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Whiners Game day predictions please

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  • Whiners Game day predictions please

    Nice and early this week as its 49*rs week.

    Rams come back to the Dome

    As long as Kurt does NOT attempt the long ball and someone FIXES those Not so Special Teams we should be in good form.

    I hear we will get some players back on Defense so that should help us out.

    We need to pressure Grassearse quickly and often to throw his timing off. And as long as Herst is kept in check (not an easy thing to do) we will be sitting atop the division with a 1 game advantage.

    Rams 38 . Whiners 21 :shield:

    Keeping the Rams Nation Talking

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    Rams 38
    Whiners 27

    Warner...3 TD, 1 INT 300 yds+
    Defense...4 sacks, INT, FMBL, TD

    High scoring, but we give 'em mop up points.


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      Bad Blood

      This is the us against them game. The first game in a very long time that it means something on both sides. If we can't get up for this game, and wipe the turf with the Whiners, then it isn't our year.

      Rams 42
      Whiners 10


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        This week will define our whole season.
        One of Chigaco or Green Bay is going drop to 9-3 after their game and if we can beat the whiners it'll be down to a two-horse race for homefield advantage.
        Mind you, the way we're playing on the road - does it matter?

        Whiners 23
        Rams 27


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          I wasn't going to put this in 'til I seen the injury report, but this is a statement game for this team. They know 9ers are getting the press as of late and this isn't making Martz happy. We are in the final run and we better bring a big stick to this game.

          Rams 38
          Whiners 24


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            Well,I hope this game is a blowout,but it seems that I predicted blowouts against the Aints and the Bucs and they lost.So this week I will be conservative again.I believe it is going to be a well played game and quite possibly a classic.

            RAMS 28 WHINERS 21

            :angryram: GO RAMS! STAY FOCUSED! WIN!:shield:


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              Well, I was way off on the Falcons score. The RAMS took control of that one. I am only hoping that they play even better against the *****.

              Put the hurt on Terrell Owens and you knock out most of their passing game. And, watch the scramble from Garcia.

              If - Sorry WHEN the RAMS get this one, there will be no stopping them from here on out.

              Nothing is more satisfying than a 49er loss.

              Except, of course, a RAMS WIN!


              Always a Rams Fan............

              Rex Allen Markel


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                :confused: OOPS - forgot the score

                RAMS - 38

                Whiners - 24
                Always a Rams Fan............

                Rex Allen Markel


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                  Rams 34
                  ***** 23

                  Nailbiter. 1 turnover each. No defensive touchdowns. Amazing game for Marshall and Bruce. Wistrom kicks major major A**!!


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                    I actually feel confident about this one for some reason. Although I picked the Rams by 14 last week against Atlanta, I was nervous.

                    Back at home, wanting to prove that they can play consecutive games without a turnoverfest, getting healthy on defense and the fact that it is the ***** all adds up to:

                    Rams 41
                    ***** 21

                    I think we stop the run, and contain Garcia and there will be a couple of turnovers.

                    Lets remember that this is a team that 4 of their 9 wins came in OT and that the game was well in hand earlier this year before a couple of late scores.


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                      Cool for mentioning Wistrom, MaxQ!

                      This is an important game on both sides of the ball. Either someone will blow it big time, or it will be a nail biter to the end. I vote for the nail biter:

                      Rams 31
                      Whiners 28


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                        I have an awful feeling about this one,

                        but here we go;

                        rams 31
                        ners 24.

                        I hope.
                        The Breakfast Club. You want cheese with that?


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                          The team with the better DEFENSE is going to win!
                          But a close one.

                          RAMS - 27
                          ***** - 24 :rolleyes:

                          GOOOOOOOOOOOOO RAMS!!


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                            After the Falcons game, I figured the Rams would win in a shootout easily...but after San Francisco shut out the Bills, I'm not so sure. Granted, it was Buffalo, but this is the NFL and it's difficult to shut anyone out like the 9ers did the Bills.

                            The only thing I predict is that the game ends in the last two minutes, if not over time. And, the Rams are not guaranteed a victory this week. I know many will choose to think otherwise, but this game could go either way. :upset:


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                              Both the ***** and Bears have benefitted from weak schedules. Sure the ***** are 9-2 but take a good look at who they have played and they should have a good record right now. This week begins the "meat" part of their schedule. Rams will benefit from being more battle tested. The Niners pass rush is a major weakness and they will not be able to pressure Warner consistently without blitzing. At some point the Rams will exploit this and the floodgates will open.

                              Rams 37 ***** 24

                              Greg :evilram:


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                                Well, coming off another blow out loss, the 8-6 Rams travel to almost SF to play the 11-3 Whiners. Whiners lead the series 70-67-3. My hope is to close this year out without another embarrassing defeat. Embarrassing translates to barely showing up. Whiners D will bring pressure. Not always a good ingredient for our offense. I hope we can play competitively.

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                                In a schedule spoof?? the 12-3 Rams once again close out the regular season v the 4-11 Whiners. Last year, Rams held out starters and Whiners took it to our back-ups 34-1. I found that game to be personally very painful to watch. This year, the Rams have something to play for. The Whiners lead this series 69-66-3. Rams whupped Whiners in the first match-up on 10/21.......39-10
                                SF has a decent defense, ranked 10th overall. I think a key here will be rushing. Rams defense last in league on yds per carry at 5.0. Whiners allowing average of 4.1. On paper, Rams should take this and secure first round bye........Operative word is "should"

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                                Week 7 Rams @ Whiners predictions
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                                This week, the 6-0 Rams are headed up north to play the Whiners in a NFC West match-up. It will be the Rams 3rd straight road game.

                                This IS the rivalry for the Rams IMO. During our (many) lousy years, if we could at least muster a win or two against these guys it would sooth my aching soul a bit. I have been to Candlestick many times to watch this rivalry. I was there in 1999 to see Warner and Faulk take care of biz.

                                At 6-0, the Rams have matched their start with GSOT teams. The team record is 11 straight wins to start the season in 1969. During that year, the Rams started 11-0....lost their last three regular season and then dropped the playoff game to the Vikings. A win this week would put this team as the second best Ram start in history.

                                The Whiners lead the series 69-65-2. Teams have played twice a year since 1950. The Whiners have taken the last 4 of 5......

                                Boy do I DISLIKE the Whiners.....especially being from the Bay Area.

                                Whiners not a pushover regardless of their 1-5 record.............

                                Rams 27
                                Whiners 21

                                What say you?...
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                                Rams 27
                                Whiners 14

                                What do you think?
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                                This is a trap game for us. We have Division leader Seattle coming into the Dome next Sunday. I hope our team doesn't take the Whiners to lightly.
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