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  • A look at the Best

    After doing some looking today...I like our chances amoung for home field based on schedule...what do you all think??

    ST. LOU-S.F, N.O, Car. Indy, Atl

    BEARS-G.B, T.B, Wash, Dallas, Jacksonville

    WHINERS-ST.L, Miami, Philly, Dallas, N.O

    Whiners could end up losing at least 3 more as well as the Bears.:evilram:

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    Its down to the Rams Jason, they have to bring the A game every week and forget the rest, but saying that, I do like our chances.

    Keeping the Rams Nation Talking


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      We could do it, if we don't beat ourselves anymore. Gotta admit, these next two games have me scared. Will breath a sigh of relief if we come out on top of the Whiners and Aints.


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      • macrammer
        Whiners are ready to be plucked!!!
        by macrammer
        here in the Bay area, I am hearing call after call about how crappy the Whiners are. some fans are lamenting the loss of Alex Smith lol.....They are without A.Smith, P.Willis and V.Davis. They have been run on, passed on and stepped on. They are in disarray. But, they are a proud organization and will not go down without a FIGHT. The Rams have a great opportunity this Thursday to come together and play good sound fundamental football against a division foe. The Whiners are ripe to be plucked. This game will tell many Ram fans quite a bit about their team.
        -09-24-2013, 09:01 PM
      • sjacksonrules
        We could send the whiners into turmoil
        by sjacksonrules
        It was announced today that Colin with get the start on sunday. I think this helps us out game planning for him. I know he hasn't planned many games but I figure we can game similar to RG3 and there wasnt much tape on him either.

        I think if we can win this game it would send the whiners into a downward spiral. If you didn't see Colin had to do everything he could to keep himself from smiling because he didn't want to upset Smith. If we can get a few picks on Colin that could cause Harbaugh to pull the plug half way through. Lets home we have the same sticky hands sunday that we had last week. Colin is a young player it should be easy to get into his head.

        If the whiners lose this game I think that would cause alot of second guessing.

        Here's to a Rams win! I think we can do it. We need to start fast and never let off the gas. Lets drive these whiners into the ground. I'm tired of the talk that they are best in the west. Last time I checked we were undefeated in the west, lets keep it that way!
        -11-28-2012, 09:09 PM
      • LaRamsFanLongTime
        Whiners game
        by LaRamsFanLongTime
        With the reported loss of Tye Hill the boys are gonna have their hands full. Pisa banged up, Bennett returning but still banged up, Pace out for the season. I remember last year we went through this and it sucked. One positive last year was even with the make shift line this teams talented offense exploded. What worries me is the 5 game skid last year when all these problems started popping up. This team cannot afford that this year. This division is gonna play hard and the winner may very well be 9-7 again with the way our teams play against each other. A true champion rises above adversity. If any team in the NFL is facing adversity right now its the Rams.

        Speaking of adversity Frank Gore lost his mother this week. My prayers and thoughts are with him as he deals with that pain. As a fan of the rams though I have to be a little concerned about him leaving his pain all over our field much like Favre did to the Raiders. So basically I have decided he should break the single game rushing record against us but we still win by 3. Then of course Stephen Jackson breaks Gores record the following week.

        Its been a tough week in Sports for me. Until winning the series over the Padres my Dodgers were struggling a little over the week losing 2 out of 3 to the hated giants. My fantasy team had a 44 point lead going into Sunday night. The problem there is the opposing team had Romo and T.O and all of a sudden my lead disappeared. Then of course there was my Rams. Its been a long time since I felt that dejected over a loss. I really had a feeling this team was gonna push deep into the playoffs setting up a couple Super Bowl returns over the next few years. They looked terrible over the course of that game. Add to that Pace getting pushed out of the season and I saw the season pass before my eyes.

        This week we play the Whiners. This is a team supposedly on the rise. As good as that defense looked I still dont know if I buy it. This great Cardinals offense that we have heard about has looked anything but great over the last few seasons. Alex Smith looked terrible until the last drive (that does show some maturity with the comeback). Gore was not dominant he put up most his offenses yards but was not breaking off big gains all night. Right now you have a team that feels dejected and worn out like its week 9 of a tough season. You have another team in the Whiners that are all pumped up and ready to pounce. Where do the Rams draw inspiration from??? From the fact that we are playing the low down dirty whiners. A team that beat us up for a decade and called us "The same old sorry @$$ lambs". This is a game that many are saying is a must win. I want a merciless beating where the whiners second string comes in because they are too far behind to comeback. "A must win" as if the Rams now all of a sudden were just an over hyped team with no real talent. Holt, Jackson, Bulger, Bruce, that alone would make...
        -09-14-2007, 10:41 AM
      • Ramdog
        Maybe We Need To Lose To The Whiners...
        by Ramdog
        I like to look at all things from every angle. And as i sat here thinking i came to the conclusion that losing to the whiners might be exactly what we need. Lets break this down.

        1. Maybe losing the home field advantage isnt such a bad thing. We are 6-0 on the road. I know that having to play in Chicago or green bay, in the cold is bad, but is it?

        2. When we lose to the Bucs or the Saints we can pawn it off on those two teams just knowing how to beat us. Every team in the NFL has a couple teams that they have trouble with. We lose to the saints and it's ah well they have our number. But losing to the whiners on the other hand might just be the wake up call we need. It might deflate the ego that the MEDIA has created for us, and it might get those passionate juices flowing again.

        3. The niners beating the Rams could inflate the already inflated whiner ego. This could be good. For teams in the NFL playing within your division is a war. Consisting of two, possibly more battles in one giant war for supremacy. We took the first battle in the war against the whiners, they may take the second, but we will win the third and decisive battle.

        So maybe losing this battle against the whiners isn't such a bad thing. It may be just what we need to spark that fire that we all grew accustomed to the last two years. The fire hasn't died, it has only gone into hibernation and just needs to be relit. I keep scanning whiner sites hoping to find some trash talking quote from owens that might end up pinned up in the rams locker room. It Appears Mr. Big mouth is keeping his mouth shut so far. Maybe other teams are seeing what i'm seeing, a dorman monster waiting to be awoken. It took Japan bombing pearl harbour to awaken the united states, maybe a whiner will will awaken this sleeping giant. Who knows.

        -12-04-2001, 04:35 PM
      • r8rh8rmike
        Do We Do The Unthinkable This Sunday?
        by r8rh8rmike
        Do we root for the whiners to beat the Seahawks? Painful thought isn't it?
        -11-13-2006, 08:48 PM