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Calling all fans!!!

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  • Calling all fans!!!

    I am not sure how this is happening...cause I don't this this is even a discussion.

    Espn poll has Garcia killing Warner as the Better QB. GO VOTE!!

    The Broncos bring their red-hot offense to Green Bay to face the Packers.

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    Come one come all...

    J-Ram, RamDez, must call ALL fans! Everyone in the Clan!

    ClanRam "must" provide 600+ votes for Kurt to hurt that poll against Garcia. Currently, almost 13,000 votes have poured in for ESPN's "who's better" question; so far 42% favor our QB No.13. "Calling all fans" is right!
    Come on Kurt! Go Warner!! GO RAMS!!! :mad:
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      This one isn't even worthy of being a question. Garcia is a nice player but this is like Payton Manning being annointed as the best QB or Randy Moss being the best player in the game. Let these guys actually accomplish something significant besides some stats before the "hype" starts.



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        QB royalty...

        Your're right Gdive22, polls usually are hype-based, hype-oriented. Good to keep the gossip going and the tickets selling.

        On the serious side, I agree, let's wait for the results, the true indicators.
        For now ,I think Kurt is QB :king:
        Nonetheless, "Go Kuuurrt! GO RAMS!!!" :helmet:
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          Any questions?...

          "Warner teaches Garcia lesson in MVP 101."

          Headline quoted from ESPN's J. Clayton article, 12/10/01 regarding yesterday's convincing defeat of 9ers, QB included.