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A Real Whiner Rivalry

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  • A Real Whiner Rivalry

    Thinking about the rivalry with the Whiners and the upcoming game, I remembered a rivalry between my wifeís father and uncle.

    My wifeís father Bob was a huge Redskinís fan. His brother Jonesy is a huge Whiner fan. They would go back and forth each year with Jonesy typically coming out on top. This was going on during the Montana and Young years.

    Bob passed away a few years ago. He was such a huge fan the family buried him in his Redskins jersey. There was even flowers at the funeral that were the colors of the Redskins.

    The family began to walk past the casket and pay their last respects. One by one each person walked past and paused. When Jonesy walked past, he leaned over and removed his hat and put it in the coffin.

    It wasnít until later that Jonesy confessed that it was a whiner hat that he placed in the coffin!!

    The family is real cool and everyone laughed about it, Iím sure even Bob was laughing.

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    Great story. You have to love hardcore fans. They will smack talk from life unto death. :o