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Best rams trick play?

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  • Best rams trick play?

    Just curious to see what rams fans think is the best trick play the rams have had this season and if a trick play by another team tops it?

    I enjoyed the play against the jets where warner lined up as a WR, i dont believe any team in the leauge would chance making their QB a WR for a play

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    Ah, but that trick play against the Whiners was the same design but with a sneakier twist to it. You gotta love that! That took some nice acting on Warner's part. The results from that play against the Jets was more impressive, especially since it was a less experienced Canidate that took the snap. I don't care who's making the trick plays, I just love them. Even better that it's our boys.


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      I don't know about the Rams' best trick play, but the NFL winner must be the "Official Red Dog Cover."
      You know, the one where the official makes out he's minding he's own business and then heads the ball clean out of Horn's hands to prevent a TD.
      Great play, mate.


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        ...or how about that one with peyton manning a few weeks ago before halftime, they got screwed...


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          I have given this questoin much thought, how does one judge the best "trick" play?

          Is it the play that score? the one that excites? or the one no-one expects? is it based on deception, thus using the more prevalent meaning of the word "trick"?

          When reviewing the plays that might constitute "trick", there is only one play that can be considered, that being the Warner "pretend there is a timeout play". If you define "trick" as being deceptive.

          Now others might feel the Az to Trung, option play was a "trick" play. I would disagree. Many football teams around the country use similar plays, and the play was not based on deception. The play worked because the Rams took advantage of the desire in American Football to gang tackle. When you teach a team to gang tackle you will always face the risk of the lateral. Watch a few rugby games, you will see what I mean.

          The play were Warner lined up as a WR, that was not deceptive. Who says the only place Warner can play is behind the center. On that play Trung was the QB and Kurt was a WR. It was a QB draw,nothing deceptive about that.

          You may or may not disagree,


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            Em, I think the Saints coach has defined that type of play as Bullcrap Rick

            All the others are trick plays ;)

            Keeping the Rams Nation Talking


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                Not sure about the trick play deal. I hear what you're saying. For some reason I just really couldn't think straight when I was reading your post.

                It may have had something to do with that EYE POPPING picture to the left of the post.



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                  Yes i would agree with ramble, that picture of is good quailty. Just goes to show, if u play sports, you get chicks. (sometimes)


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                    Uhhhh, he had a post? LOL:p


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                      lucky sonofa***** :p

                      As far as the post, i think the success of the play is key. the steelers "trick" play two weeks ago gained seven yards, but cowher said something like it was a nice seven yards or something. It got them the first down, but I think the play coulda been more successful closer to the end zone, or if it was a long situation.
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                        Many of you have read of the Rampager Bashes, this photo is proof of the fun we have.

                        Many thanks to my buddy Dez for waiving the requirement for a custom avatar.



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                          All I noticed was the #98. ;) Good choice!


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                            I agree, it is the only # I wear!!!!!

                            This last weekend an 87 jersey made it to my closet, but will most likely just hang there. I have given away my #13 and #28 jerseys.

                            At this time there are three #98's in the closet (one blue, two white) all signed by Grant.

                            Grant and I have shared some moments during games at SF, where I sit in the front row behind the Rams bench. For the last three years he has come over to sign a helmet, jersey and football. Then when I have been in St. Louis, we have run into him and he has signed jerseys for me.

                            Good guy he is!

                            Bulldog :ram:


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                              I would have to say the best play was definitely the one against the Jets where Warner went out wide. I loved it.