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Super Bowl Predictions... What do u think

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  • Super Bowl Predictions... What do u think

    First Question= Will the Rams Get to the super bowl?
    Second Question= if they do will they win
    Thrid Question= Who will their opponent be?

    My opinions

    1st= YES!
    2nd= Yes!
    3rd= Steelers

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    1st=I think the answer to that is obvious, for Rams fans
    2nd=see above
    3rd=who cares, if we're gonna win it doesn't matter

    Obviously no Rams' fan would disagree with this. Well, unless they weren't true Rams fans. :mask:


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      As a non Rams fan....

      I will try to be as honest and objective as I can.

      1st.- Yes
      2nd.-The hell if I know!
      3rd.-It will obviously be the Steelers. They're the only team that has the talent to beat the Rams, and it isn't because of offense. This is why I don't have a clue as to who will win! :upset:

      P.S. The Steelers only beat the Rams on A VERY GOOD DAY! They're the only team with a defense good enough to CAUSE turnovers, rather then just get lucky.
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        Ah, I see you are all coming round to my way of thinking

        I predicted a Rams v Steelers Superbowl in this very forum.

        And the Rams hump them. After watching the Steelers last night though, I may have second thoughts, they were terrible. :evil:

        Keeping the Rams Nation Talking


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          i'm still saying Rams vs. Raiders

          Kris Brown will cost them another game if they don't cut him soon. Plus it'll be tough to stop brown and rice in the AFC Championship Game...


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            There's no way the Raiders will be the Steelers when they allow so much yardage against the run. And, the Steelers Defense isn't the Chiefs. So, they shouldn't expect to put up the numbers against the Steelers that they did last night. offense won't be enough to save them.

            And, I wouldn't say the Steelers were terrible, last night. I watched the game, and thought they were great in it. Score isn't everything. They statistically dominated the entire game. Clock control, first downs, third downs, yardage, and all without Bettis. Six more points, and there would be no discussion. They even got a rushing touchdown from one of their backups. Both together, added to almost as much yardage as Bettis would have gotten himself. You could say they almost didn't miss a beat without him.

            Now that he's had a week off, I'd have to say the Steelers will beat the Ravens next week, then walk easily to a 14-2 finish with games against the Lions, Bengals, and Browns.


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              Rams vs Steelers

              Will the Ram's get to the Super Bowl?...I would like to hope so! Without a doubt, the Rams have emerged as the NFC's frontrunner. Hat's off the players and coaching staff.

              For those of us that remember the 1980 Super Bowl, the Rams lost a hard fought contest to the Steelers 31-19 in Pasadena, CA. Terry Bradshaw vs Vince Ferragamo ! Coach Ray Malavasi vs Chuck Noll. Great game, wrong outcome!

              I hate to look ahead after seeing all of the recent college teams upset each other. It's bad luck to look ahead. But anyone would have to admit, Pittsburgh is a very good team, and a Rams vs Steelers would be a very worthy Super Bowl contest.

              Let's hope that our guys can keep playing to their current level and stay free of injuries. Adam are you listening ?

              Go Rams Go !



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                the raiders run D blows and Bettis would tear them a new one, but the raiders could make up for the ground against the steelers so-so secondary and using their own dominant secondary.

                i don't know why, but i'm having a hard time getting onto the steelers bandwagon...but i do see your points atlas.

                i will give more props to Kordell, he was hitting his WRs better yesterday...Kris Brown is still the only thing keeping them back from being legitimate, they need to dump him before he costs them any more points/games.
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                  I'm worried about GB


                  We better be able to get past GB first in the playoffs. I think if any team out there can beat the Rams when the Rams either don't make a mistake or have 3 turnovers, it is the Packers.


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                    I am not quite sure that the pack can beet the rams, even if we turn the ball over 3 times. The packers offence is good but not great and if the defence can play the way they have been playing all year then greenbay shouldnt be that great of a problem, but it all depends on how hot both teams are goign into the playoffs. The only way i see greenbay winning if we play them is being a close game and either 1) rams make a mistake 2) Greenbay gets a lucky pass play at the end.


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                      If the Niners couldn't beat you, the Pack sure as hell won't! Farve is good, but he almost carries that team by himself, sometimes. The Niners have a much broader scope of talent. The Niners and the Rams will play again in the playoffs, but based on what I saw yesterday, I have no reason to think there will be a different outcome.


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                        RAMS vs N.E. or the Fish

                        Just to be different but there's a method to my madness.

                        I don't believe the Squeelers will make it thru the playoffs with their 'O'. Pitt's receivers drop too many. "The Bus" will just not be enough, ESP. vs Miami.

                        The Raiders, well, a playoff team losing to the Cardinals leaves me less then optimistic about their chances.

                        We beat N.E. & Mia. already so 'nuff said.

                        :helmet: :shield: :helmet:


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                          Interesting theroy stlouy.. if the steelers have an off game, then i can see them loosing, however if they play like they have all season i believe that they will be a very hard team to beat. As for the cardnals, all teams have their "off" games, and all teams have their "on" games, in the case of the raiders looseing to the cardnals that was what i discribed above, one team was "on" one team was "off".


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                            well, i guess it's all settled.......

                            the rest of us can just take what clothes we have left and go home..... hehehe
                            methinks you gentlemen might want to re-consider your chick-counting as the eggs haven't completely hatched as of yet (i have this revelation on a tip from an all-too-impeachable source). your road to the super bowl may go through new orleans twice to get to new orleans....... don't bet the whole farm, my friends.......

                            have a nice day, ramsters......:evil:


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                              The Big Easy twice!?!?

                              We should be so lucky as to have THAT cakewalk! Our next 2 visits to N.O. will be Monday nite & on Feb 3rd. On the chance we play the aints in the playoffs, THEY would have to go thru St. Louis, not the other way around.

                              BTW, after your packed, don't let the door hit ya in the butt!!