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    My wife and I plan to attend the Hall of Fame Game this year. I was wondering if any Clan Ramís wanted to get a tailgate party together before the game. I don't have tickets yet but will do whatever it takes to get in. I don't get to see the Rams in this area very much anymore and am excited about the game. I canít wait to see Jack Youngblood and Jackie get in. They made life a little better for me as I was growing up in a Dallas Cowboy and Steeler infested era/area. Anyway, if anyone is interested let me know and we will make it happen.


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    Hey Max


    There are quite a few Rampagers/ClanRam members thinking of coming to the game and seremony.

    Plus we have a bit of a bash at the Rams first home game of the season.

    Takes a bit of co-ordinating as we come from all over the world.

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      I've done a little research and found out that it might not be as easy as I thought to get tickets to this game. The just had a drawling for end zone tickets and the post cards had to be in by the 22nd of March. I'll keep trying to find a way to get in, not too psyched to get the standing room only but I'll do what I have to :-) If anyone has an idea on how to get a better seat it would be greatly appreciated.



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        Tickets to the Hall of Fame Game

        I have two tickets being auctioned off on ebay if your interested in going to the game. Item#1250251198.
        I really wish i could also go to the game but my work schedule has me on the road that day.