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Hi guys. Glad i found this site.

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  • Hi guys. Glad i found this site.

    Just wanted to say hi to all my Ram loving friends. I have been a life long Rams fan. About 24 years now. I took the move to St. Louis pretty hard seeing as my roots are in L.A. But as any good loyal fan should do i stuck with them. And i will untill the bitter end of my days.

    The Rams winning the super bowl was as emotional for me as anything could get. For fans, true fans, your team winning the super bowl, world series, or NBA finals can be pretty damn rewarding. And the Rams wining the bowl was nothing short of rewarding.

    This season in my eyes has been a very weird one. I'm tired of my heart jumping into my throat everytime the opposing team punts. Or we recieve a kickoff. Warners thumb brought back flashbacks to last years concussion, although in my humble opinion i would rather have Jamie Martin on the field then Trent "i really do suck" green. And i would have to agree with the post about the Rams energy on offense. Where is it? Nobody is so good they can act like the Rams have been. Bring back the Bob and Weave, screw the fines. Most of those guys make in one football game what most of us make in a year. Pay the stupid fine. Money is nothing, but winning is, winning is accomplishing something, money is just a status.

    The whiners are coming this weekend and all i can say is i have that same feeling i had back in the late 80's early 90's. I despise, with every inch of my soul the *****. I live in Reno nevada, and the Niners are this towns golden boys. Them and the Raiders. Could i be surrounded by two worse teams and fans? Rams games are rarely on TV due to the network affiliates having to play those two teams. It's very depressing. If i have my way on sunday the Rams will annihilate the *****. That would destroy all doubts in the minds of the critics, and the minds of most fans. I think the rams, after the recent criticism, are ready to blow up on somebody. And no, i dont think they blew up on the falcons. I'm talking total domination, they are more then capable of it. Not to mention if we destroy the whiners it might just shut that big mouth, ego inflated idiot named Terrel Owens up. I doubt it but if we are all lucky it just might. Heres to hoping.

    Oh well i've talked way to long.

    Well Met

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    Welcome RamDog and a great first post :shield:

    I know how you feel about those whiners man, I just hate them so much it hurts bad.

    I have a brother who was always in my face (he is a whiner fan) when the rams were down. Then all of a sudden the whiners got bad real quick and he was off ....... not interested in football any more, for 4 years .......

    And guess what .............. Yep, he is back smack talking me on the phone ALL friggin week.

    Man, the whiners must have the worse fair weather fans EVER

    I hope we do a good job on these guys on Sunday. We nead to come out and STAY in our A game :shield: :ram:

    Keeping the Rams Nation Talking


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      I reall cant stress how much i hate them.


      My best friend growing up was a Whiner fan. So many sunday's at his house watching the whiners beat the rams. It was heartbreaking. Now the tides have turned and i really wish i could find that fool. I want payback so bad.

      I was just on the whiners board, they really think they are so much better then us. Sad. In truth they are nowhere near the calibur of a team we are. If we play MAX Q then there is not one team in the NFL and maybe even in all times that can beat us. I just hope the rams truly understand how important this game is and show up for it.



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        I here ya bro,

        I was very glad to hear Mike Martz say after the Falcons game

        Its 49*rs Week

        Keeping the Rams Nation Talking


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          This week I've been trying not to stress over the Whiners game,but it has been difficult to downplay.This game is huge for us and them.I also visited the Whiners board and its the same 'ol sorry a$$ Whiner fans.I cant believe they have the nerve to assume that all Rams fans are bandwagen fans.Oh well.It all comes down to the game.I agree that if we bring our "A" game we will win.The Whiners are good ,but I believe were better.I know the Rams have got to be psyched for this game.Its gonna be a classic.

          :angryram: GO RAMS! STAY FOCUSED! WIN!:evilram:


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            You got to bring it Aries, this is Whiner week. One of the few weeks all year we really get juiced for the game. It dosen't matter what the records are, it is the Whiners. And this game, oh my, this game..... very glad I will be there.

            RamDog, welcome to the Clan Sir. It is pleasure to have you amongst all your Ram blood.

            Guys, just got my ClanRam long sleeve tshirt, wearing it Sunday to THE GAME!!

            Dez, calm me down please. :o :o


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            • RamDez
              That was whiners week!
              by RamDez
              For all the years that I have been a Rams fan, the constant things in a season were to look forward to whiner week. Win or Lose. I have attended 12 whiner - Ram games and enjoyed wins and a couple of sore losses. I have partied in San Fran and jeered at whiners as they cried. I have sat in my hotel room after a loss and kicked seven bells out of the sofa bed, TV, toilet and anything else that did not move. At home, I would either whoop it up or my dogs would take the hint and run for cover. BUT this ........................

              I sat in my house, watching on computer with HD quality as the whiners beat up on a team that I could not bring myself to call Rams. This "other team" very likely to be a high school team having a laugh were dressing in the Rams uniforms right enough but there is no way they could be the team I loved! And casting an eye over to the coaching staff! Now who are these guys? Surely not NFL caliber coaches? No way, I know who they are, they are the high school teachers, they are in on the prank, they must be.

