I would like to officially announce my next writing project. I feel this forum is perfect since the Rams will play a large part of the inspirational aspect.

For those who do not know, I do screen plays mostly. I am an avid fan of film and feel there has yet to be a film made that grasps the full feeling of not only the sport of football but also that sacrifices the players make that enable it to be America's "new pastime".

I wanted to tell a story that anyone would be able to enjoy, even those who don't like football. Many aspects have contributed to that storyline. To best give you an idea, let me ask you a question...

What if you, being an NFL player, were told right before a game, that you were about to play the single greatest game you will ever play....ever? Told this by a compete stranger.

Naturally, you would take it with a grain of salt and thank them for being so confident in their skills. But, what if....you were the under dogs against a team that was undefeated....after 11 games. What if your team had a losing record....What if, you being the quarterback, had never won a Superbowl in ten years of playing and not made the playoffs in three....

This will most likely be your last season...Your beat up...tired...and booed on a weekly basis by the fans....And most important....You feel you will not be remembered after you retire.

What if this stranger were more then they seemed? The third quarter starts...Your playing in their stadium...The score is 33-7 in their favor....What if...the stranger were right??:evil: