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  • Statement team!

    Take a look at what we have lost this year. There is a real statement in what we have with Lovie.

    We have lost this season and still rank #2 over all.

    C. Jones
    G. Wistrom
    D. Lewis
    M. Fields
    A. Archuleta
    K. Herring
    D. Davis
    J. Zgonina
    A. Williams
    L. Little

    You tell me this defense doesn't have class. I would like anyone to find where a team has lost so many starters and fared so well.
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    Incredible! 'Statement' is the understatement of the year: we/ve got an all heart team. Injured, rugged, tackling, winning...

    You're right J-Ram, what a defense!
    GO DEE!!! :angryram:


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      It is so cool to be able to watch or listen to a game and not sweat bullets when the opposing team has the ball.Hell,this year I worry more when we are on offense.What a turnaround!

      :angryram: GO RAMS! STAY FOCUSED! WIN!:shield:


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        I never thought I would say this but I’m getting tired of hearing “The Rams and their high powered offense……”

        Is it me, or is no one giving the Rams D the respect they have EARNED? I don’t mind all the positive comments about the offense, but the defense is rarely mentioned. Can’t they see this D is for real?

        :evil: (per Bulldog's request)


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            I am so wondering what is going to happen at pro-bowl time and how many players will make the team. Williams and I really don't know if anyone else will get the credit the deserve.


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              Unsung Heroes...

              I agree that the D isn't mentioned that much. I was on one of the Sports News sites yesterday, and they listed the All-Star players in the NFC at each position. The RAMS had two spots, Warner at QB, and Aeneas (sp) was the only mention on the defense. I kept thinking of all these other names that should have been listed... Lovie has done a MARVELOUS job.

              But I look at it this way. The only people who need to be whispering the RAMS D player's names are the other teams offense, and they are doing it in FEAR...
              This space for rent...


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                i've started to see an increasing amount of attention given their way, but when it comes down to the Pro Bowl, there's gonna be a lot of deserving guys slighted, but i assume that they would rather celebrate in n'awlins than hawai'i...


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                  Pro Bowl

                  I expect to only see Williams at the Pro Bowl from our D. And that's only because he has already made a name for himself. Our D is not only great; they are fun to watch. As said before, I get more nervous when we have the ball than when other teams have the ball. I am really looking forward to Monday night; especially since Horn came out and showed no respect for our D. He said the Rams were just Kurt, Marshall, Issac, and Tory; that's it and nothing else. I hope he gets showed what the Rams are really about. And this year we are riding the D to the Super Bowl.:king:


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                    Quick scores Highlight 'D'

                    I'm glad we score so quickly - I enjoy watchin' the 'D' as much or more than the 'O'. Man, are we EVER spoiled.:o

                    :lid: RAMS ROCK!:angryram:


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                      SWARM WILL MAKE YOU SQUIRM

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                        We ARE spoiled, and i wouldn't have it any other way. What a job defense did today vs GB, Tommy Polley----was this guy a great pick or what?! Aeneas-----can't say enuf---SOLID--that's what comes to mind. JUST A GREAT GAME TODAY------LOVE YA LOVIE, GO DEM RAMS, YEAH BABY!! :king: THE SWARM WILL MAKE YOU SQUIRM RAMS RULE!!!!!!!!!!!!:lid:


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                          What an amazing performance today!Our defense wants respect and,by God,they have earned it.Williams and Polley were great.I dont think anyone expected what we witnessed against the Packers.The Rams are the BEST!!!!

                          :angryram: GO RAMS! STAY FOCUSED! WIN!:shield:


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                            Hi-Pro is right!

                            ...And to think that only Aeneas Williams was selected as a ProBowl starter this year!

                            The way the Rams D crushed and melted the Packers has to be one of the year's best high-performance displays from any team! Can't remembrer who said on TV that from that game alone a few Rams could have been awarded a Pro Bowl recognition!

                            Grant* was great, he was himself with an added incentive and that means serious trouble for any offense; he made several superb tackles, some solo, that made a real difference in the game -- plus that tipped pass resulting in one of the six int's. That is CLASS: an effort such as his, "pro-bowless" and all but giving his best, his all, always.

                            Herring, McLeon, Fltecher*, Polley*, Little, e-v-e-r-y-b-o-d-y played tough, effective defense!

                            THAT was a memorable performance! THAT was a statement! :evilram:

                            * I think should have gone to the Pro Bowl as starters or were on the brink of being selected in addition to Aeneas W.
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                              Don't forget Tuck. He's healthy & should play this week.