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  • Arch concussions

    Anyone else worried about Archuleta's 2 concussions in the last 2 games he's played in? If he's going to be a John Lynch type player for Lovie's scheme, he has to lay people out. And he can't do that if he's concussion-prone.

    Remember how many NFL careers injuries of this type have ended: Jim Everett, Aikman, Young, etc.

    He's got to be out for the rest of the regular season, right?

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    let's not forget though, Archuleta wasn't even supposed to play yesterday, he wasn't healthy and coady's ankle made him go in there. Yesterday's was considered "mild" but where there's one, more tend to follow.

    BUT, as a big archuleta fan, i got a lot of confidence in him, he's a tough guy and if given the proper time to heal he should be fine.


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      Having been at the recieving end of a brain injury (concussion 4 times) I have to tell you what my doctors have told me (and DodRam) There is no such thing as mild concussion.

      You either have it or you dont.

      Keeping the Rams Nation Talking


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        Does anyone know about his health history in college?


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          Agree Dez....

          He is going to have to be more careful, I like the fact he hits but it isn't going to do any good if his career is over in 2 years.

          Team better start thinking of one of them new style helmets for him that are double thick.


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            dez, that's why mild is in " ".... it's gonna affect him and i hope he takes some time off.

            Team better start thinking of one of them new style helmets for him.
            Don BEEBE!!!!


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              Linebacker #42...

              Our son Jonathan (Jonathán) suffered a couple of concussions in highschool, where he played outside LB, #42, for his Warriors team. The second time was a serious concern for all of us, family, team coach, players, MD. He had to be taken to the hospital in an ambulance.

              As biased as it may sound, Jonathan played real hard-nosed, tough defense and was awarded D player of the year durng his second season. One would hear his name called out often through the stadium loudspeaker after many a tackle.

              But he was no longer able to play football during senior year --not allowed by the doctor-- and must now be careful about playing other sports. It was a scary and difficult time.

              I am also concerned about Archuleta. Coach Martz said it wasn't the [Fletcher?] knee that aggravated the concussion but rather the impact of actual tackling. He [coach] mentioned our No. 31 is perhaps a bit too agressive and violent in this and that they will try to make him adjust his tackling technique. Archuleta doesn't spear-head with the helmet, that's not a problem; he just goes in fearlessly, Kamikaze -- even when already injured.

              Rams are pretty thin now as safeties are concerned, but I hope Adam does not play against aints. Those concussion things are so slow to heal.

              Get well Arch! Get well...


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                Yes, Arch should take some time off. I too had a concussion, and i didnt even try and play football for the next 2 months cuz i didnt want to risk further injury.


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                  He can't take too much time off. He plays at the pro level. Two concussions in such a short time is never good, but the Rams will need every play maker for the playoff run and post season. Pros always get concussions and bounce back. Arch is a trooper. I think Martz might need to give him a week off, maybe. But, he would still be needed in the rest of the games.

                  I would say, his presence would be missed at the Saints game, but you guys did OK in the Niners game.
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                    It looks like he will not play on Monday against the Saints. If Coady continues to play well, I would vote to keep him out another week so he is ready a few weeks before the playoffs.

                    Martz talked about having to change the way he tackles. This doesn't sound like an easy proposition.

                    I guess we just wait and see. I hope it works out for him first and the team second.

                    Having Arch on the field is one way I get my wife to watch the games. She likes Ernie as well so as long he stays healthy, I'm OK.


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                      I don't think the Beebe helmet worked, otherwise you'd see it across the league.

                      I agree with Dez; there is no such thing as a mild concussion. I had 2 (one in HS football, other in college), and both kept me out of playing for 3+ weeks. Don't forget what a concussion is; you've bruised your brain! Not something to be taken lightly.

                      There just seem to be some players who lead with their head to try to make big hits (John Lynch being the #1 example). You can't do this too long in a collision sport without suffering the consequences.

                      Coach is right; the team will have to try to re-train Arch from leading with the head. That's what caused the injury last week.

                      Hopefully they will rest him for the next few weeks, and he'll be ready to go for the playoffs.