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Rams toned it down and they still scored 35

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  • Rams toned it down and they still scored 35

    It's like a fastball pitcher you can overthrow the ball trying to throw too hard and be wild like the Rams were. Or you can concentrate on the basics your mechanics tone it down and still throw 90 mph and strike everybody out! That's in anything, you can try to hard and be out of control! Everyplay doens't have to be a BIG PLAY! The question is can they maintain balance and self control in the face of adversity!:helmet:

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    I think a noticable (spell check please aints) worry just now is Kurts Warners thumb. I know its been long talked about but listen.

    In yesterdays game, All Kurts long balls were DUCKS, and he was luck tha t one did not get picked.

    I know the first drive after the half he was GREAT, but he had had a chance to rest it. As soon as he starts to warm up, the long ball becomes an issue.

    I think Martz is tailoring (spell check please aints) his game plan to minumize the long ball. Thoughts ?

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      I've noticed it also, does Microsoft have a .DLL file on aints fans posts to an automatic dictionary? :p