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  • Personal story about Slater

    Quick story about big jackie and how mean he was on the field.

    One of the guys that worked for my prior company was a defensive end in the nfl in the late 80's early 90's. When i met him, i of course asked him who the toughest offensive tackle he ever played against was.

    He had no idea i was a rams fan, and without hesitation, he told me "Jackie Slater." After a brief discussion, he told me that his first play in the nfl was opposite big jackie. It was a third and long and big jackie buried him. Next play, as they are lining up, my guy says to big jackie, "Nice block,"

    Big Jackie spits a HUGE goober right into this guys face, growls at him, something to the effect of "Shut the F---- up rookie"

    ramming speed to all

    general counsel

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    Re: Personal story about Slater

    Cool story GC

    I met the big guy once in Madison, Wisconsin for a preseason game against the Pack. That was when he was a "honorary coach" with the team. I will say he was one of the nicest guys on the team I have ever met. He spent at least 15 minutes talking with me and my newly married wife. Sounds like a much different guy on the field.


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      Re: Personal story about Slater

      Jason, how big did he look in person. I have been next to him when he was sitting down, but no closer than about 10 feet on the sideline. Up close, he must be really enormous. I hope he loses some weight, it cant be good for his health.

      I have a great big jackie item in my collection. Its a sportsjacket that was made custom for him, he came in for a fitting, tried it on, the tailor worked on it for him, but big jackie never came back to pick it up. I bought it from the tailor, it has big jackies name in it.

      The thing is just huge. It is draped over one of the main chairs in my rams tv room, under the premise that big jackie is watching over the squad at all times.

      ramming speed to all

      general counsel


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        Re: Personal story about Slater

        He was huge GC. And all pimped out. He was wearing a black pin-stripped suit and tons of gold chains. Very nice, but refused to give his autograph. When I asked him he said "I don't like to do that, but Willie does". He grabbed Willie Anderson by the arm and pulled him over and introduced my wife and I to him. Pretty cool!


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          Re: Personal story about Slater

          Jason, i have heard similar stories about the difficulty of getting big jackie to sign in person for free. Of course, he does card shows from time to time, and for anywhere from $25 to $75 depending on what he is signing, he will sign as many as you want!

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            Re: Personal story about Slater

            I just love that Quote " shut the F------ rookie" great

            Guys if you are looking fot the big mans autograph I got mine of E bay, I think I payed about $10 for it...

            steve :ramlogo:
            "The breakfast Club":helmet:


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              Re: Personal story about Slater

              Watch out for the fake autos on ebay, there are tons of them. Be especially careful if you are buying a faulk auto, about 75% are fake, maybe more. Steven Jackson is another very, very tough auto, the market is loaded with fakes.

              Slater has a certified autograph card (from the manufacturer) that costs around $10 with shipping and that is a good way to go.

              Bulger is a very, very good signer. Very cooperative and easy to deal with, most of what is on ebay for bulger is real and most is not very expensive.

              If anyone ever needs any help on any autograph questions, just let me know, i do an awful lot of that stuff.

              ramming speed to all

              general counsel


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                Re: Personal story about Slater

                You've gotta love the intensity Big Jackie brought to the table. He was a man among boys.


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                  Re: Personal story about Slater

                  Actually double z, i think he was a MAN among Men.

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                  general counsel


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                    I can't stand Manumaleuna, no buts about it...
                    by Curly Horns
                    What do the Rams see in this guy other than a big body? He has cuaght a few big passes, during his time with the Rams, but for all the horrible plays he has made I don't see how that makes up for it.

                    It still boggles my mind as to why carolina made this guy an offer and then the Rams go and match it.

                    Come on, the Rams went from the likes of conwell to this guy? I don't understand. I mean a high school coach would look at this guy and say: "he's a big boy but a bit of a sissy on the field" NEXT!!

                    Monday night was my umpteenth last straw with this guy. Sure martin's pass to him was not great, but manu did not even try and fight for that ball. The colts LB started on his left shoulder and worked his way around manu's big backside, may have pushed him slightly while getting in front of him and took that pass away. Manu literally stopped on the route as if to call on some island bubba magic to make the ball come to him.

                    [email protected]#$%@&^@......!!!!!!!!!!!!

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                    My call with a former Rams player
                    by Guest
                    Interesting story that i think might entertain the group. I consumated a business transaction this week with a former rams player who has asked to me not to reveal his identity. As a result, I cant disclose who it is, but i can tell you this story that i think you will all find interesting.

                    i asked him about deacon jones, the allegedly unblockable one himself. He told me that taking nothing away from deacon, who was a fantastic pass rusher, a lot of the legend as to his play as an all around defensive end is hype. Bottom line, the deacon never played the run and he lined up further outside than any defensive end in the league.

                    What was the key to deacons success as a pure pass rusher? Merlin Olsen, who was apparantly so quick and strong that he was able to stop the run on one entire side of the defensive line without any help at all from deacon. This freed deacon to focus solely on getting after the passer.

                    I would love some input from some of our clanram brothers that watched the team in detail in the mid to late 60's and into the very early 70's on this matter. I would love to see some video tape of the old fearsome foursome, but really all you can get is some highlights, none of the old games from the 60's are available to the best of my knowledge.

                    Ramming speed to all

                    general counsel
                    -06-17-2004, 09:19 PM
                  • RamDez
                    20,000-plus honour Jinky
                    by RamDez
                    20,000-plus honour Jinky Stephen Sullivan

                    Friends, colleagues and former rivals – all united in affection for Jimmy Johnstone – descended on St John the Baptist Church in Uddingston this morning to pay homage to a magnificent player and an unforgettable and truly unique character.

                    Afterwards, a few of those who attended offered their views both on the service and on the man to whom they - and an impeccably behaved, 20,000-strong crowd in and around Celtic Park - came to bid farewell.

                    TOMMY GEMMELL
                    “He handled his illness with the same courage off the park that he showed on the park. Even right ‘til the end, he would always have a smile on his face.

                    “The tribute to Jinky here at Celtic Park is out of this world, it's superb, and he thoroughly deserves it. He was absolutely magnificent to the end and handled it well.”

                    DENIS LAW
                    “It was excellent. The speakers at the end were magic and the singing was great. I was at George Best's memorial service yesterday and this was very similar.

                    “With Jimmy, we had to have a few laughs. I played with him on quite a few occasions and have known him a long time, and we had some great times on and off the field. He was a bundle of dynamite. There are so many stories I can't tell any more.”

                    MARTIN O’NEILL
                    "He had a fantastic sense of humour. I felt that for the ability that he had, and the status he had, he was amazingly humble.

                    “He was an absolutely wonderful footballer and it was just a privilege to have known him for a few years. I was delighted when he was voted the Greatest Ever Celtic Player and he leaves a big legacy, there’s no doubt about it.

                    “Almost since I came up here, I think he was suffering from the illness. He had been diagnosed, I think, about six years ago and he had a battle ever since.

                    “But I think it was Jimmy Johnstone the footballer who everyone here has come to pay tribute to. He was one of the greatest the world has ever known.”

                    ROD STEWART
                    "I think we kept it together until we saw the grandchildren and they were all crying. They played 'You'll Never Walk Alone' and that's when everyone started crying.

                    "But it was wonderful - it had it's hilarious and funny moments and he'll be honestly, sadly missed, but it was also very humorous. It reflected the spirit of Jimmy.

                    "The three speeches at the end were wonderful, especially the true Scotsman one [from Willie Haughey] about 'When you're dead, your debt's finished.' I loved that. I will have to remember that at my funeral."

                    SIR ALEX FERGUSON
                    “He was an immensely talented footballer, but also he was a courageous footballer and a courageous person. I was fortunate to have played against him, but my knee's still trying to get back into place!”

                    -03-19-2006, 02:42 AM
                  • general counsel
                    Lets discuss The Tackle
                    by general counsel
                    I was sitting in the end zone in a box on the opposite side of the field where the Tackle happened. From my vantage point, it didnt look like he got that close to getting in. He looked like he was on the 2 yard line or so, but never right at the goal line. It was clear to me that he stretched for the goal line after he was already down. That being said, i was of course a nervous wreck because i couldnt really be sure. In fact, it took me a minute after the confetti hit the field to be certain that no one was reviewing the play. I began crying like a baby as soon as it ended-it was a 30 plus year wait for me to see our first title.

                    It was a terrific tackle in the sense that Jones' positioning was sound and his fundementals were perfect.

                    What are your memories of the tackle? How close did it look on tv?

                    As an aside, the play i will NEVER forget on that last drive was the impossible escape mcnair made and the thrown down to around the 10 with two or three rams having him sacked around midfield, including kevin carter who just missed him.

                    Ramming speed to all

                    general counsel
                    -02-11-2008, 02:25 PM
                  • Truth
                    Rich Saul Passes Away
                    by Truth
                    It is with a very heavy heart that I must inform the Claneam family that Rich Saul has lost his battle with cancer, and has passed away. I offer my condolences to his family, and my gratitude to Rich for his years with the Rams, and his years of service to the community. You will be missed.
                    -04-15-2012, 05:21 PM