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  • MNF Sign Help

    I will be at the Monday night game against the Saints. We have end zone seats and I want to make a sign for the game. This may be my only opportunity to be on national TV.

    I want to incorporate the ABC letters but I am drawing a blank.

    What about

    super Bowl
    Coming for Rams

    or maybe just Hi Mom!

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    Hey RAMble, That's a great sign! I'll be watching for it!


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      How about this

      Bashing for the


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        Just saw this on e-Bay

        There were several listed but pretty cool....
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        Hey Guys,
        I'm going to the Rams @ Niners game this season and i have tix a couple rows back from Rams bench and with the recent news that Jackson is going to opt out of contract at the end of the year, I really want to make a sign thanking him for his years of dedication and hard work, And I was hoping you guys could help me brainstorm on some good ideas for the sign..

        Any ideas? thanks guys

        Go Rams..
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