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  • Wired!!!

    Sunday can not come fast enough. I am would so darn tight right now or this weekend I am going to bust. What a weekend in football. I don't remember so much excitement since the kick off to Super Bowl 34. We got the Rams-niners, Bears-Pack and to top it off fantacy football.

    Damn I hope this weekend goes well. Anyone else feel like a little kid before x-mas morning....MAN:eek:

  • #2
    i think it's more than a kid before christmas! Maybe like waiting down the hours for your big date with Angelina Jolie or something.

    I'm psyched too, i can't wait, everything will stop and focus on the Rams whoopin' the whiners!

    (My fantasy team sucks for a change, injuries and crap):angryram:


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    • txramsfan
      The Masters
      by txramsfan
      Anyone else interested in The Masters this year?

      All you hear out of Augusta National is how the committee there screwed up the course by lengthening the course.

      Anyway, glad to see Ben Crenshaw still competing.
      -04-07-2006, 12:16 PM
    • Rambos
      'Caught in the Draft': Rams build Super Bowl team
      by Rambos
      Did anyone else happen to catch this show NFLN ran yesterday? The series is really well done and a lot of behind the draft stuff.

      The small part at the end was about the Rams 1994 players they ended up with.

      -05-02-2014, 10:01 AM
    • RamWraith
      A Dream???
      by RamWraith

      Last night I had the craziest dream. I can tell its football season.

      I dreamed that our 'ol buddy Kevin Carter tore up his acl/mcl and was lost for the season. I am not sure if this is an omen, but those of you that know me, knows who put $20.00 on the Rams in Vegas the year they won the Super Bowl.

      Boy, this would break my heart if it happened:rolleyes:

      (it would be sad, cause I hate to wish anything bad for ANYONE!
      -09-06-2001, 09:13 AM
    • general counsel
      Anyone going on vacation?
      by general counsel
      Anyone have any trips planned in the near future? Maybe a romantic getaway with the significant other or a chance to load up the family truckster and head to wally world?

      Ramming speed to all

      general counsel
      -02-15-2008, 03:33 PM
    • bruce4life
      Anyone heading up to the desert this weekend???
      by bruce4life
      The cardinals stadium is by far one of the coolest, nicest stadiums I've been to date. I'm headin up this weekend for a little fun and watching the rams come away with that WWWWWWWWW!!!
      -11-23-2012, 04:40 PM