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  • Bring back the B&W

    For the next 2 games the Rams should bring back the Bob and Weave. This would be the emotional boost that just might spark the team through the hump. I hope if ANYone of importance reads this list that they take this in high reguards. If I had the money I would pay the fine

    Think of it folks. I know my heart is pumping just thinking of it ;)

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    Dancin Machine!! Watch me get down!!

    I agree, and I will even distribute empty beer cups for donations throughout the section I will be in this week to help pay for the players fines. :p


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      Well, I thought of a way they could incorporate the Bob 'n Weave without being fined that the male fans would enjoy as well: HAVE THE CHEERLEADERS DO IT! Just a thought. They could use it for the Whiners game at home. Maybe gets the staff and sideline buddies to do it in the game against the Aints. Or, if Kurt's feeling generous again, another Christmas gift to the fans. I'll take it anyway we can. :o


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        Ms WistRAM, you are a genius.

        I just had a vision of the cheerleaders doing the Bob and Weave and I liked it. I think we need a petition signed by all 600 clanram members to be sent to Rams park. We better hurry, they need some time to practice!:mask:


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          I would even watch them practice. he he ;)


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            Do it!...

            Hey, great idea! Really! It's innovative, practical, and a sure solution... Excellent!

            Rams cheerleaders shouldn't need too much practice on this routine -- just improvise and do it! No penalties, no fines, just a whole lot of bob'nweave and a roar throughout! Besides, they're the specialists, not the players [who came up with it anyway, Torry?]...

            School teams have their cheerleads doing push-ups each time they score, firing cannons, galloping horses, dancing bears, etc.3. Wouldn't it be Ramtastic to have our ET squad take over for the silly ban on the B&W?

            RamDez, how about submitting MsWistRAM's proposal to NFL? I mean it! :cool:


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              Watch those TV ratings rocket...

              P.S.: ...But wait, there's MORE!
              CBS, ESPN, FOX, it would even shoot your viewer ratings way up! ;)


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                Great idea; MsWistRam (do you know Grant?) (I don't know him on a personal level but met him several times when he went to Webb City HS, Nebraska, & STL RMS)

                I was recently on a Niners' MB that had a post about T. Owens dancing. Some were against it. However, many started trying to justify Owen's dancing (expecially his 50yd line display against Dallas several years ago) and draw a line between his dancing being okay and group displays like the B&W, the Dirty Bird Dance, and the individual Ickey Shuffle as completely inappropriate. Seemed a little hypocritical to me..

                I think they should be able to do it as long as it is directed at pumping their own guys up and not just to rub it in the opponents faces (granted, that's a fine line).



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                  Bob & Weave

                  Without a doubt Ram's cheerleaders doing the Bob & Weave would be is own halftime show!

                  Go Rams beat SF!



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                    I knew you GUYS would like that idea. What surprises me is that it was me, a woman, who thought of it. Now, who has the teams ear that we can pass this idea along? Apparently it's a popular enough one that they might actually consider using it.

                    RAMSFAN, they've had their training camps here so I've met him. Don't know him very well, except for the stories I hear from chatters in the ChatStLouis room at MSN.;)