              The coaches on this team are living up and are now listening to the press. The Rams have had it tough, just look at all the injuries they have had, what a hard job it would be to try and deal with this. I remember a few years ago and more than once, watching NFL team getting clobbered with injuries and "dealing" with it, much to the cheers of the same press members. The Ram coaches and management have FAILED and FAILED badly to live up to their contracted jobs to coach and to manage this team. I want them to be fired, all of them. I want a complete clear out of these sudo coaches and managers, get them out of our house.

              I have not had enough, that was more than several weeks ago, I am now going to actively canvas to get their sorry arses out of my teams colours and to get REAL management and REAL coaches who won’t quit on this RAM team and me, a RAMS FAN.
              -12-05-2011, 01:39 AM
            • RamDez
              That was whiners week!
              by RamDez
              For all the years that I have been a Rams fan, the constant things in a season were to look forward to whiner week. Win or Lose. I have attended 12 whiner - Ram games and enjoyed wins and a couple of sore losses. I have partied in San Fran and jeered at whiners as they cried. I have sat in my hotel room after a loss and kicked seven bells out of the sofa bed, TV, toilet and anything else that did not move. At home, I would either whoop it up or my dogs would take the hint and run for cover. BUT...
              -12-05-2011, 01:39 AM
            • ljcrayton
              Rams fans becoming whiners?
              by ljcrayton
              What has happened to Rams fan. Yesterday, I was jumping around acting a straight donkey when we beat the browns...more importantly proving that we made a good coaching change. I was excited, I went out and had drinks to celebrate and when I get on this site, people are complaining? REALLY!?

              Look guys, our receivers sucks (with the exception to lloyd), Sam Bradford is playing very "meh," Steven Jackson has to find the fountain of youth to be a threat (which he found yesterday,) our cornerbacks are 3rd string, linebackers are as well....AND WE STILL WON.

              Take it for what it is. You can be like charger fans and complain about winning or you can be like a Ram fan and take the win, be happy, and cross ya fingers for next week.
              -11-14-2011, 09:28 AM
            • LaRamsFanLongTime
              Whiners game
              by LaRamsFanLongTime
              With the reported loss of Tye Hill the boys are gonna have their hands full. Pisa banged up, Bennett returning but still banged up, Pace out for the season. I remember last year we went through this and it sucked. One positive last year was even with the make shift line this teams talented offense exploded. What worries me is the 5 game skid last year when all these problems started popping up. This team cannot afford that this year. This division is gonna play hard and the winner may very well be 9-7 again with the way our teams play against each other. A true champion rises above adversity. If any team in the NFL is facing adversity right now its the Rams.

              Speaking of adversity Frank Gore lost his mother this week. My prayers and thoughts are with him as he deals with that pain. As a fan of the rams though I have to be a little concerned about him leaving his pain all over our field much like Favre did to the Raiders. So basically I have decided he should break the single game rushing record against us but we still win by 3. Then of course Stephen Jackson breaks Gores record the following week.

              Its been a tough week in Sports for me. Until winning the series over the Padres my Dodgers were struggling a little over the week losing 2 out of 3 to the hated giants. My fantasy team had a 44 point lead going into Sunday night. The problem there is the opposing team had Romo and T.O and all of a sudden my lead disappeared. Then of course there was my Rams. Its been a long time since I felt that dejected over a loss. I really had a feeling this team was gonna push deep into the playoffs setting up a couple Super Bowl returns over the next few years. They looked terrible over the course of that game. Add to that Pace getting pushed out of the season and I saw the season pass before my eyes.

              This week we play the Whiners. This is a team supposedly on the rise. As good as that defense looked I still dont know if I buy it. This great Cardinals offense that we have heard about has looked anything but great over the last few seasons. Alex Smith looked terrible until the last drive (that does show some maturity with the comeback). Gore was not dominant he put up most his offenses yards but was not breaking off big gains all night. Right now you have a team that feels dejected and worn out like its week 9 of a tough season. You have another team in the Whiners that are all pumped up and ready to pounce. Where do the Rams draw inspiration from??? From the fact that we are playing the low down dirty whiners. A team that beat us up for a decade and called us "The same old sorry @$$ lambs". This is a game that many are saying is a must win. I want a merciless beating where the whiners second string comes in because they are too far behind to comeback. "A must win" as if the Rams now all of a sudden were just an over hyped team with no real talent. Holt, Jackson, Bulger, Bruce, that alone would make...
              -09-14-2007, 09:41 AM
            • LaRamsFanLongTime
              Is it over now
              by LaRamsFanLongTime
              It looks like although the Rams lost a big game on Sunday the Whiners fans have finally accepted their fate.We do not have to hear them whine about how we have not beat anybody. Im sure we will see the little guys on before the slaughter in the dome after that it will be next year till we see them again.

              Disclaimer:Brain Daddy your excluded from my generalizations.
              -10-31-2006, 11:44 PM