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  • The Message Seems Clear

    Wow! Thank Heaven for Jeff Wilkins. Yeah, he may have missed that VERY makeable field goal at the end of the first half, but I have to pat him on the back for his TWO touchdown-saving tackles on kickoffs.

    I'm certain injuries on the defense keep them from putting their preferred 11 on the coverage unit, but for crying out loud...

    I've made my opinion of Bobby April abundantly clear, and I have a feeling the writing on the wall was written in bold type, underlined, highlighted, and dressed up in neon when the Rams went to squibbing kicks to give up possession at the 35 instead of taking further chances of having one brought back to the house. My new name for our kick coverage team: April's Fools.

    If anyone starts a pool to bet on which Rams coach will be the next one fired, I'll put a week's pay on April.

    This is NOT to find the dark cloud to the silver lining of a turnover free game by any means...just a casual observation.

    I think the defense deserves TONS of credit for overcoming so many injuries to hold a game Falcons offense out of the end zone. However, I would like to see Lovie be a bit more receptive to using the blitz for more pressure. They didn't give "Crystal Chandelier" much pressure, and he picked them apart. When they sent people after Vick, they had him running for his life and misfiring.

    By the way, did anyone else find themselves laughing (although I wouldn't have been if the game had been close) over the home field spot they gave on that 4th down scramble? The gave Atlanta a good half a ball's length on the spot, and I don't think Atlanta would have had the first down if the proper spot is placed.

    Minor details.

    Big game this week - go Rams!

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    April in December -- again...

    Yes, Coach April might make improvements for a better special team - elsewhere in the NFL. I agree Djccon, he will probably be moving to a new address at the end of this season.

    Ever since those silly "Special" teams penalties against San Diego on an exhibition game that ruined and lost the game for the Rams back in August -- I remember Mike Martz seemingly puzzled, frustrated, annoyed at him on the sideline.

    An omen to be fulfilled. We've been bad at times in this area and worse at other times. Time for a permament move.

    Still, GO RAMS!!! :mad:


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      There are more than one or two players on the KO team injured, more like 5 or 6. This is frustrating, but not April's fault. Don't be firing good coaches just yet. :lid: