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Forty Whiners are Coming!!!!!!!!!

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  • Forty Whiners are Coming!!!!!!!!!

    ClanRam Members,

    This game on Sunday will tell alot about our RAMS. Yes, we are the best team in the NFL right now. Yes we have the best offense and as of today we have the # 3 ranked defense in all the NFL. It will be of the utmost importance that we stay focused,keep our concentration and not turnover the ball.

    Our defense has to keep a tight grip on the best reciever in the NFL (Terrell Owens). This guy is awesome and hes a true playmaker. But I do think Aneas will be able to stop him like he did when we first played them.

    In conclusion this game will probably determine who has homefield advantage in the playoffs. And, also, this game is probably our single most important game of the year.

    Yours Truly..

    Rams Rule!!!! We are the :king: kings of NFL

    Rams 42 *****35

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    Hey Doncjram! Welcome to the one and only ClanRam! Congrats for your first post -- and hopefully many more to come...

    You're right, BIG game next game.

    My early Christmas wish list: I want the Rams to control the game well, score 49 painful, punishing pointers on this one against Frisco. AND for our tough, new-old-rookie D to pummel the ninies to the ground: pounce on Owens, pick on Garcia, pesky against their run big time! Maybe allow them the luxury of 16 on their side of the scoreboard.
    Enjoy :cool: