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A Football Prayer

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  • A Football Prayer

    On this day of football,
    We look upon ourselves,
    Think of those whom we love,
    And know that which we play for.

    God, grant us victory,
    As we come to battle...
    We fight to win.

    {Tennessee Shuffler}

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  • RamWraith
    Time for FOOTBALL!!!
    by RamWraith
    We have all had a week for morning and for the shock to wear off. Lets strart rebuilding what brought us all to this wonderful place and not let the horror win over our hearts.

    Its time to work back into our hearts and minds FOOTBALL and the RAMS. Are we all ready for Sunday after a 2 week layoff. Are we ready for our team to be 2-0, and in loan forst place in the West.\

    -09-17-2001, 07:37 AM
  • Jackson39
    This is how our boys celebrated their win...
    by Jackson39
    YouTube - Rams Celebrate Win, Help Make-A-Wish Foundation

    We have some really generous people representing this organisation.

    Good on you men!

    Goodluck, lets make soup of the squawks!!!!:ram:

    GO RAMS!
    -10-03-2010, 03:27 AM
  • RamWraith
    SOme Bronco qoutes post game
    by RamWraith
    CB Champ Bailey

    (On the game)
    “We didn’t win. It’s like if you have a great season and you go to the Pro Bowl, but your team doesn’t win the Super Bowl. It doesn’t matter. You have to win. It is all about winning.”

    (On if this game reminds him of the opening game last season)
    “The only similarity is that it is opening day. We have time to bounce back. We have another game next week. We just have to go back and correct our mistakes and look forward to the best.”

    (On the defense keeping the team in the game)
    “Yeah, keep us in the game but it is a team thing. It is not a win. I don’t care how good we played. We still lost the game. We had plays in there that we need to get better at. We could have made some turnovers and kept it a little closer.”

    (On the offense)
    “We have a lot of talent on offense, and they will bounce back. I am not worried about that. We just have to keep playing good resistance

    RB Tatum Bell

    (On the game)
    “It felt good to get my second career start. It was a loss, and we have to bounce back next week. We ran the ball well. When it came down to the end, we lost. Turnovers were a factor and I had one myself. I am going to learn from it and work on it.“

    (On the turnovers)
    “It seemed like every time the defense stopped them, we had a turnover or went three and out. We have to eliminate that. We know that this offense is capable. We just have to go out and do it. It was no like us. We don’t turn the ball over. It was shocking to have five, and when you lose the turnover battle it is hard to win games.”

    (On being in the game on the final drive)
    “We weren’t surprised at all. I felt like we were in position to win. I thought we were going to get a touchdown on the last drive. We just have to keep on pushing.”

    QB Jake Plummer

    (On the frustration of losing the first game)
    “Yeah, it is frustrating. It is reminiscent of how we started last year. The difference now is to see how we respond. We have a lot of guys that will respond the right way, but that is not the way you want to start a season.”

    (On the offensive line performance)
    “A couple of times I was hurried. The guys gave some good protection and did a good job of giving me some time. As it went, we had some opportunities to win the ball game. When you don’t capitalize, that is when it hurts.”

    (On the Rams defense)
    “They played really fast. The first interception was a bad read. The other one was a jump ball and we didn’t come down with it. The last one, I think may be a little of interference, but we can‘t rely on those calls. We have to tip our hats to them, they play fast.”

    (On the Rams early pressure)
    “It affected us a little bit. We had some things designed to combat that, but playing in a loud stadium they will...
    -09-10-2006, 06:11 PM
  • laram0
    Better Days are coming
    by laram0
    It has been a frustrating start of the season for us RAMS fans.

    Our first game at Philly I really thought we had a chance at a win. Stupid me, we got buried.

    Our second game of the season at home against the defending Superbowl Champion Giants, I really thought we had a chance to win. Stupid me, we fell apart in the 4th quarter. Still thanks to our RAMS for playing tough for the first 3 quarters.

    Our third game is on the road at Seattle against the rival Seahawks. You guessed it right, I really feel like we have a chance to win.

    I also feel like we have a chance to win our 4th through 16th games.

    At least that's how feel every week leading up to one of our games.

    Bottom line for me is that we have waited since the 2007 regular season eneded to see our team play again. Wins are nice and what I expect but at least they're playing.

    GO RAMS!!!!!

    -09-19-2008, 08:15 AM
  • RamsSB99
    How in the worl did we even win 2 games this year?
    by RamsSB99
    How in the world was this team good enough to win two games this year? How in the world did we beat Dallas and the Skins?

    Seriously look at the margin of defeat in 8 of our 9 losses.

    LOST BY:

    In 8 of our 9 losses we got beat by 3 scores or greater. I have never seen a team regualarly get there ass kicked like this team does.
    -11-24-2008, 01:59 PM