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  • 99 vs. 01

    Now that we've made our presence as the best team in the NFL felt (finesse or not), the only thing we can do is compare this team with former Rams' teams. Just looking for feedback from other Rams' fans here, but who do you think would win if the '99 Rams and the current '01 Rams played? Keep in mind the different offensive and defensive matchups, including coaches.


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    Good question Evil,
    First , the 99' team won it all. This year's team hasn't yet. And if it wasn't for a bunch of crybabys on defense last year, we would have won it all last year too.
    However, the addition of Lovie Smith and Bill Kollar this year definitely puts the 2001 team, in my opinion, the tops. I say this year's team wins between the two. I don't want to curse this years team, but they seem to have it all, if not for a few bad mistakes we would be undefeated and seriously looking to dethrone the 72' fishes.


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      Good Question

      Well, seeing how the 99 rams won it all, i would have to say them as of now, of course if this years team won it, then i would say 01 for 2 reasons

      1. Pressure- The 99' team wasnt even suppose to be a superbowl quality team, they were the cinderella of the season. After their superbowl win the rams have now established themself as an elite team in the league so these 01' rams have alot more pressure to deal with

      2- Bad Year Last Year- The rams had a tough year in 00' the defence wasnt like it was in the 99'and for their defence to come back like it has in 01' that is very good.



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        Huge differences in teams. If we would have the same schedule as we did in '99 there is no way the Rams would not have every player in the pro bowl and busted every offensive record known to man.

        This teams has come together over the last 2 years and has grown, where in '99 they weren't all on the same page. We have had some killer opponents this season and they are testing us every week. This years schedule has been much different than '99 and I think we are going to see the results in the playoffs :king:


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          Comparing apples and apple pie...

          Excellent hypothesis E-discoman, very good.

          As pointed out by Blond, Rams 99 are in the history books as SB XXXIV Champions while Rams 01 are, hopefully, SB XXXVI Champs. A thus far unique distinction between both squads.

          But the speculative issue here is totally fair: I like to think that overall, this year's Rams are a slighty stronger, superior team than the SB winners of 99. One key word: DEFENSE. That ought to make our odds for winning this year's SB favorable!
          And yet, to me, it is not only for the obvious --i.e., this year's remarkably improved, results-driven D-- that makes the 2001 Rams stand out with their top-notch accomplishments. To me, this is mainly due to a major intangible, the character of this year's team, that's what makes it so special [despite the sputtering of Special Teams]. ...For it has been a special year indeed, marked not by the temporary Officials' conflict /strike, but forever by the 911 tragedy, an event inseparable from all others.

          I see then this particular attribute, the team's true colors and mettle, the leadership of greats like Aeneas Williams, Marshall Faulk, Grant Wistrom, Kurt Warner, London Fletcher, Isaac Bruce, Mike Martz and others, as the perfect example and story of how a great challenge was met with even greater goals, such as pulling together a totally new total defense, fulfilled beyond expectations (thanks Coach Lovie!) and still simultaneously keep the Rams high-performance offense producing high.

          There seems to be now more... mutual appreciation and respect among players and coaches, a better cohesion, a deeper commitment in veterans and rookies alike. Sure, we've had knock downs via mistakes and weaknesses, some lack of emotion around midseason and injuries plenty. But therein lies the Ram truth with aplomb: we are alive and well, ram butting and kicking like hell-o!

          That's what I think has come about in terms of "comparative analysis" at present.
          :lid: GO RAMS!!!
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            I think this years D is better. The 99 D was good, but I think the stats were misleading, many teams not running and playing catch up as the rams would score on their first 3 or 4 series. This years D has won us games. Yeah the tampa game in jan 2000 was D football but the tampa O sucked big time. The 99 Offense was better, with less mistakes/ints/drops and more points on the board early. The team is more all round capable though, I think. Oh and don't ask which has better special teams. The O of this year worries me a little bit, but not much. The O last year nearly won every game for us and if they played like that this year, we would have been 16-0. But at the moment the Offense looksmerely very, very, good, rather than like the best O to ever grace the nfl. With more disipline this will change though.
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              plus in '99 we were playing what, the NFC West #5 sked, now we have a playoff schedule? We are dominating this year against tougher teams than we did in '99.


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                The one big difference that I see on the field is the special teams. Az brought a couple back on the PR side, and Horne had a few on the KR. We always had good field position.


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                  No Contest, the 2001 team is better.

                  The offense is more mature in evey phase of the game.

                  The defense is the big difference. At almost every position we are better than in 99.

                  At line, a healthy Little is better than Carter on his best day. Wistrom is better. The tackles; Zgonia and Young v. Farr and Agnew, once again, the edge goes to 2001.

                  Linebackers, Davis (Polley), Fletcher, Fields v. Collins, Fletcher and Jones, once again the edge to 2001

                  Secondary; who are we kidding, 2001 wins

                  The only place we seem to be worse is special teams. We have not seen the big plays from our kick returns as we once did nor have we defended as well.



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                    Without another Super Bowl title . . .

                    in our firm grasp, I would venture to say that the '01 version of the Rams is better. I agree with the points that the 5th place schedule helped the Rams dramatically in '99. In the words of other NFL fans - "Who did you play?" I have to agree with them looking at this team now.

                    I look at it this way, I don't think that the Titans would have made it across the 50 against this defense on their final drive - although I'm sure that Bly would still be guilty of a facemask, and Tommy Polley would have made "the tackle" if it would come to that.

                    Does anyone here believe that Brian Young and Chidi Ahanotu would have let McNair slip through their grasp like Carter and Williams did? LOL!


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                      Today's D at SBXXXIV...

                      Good question SManS124!

                      No, I don't think this year's D would have allowed the 99 Titans to make the game so close, particularly during their last drive.

                      Rams 01 D is obviously more disciplined and aggressive, its name, the "swarm" does it justice. That escapade attempt by Steve McNair during the last minute would have yielded no more than a Ram sack or at best, a sure tackle after a very short gain -- simply because of the pursuit mentality our defenders are now preaching and practicing.
                      Welcome to the ClanRam! GO 2001 RAMS!!! :helmet:


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                        Good Work

                        This years defence should be credited towards lovie. he has done an execlent job rebuilding it to the 99' status and beyond. GOOD WORK LOVIE!!


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                          Re: 99 vs. 01

                          Originally posted by Evil Disco Man
                          who do you think would win if the '99 Rams and the current '01 Rams played?
                          Whichever team won, we really would be able to say that we beat ourselves


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                            This thing is for sure . . .

                            Dre Bly would probably be flagged for numerous PI trying to cover Bruce or Holt. I would like to see how well Kurt would play against this defense and Aeneas Williams.


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