the hell out of him? I guess that's why I'm not a coach because things that obvious just aren't simple. And boy oh boy am I glad we have idiot and his brother dumbass announcing the game for us.

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    special teams

    I forgot to add how bad our special teams, especially on kickoffs, sucks again today. Fire the coach and have either Lovie or Martz coach the special teams too.


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      much better team performance

      Tremendous look the second half. They got more people involved, they got more pressure on the quarterback. I thought this might have been Warner's best game of the year, or at least one of his best....and I'm not even thinking about stats. He just did a super job of watching his throws. I think he stayed more within his comfort zones and didn't go as deep as much. The deep plays they had were 20-yard passes that the receiver took a long way after the catch. My complements to the defense. The Rams played a surging Falcon team in their home dome and came to play ball the second half. Now bring on the Whiners. Why is Martz still playing Warner and Faulk with a big league and 8 minutes to go in the game....and I know they Warner and Faulk just hooked up for the touchdown, but why have them playing right now? Hey, how about 2 defensive touchdowns today and no turnovers for us.


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        JD, you need to relax with this team

        Heck son, we barely touched the ball in the second quarter and still had a 14-6 lead. When the O got the ball in the second half, we showed the NFL why they are the 28th ranked defense in the NFL.

        This is a game the Rams needed, no turnovers and great D play even though we are very hurt.

        Dude, this team came back today after a tough loss to the Bucs. They proved something to me today, that they know how good they are. And they want to win. Lots of heart was found today. Thanks Rams, you really made this fan smile. :p


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          Wow, you're upset with them for allowing 2 field goals? Hey, I'll take this game over the past few. 5 TDs (6 if you count the return by Tyoka) and no real turnovers. We still put the ball in the air on plays that I thought should have been kept on the ground, but at least it didn't wind up in their hands on any of those.

          Frankly, I am breathing a big *sigh* of relief at the level they played today. Especially on D with key players still out. Coady stepped up and showed he was worthy to fill Archuleta's shoes. Good boy!

          Someone please explain what Rod Jones did to get ejected from game? I didn't see it and don't think they replayed it adequately enough for me to tell. Not good to be brought into game and then be escorted from field within minutes of getting out there. (And I was watching, bad coverage FOX)

          Found my sound off and the radio on again, Madden maddens me to no end.

          The Rams are back and they are here to win it. At least today they looked like they were. My week is gonna be a good one.

          (P.S. Da Bears won too, by dumb luck, but hey!)


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            I couldnt be happier with the Rams performance today.NO TURNOVERS!If we play at this level next week the Whiners dont stand a chance,and I cant see the Rams looking past the Whiners.Next Sunday is,by far,the biggest game of the year so far.

            :angryram: GO RAMS! STAY FOCUSED! WIN!:shield:


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              great game

              This was a fun game to watch, I agree with ya TxRam and MsWistrom. What Rod Jones did was a DT or DE was on the ground and Roddy tried to take his helmet off him, and decapitate him. A Rams win is a Rams win, and i got a good chuckle out of seeing Jones all smiles after the incident. Of all my years seeing ***** get away with punching Rams goalposts etc. I can live with seeing a Ram get ejected with us ahead by 30 points. lol RAMS RULE!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! It's a great day to be a Rams fan :evil:


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                everyone please read original posts again

                To my life-long buddy TXramsfan and MsWistRAM and anyone else that reads my posts and then interprets them wrong.....I stated that the first half was a sleeper for me....sorry, but it was. Yes, the Rams had the ball and scored in the first quarter and didn't hardly see it the entire second quarter. Hey, I gave credit where credit was due, the Atlanta offense, for holding onto the ball and keeping the Ram offense off the field. Then I gave credit to the Ram defense for "bending, but not breaking" and holding Atlanta to two field goals. I also said, in the second line of the first post, that a good thing that happened was NO TURNOVERS. I was a little shocked at how easy it was for Atlanta to get the on-sides kick, but then that goes back to the special teams coach not having the right personnel on the field or not having his team ready for the on-sides kick possiblity. I didn't see the reason for not throwing more blitzes at Chandler. They even talked about it at the first of the game that if the Rams didn't pressure Chandler that he would have a pretty good throwing day. I would have blitzed more because we were not putting pressure on him and he was throwing the ball with some degree of success. I don't think we covered kickoffs well, again. Call me crazy, but I think it's a bad thing when the other team starts out every drive on the 30 yard line or better because our kickoff coverage isn't there. This is an opinion board and those were my opinions. I was happy they won. I thought they played a terrific second half, completely different from the first half. And I know a lot of that was because they didn't have the ball. Good going Rams. A win is a win and I thought they played a terrific second half, quite possible the best half of the season. I thought Warner did a great job. As a matter of fact, I will check, but I think I posted a 3rd message stating all of these things that I am restating in defense here. I will not chill out as long as I have an opinion on something. I am not attacking any person or any player, I am merely stating my thoughts on what happened. jd


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                  My bad on the 2 fgs allowed comment, you said something positive and I didn't "hear" it right. My apologies. I was on a high and just let my adrenaline answer for me. All is good.


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                    no problem

                    It was probably my bad in the way I started the thread. I started it out sounding negative and there were bound to be replies that called me on it. I really didn't mean it bad, bad on the Rams part. Go Rams.


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                      Re: no problem

                      Originally posted by jdpbmo
                      It was probably my bad in the way I started the thread. I started it out sounding negative and there were bound to be replies that called me on it. I really didn't mean it bad, bad on the Rams part. Go Rams.
                      You're still the man DOC. :p :helmet: :lid:


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                        The right view...

                        "GO RAMS!!!" is right!