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    Not sure how many people have ever seen this site but it makes for a good read. You are able to see every players salary for every team. You will notice how the Rams have some HUGE contracts coming up in the next 2 years. We are going to loose some GREAT players very soon. :upset:

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    I am convinced that Jay Z. and Charley Armey have the skills to bring in talent and work with the cap to keep us competitive for years to come.

    What worries me is the article about a week ago that said Charley Armey may be going to another team that is rebuilding. The article in the Post made it sound like there has been issues between Charley and Mike Martz.

    The only talent I am worried about losing is Charley Armey, Jay Z., Shaw, Martz, Lovie, Kolar etc.

    Iím not saying that management wins Super Bowls, but I do believe the right management can build a team with talent to win Super Bowls.

    My 2 cents



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      Oh great! More stress, thanks guys!:upset:

      (Just playing with you, J-ram. I'm still trying to prepare myself for the possibility of losing the Rams in training camp to another city.)